Who Needs to Die?

… The hypothalamic attack region controls defensive-aggressive behavior. If scientists stimulate these neurons with an electrode, an animal will instantly become aggressive and attack a test animal in the cage.

… When it works as intended we call it quick thinking or, in many cases, heroic. We have these circuits to protect ourselves, our family unit, or society. __ Source

Human societies have known about — and accepted — “fight or flight” violent self-defence behaviours for many centuries. But rage/revenge behaviours, and vigilante-type behaviours that can grow out of the chronic over-stimulation of hypothalamic rage centres, are less well understood. We know that there are “bad people” who get away with unspeakable horrors, often under the protection of legal governments and their agents. We see that violent criminals are enabled by their families, communities, judges, attorneys, and higher government officials to commit crimes over and over, without significant personal repercussion.

Vigilance Men and the Modern Age Image Source

Vigilance Men and the Modern Age
Image Source

Homicidal Vigilance: Rage, Crime, and Rough Justice

… although 90 percent of those in jail are men, 90 percent of people who have been awarded medals by the Carnegie Institute for heroism are also men. In a quarter of those cases, these are men who gave up their lives and died in an instant to do something heroic, often for a stranger. So the rage circuit is … a double-edged sword. __ Hard-Wired to Kill?

On average, men are physically stronger, have more endurance, are quicker to deadly rage, and are more likely to heroically risk themselves in order to save someone else — or simply to provide for their families. When a community is under attack from violent persons, it is men who are expected to protect the women and children — often to the point of killing and being killed.

Today’s citizens of “modern affluent societies” are taught to leave matters of response to violence and deadly justice to law enforcement agencies, criminal justice systems, and government agencies in general. But in parts of many cities of Europe and the Anglosphere, that is no longer a viable approach to self-defence or survival for oneself or his loved ones.

The Rise of the Armed Citizen

In more realistic jurisdictions of Europe and the Anglosphere, responsible citizens are allowed to arm themselves at home — and often when out and about town. This is becoming more and more necessary as formerly advanced societies incorporate larger numbers of more violent people.

When good people are well-armed, bad people are less likely to get away with violent crime.

But that is simple self-defence, which is relatively uncontroversial among the better informed and clearer-thinking set of persons. When violent gangs and groups habitually victimise helpless targets of opportunity, there may be no one nearby who is capable of defending the helpless. Peaceable persons are particularly helpless in “gun-free zones,” where responsible citizens are prohibited from carrying lethal weapons.

In such situations, law enforcement and the legal justice systems, are too frequently not up to the task of doing what needs to be done to protect the public from known violent elements. When peaceable citizens observe their own governments failing to take the obvious steps needed to protect men, women, and children from violent predators, the hypothalamic rage centres can get stuck on a slow, seething burn.

Consider the Multicultural Rapists of Sweden, Norway, and Rotherham

In Sweden and Norway, multicultural newcomers are instinctively attracted to blonde-haired infidel women, who have mysterious powers to force good Muslims and other third world men to commit rape and violence — and government officials make excuses for their behaviours. In Rotherham and other UK cities, local police give Muslims carte blanche to rape and molest British teens in any manner that instinctive Muslim sensitivities may suggest to the miscreants.

Clearly, many native men in Scandinavia, the UK, and other parts of Europe suffer from chronically activated hypothalamic rage centres — without obvious recourse or relief. At least, not in the current legal climate. Yet we know that when corrupt and negligent authority fails to protect those who make the underlying society possible, things that cannot go on will not go on.

When Governments Cooperate with Foreign Invaders in the Commission of Native Genocide, Who is Most to Blame?

What we are truly asking is, “If it becomes clear that someone needs to be removed from society in order to create tolerable conditions of living, who should be removed when both violent invaders and complicit government officials share responsibility for the quasi-genocide, and real destruction of society?”

In Sweden, it is clear that multiple persons in high positions of government should be removed — in one way or another. Preferably in a peaceful — yet definitive — manner. At this time, there are no good mechanisms to facilitate such removal of highly placed offenders against the people. But clearly there should be.

Talking about these things now is not a call for violence against governments or government officials. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The longer that government agents and high officials are allowed to commit these crimes of quasi-genocide against their own societies, the more certain it is that widespread bloody violence will take place. The sooner the abscess is drained, the less likely a civil war or other violent collapse of social institutions.

Who Should Be Killed?

In truth, we are arguing against large scale violence or genocide toward populations of people. The true question is, “Who should be turned around at the borders, and who should be forcibly expatriated from within more advanced societies?” Draining the abscess, removing the tumour, excising the rot, are all basic surgical procedures that have saved countless lives throughout history. The same principle easily applies to populations of people who are out of place, with regard to temperament, intelligence, executive function, and capacity to contribute peacefully to society.

If common-sense measures are not instituted in time, widespread violence becomes inevitable. Those in government who allowed things to reach those limits, will likely be long dead — or otherwise remain unblamed and unpunished. That should not be.

At the Al Fin Institutes, we have the comic saying: “We’re gonna need a lot more guillotines!” As time passes, and governments outdo themselves in their corrupt abuse of their constituencies, the saying becomes less and less humorous.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

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  3. jack arcalon says:

    The desire for retaliation is the natural basis of justice.

    In Europe the desire to turn the other cheek has become the basis of justice.

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