Cleaning Up Politics: Return of the Duel!

Dueling would confer consequences onto all the ugly, dishonest, uncouth, untrue, and defamatory things people say about you or your family. Yes, some politicians might be struck down if we allowed this ancient combat to reemerge in contemporary society. But I’m sure that’s a sacrifice most of us would be willing to make. __ Return of the Duel

Duel to the Pain Princess Bride

Duel to the Pain
Princess Bride

Words are cheap, and in politics they are always misleading. Politicians feel free to say anything they like, because they feel they will never be called to account.

These days… there’s really no way to fight back against attacks on your honor. You can whine about them, or you can respond with your [verbal] jabs, but little else… We’ve spent centuries tempering our Darwinian instinct to swing our clubs at the heads of men who threaten or insult us… I can’t help but wonder if the lack of consequence associated with our words and deeds has fed another kind of detrimental vulgarism. __ Bring Back Dueling

Bringing back the physical duel offers promise of improving multiple modern areas of concern — including politics, international affairs, academia, media, and the daily commute.

Duel to the Death, Duel to the Blood, or Duel to the Pain?

Before deciding on the end point for the resurgent culture of dueling, we should make one point clear — no distinctions between men and women should be allowed in the modern age of radical feminism. No misguided chivalry will be allowed under any circumstances.

As to the end point of the duel — death, blood, or pain — that should depend entirely on the circumstances. In the fields of politics, academia, and media, Al Fin social engineers lean toward the “duel to the death,” with the right of vendetta to the relatives and friends of the late loser. With such rational rules of engagement, the currently corrupt class of politicians should be cleaned up in no time — at which point rules might be loosened slightly.

Promotion in academic departments and civil service could be accomplished through duel — or even assassination — for higher positions. Bodies can be turned into useful energy via pyrolysis, as is already customary for corrupt politicians.

In the field of political activism, the “duel to the pain” appears more suitable. Most activists are young and ideologically indoctrinated, with little practical or real life experience. Duels to the pain may well replace a bit of discipline that was lacking in the childhoods of these academically lobotomised psychologically neotenous incompetent perpetual adolescents. A surprising number of these young incompetent fools eventually emerge into productive and rational modes of thought and action.

The Dysgenic Idiocracy is Coming, and Wise Societies had Best Prepare

A combination of dysfunctional leftish ideologies and dysgenic breeding practises guarantees the emergence of a semi-permanent human Idiocracy, unless provisions are made in advance. Resilient and Dangerous Communities peopled by an ample proportion of Dangerous Children provide an “under the radar” fallback repository of skills, knowledge, and networked competencies — for building a more abundant and expansive human future from the ruins of the looming Idiocracy.

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  1. Bob Wallace says:

    I once wrote an article supporting dueling, and said I would call out every neocon and kill every one of them.

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