A World Without Lace Panties

Imagine a World Without Lace Panties

Imagine a World Without Lace Panties

Taking Concern for “Moral Safety” Too Far!

Only a legislature of barbarians would vote for “the prohibition of sale, import, and production of lace panties …” More

Deny them Danish chocolates, Swiss cheese, American beef, and British gin, but for goodness sakes don’t deprive them of lace underwear!

Times are hard in those stark, gray lands. The best people are leaving. The ranks of the impoverished are growing, mortality rates are rising, fertility rates are once again dropping, and virtually all hope has been ground into the ice by boots of goose-stepping cossacks. But it costs almost nothing to allow the girls and women to be beautiful and sexy, to be desirable.

Deny Them Anything Else, But Not Lace Panties!

Deny Them Anything Else, But Not Lace Panties!

The Kremlin’s misguided pursuit of Imperial greatness has thrown all of Russia into a flaming tailspin. As a result, the future of Russia is becoming darker by the day. But why should the girls and young women — the beauties of Russia — be forced to suffer the consequences of the empire’s mad ruler class? Especially when a better future for them exists just hours away by jet airliner?

Back in Russia, a future of drudging impoverished slavery awaits those who blindly follow the power-crazed Kremlin leadership. But those with talents, skills, and beauty can find a better future elsewhere — and they should.

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3 Responses to A World Without Lace Panties

  1. guest says:

    Off topic, don’t post, just another recommendation for the blogroll:
    James LaFond: http://www.jameslafond.com/
    a blogger/author/boxer living dangerously in Baltimore proper and reporting from the ghetto belly of the beast, updated daily with gems like “The grim fate of the wise shaman is the very reason why I have elected to remain a fool!”, “A society on the incline emulates the upper class, a society on the decline emulates the lower class.”, “It is a brutal thing; the suffering of the man who has been denied a test of his merits or a rite of passage; the suffering that no primitive society—no matter how cruel and dedicated to the torture, and even the eating, of its enemies—would ever consider inflicting on one of its own.” or “As a reluctant slave, myself, I rue our now comprehensive form of enslavement to the system. It occurs to me, that our massive slave society—so loved and promoted with rabid eagerness by most women and blacks—is, in fact, a form of mean-spirited vengeance, a way of the natural slave—never better exemplified then by a feminist woman—to make sure that the would-be Aristotle’s among us are chained right beside them.”

    Even historical bits of wisdom, i didn’t know about the Powhatan Uprising “In which white runaways banded together with Indians to wipe out the plantations in 1622-23, coming close to success. The war that crowns this period, Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676, in which white renegades, white slaves, and black slaves, allied against colonial officials, the plantation owners, Indian tribes and even pirates, in a knock down drag out fight which resulted in the burning of Jamestown, also came close to victory for the rebels.”

    Or fun facts about slavery, such as “Black slaves would be sought directly from Africa, so that there lack of English language ability—and ability to understand one another’s tribal languages—might prevent their conspiring with each other and white slaves to turn on their mutual oppressors.”

    And while i’m at it, The Z Blog, by a lawyer living on the ghetto edge, also updated daily:

    “Post-modernism is when a people forget all of the lessons of previous generations and start painfully re-learning them.”

    “The people running things employ persuasive morons to sell their position to the persuadable morons. Arguing through a megaphone leaves only one option. The side that is the loudest wins. It’s why Progressives will work free of charge for a turn at the megaphone.”

    “Laws limiting free association were intended to eliminate the organic structures that naturally oppose authoritarianism. It’s why the Founders made freedom of association the first item in the Bill of Rights. It’s why Progressives have been making war on it for close to a century.”

    “My chief complaint against libertarianism is that it is a convenient hiding place for people unwilling to take on the Left. If you reject central planning of the national economy, but are afraid to be called bad things by the local lunatics. In the culture war, libertarians will never go over the top and will, once in a while, turn their weapons on their comrades. You just can’t trust them to fight.”

    “Gun control has always been a proxy-debate that is more signalling than a debate. Good whites from Yankeedom see guns as a stand in for southerners in particular, but all bad whites in general. After these shootings, the good whites get to have their day for acts of public piety. it’s why they say the same things over and over. Rituals are like that.”

    Both are worthy, cheers.

  2. NekasM says:

    Svk, The same already doing many from Asia and Africa, soon they will be even more,only those damn European not letting all in.North-east Asia country’s not far away. The same is true for Central and South Americans in USoA, for South-east Asians in Australia etc…
    Most of persons who I know and are living in west welcoming all immigrants , no matter what they are,it’s simple immigrants want and welcome other immigrants.If You started it’s impossible to stop, especially if native birth rates are below replacement+ 21’century traveling speed. Well Sweden will be the first but not the last to find out,this experiment outcome. Give Devil little finger and he will take everything.
    Okay galdud we sh1ted this place let’s move to other place now.

    • alfin2101 says:

      The violent illegal alien crisis in Europe was a serious problem until Russia unleashed its bombs against Syrian cities and villages. Since then it has become a bloody catastrophe without end. No doubt that was a part of Putin’s plan all along — to weaken Europe and make her suffer for the Crimea sanctions.

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