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Millionaires Fleeing Europe, Russia . . . Moving to the Anglosphere

Russia has come sixth in a ranking of countries with the highest outflow of dollar millionaires, according to a recent report. Two thousand people with an estimated fortune of more than $1 million left Russia last year, the report by … Continue reading

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Coming Extinction of Japan, South Korea, Russia, and Much of Europe

These People Want You to Go Extinct! Anti-natalism is the view that we ought to desist from procreating – that it is wrong to have children. There are various routes to this conclusion. Some of these are what we might … Continue reading

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Opening Up Space for Business

Space Civilisation Needs Infrastructure, Supply Chains, Logistics, Financing, Viable Business Plans If you want humanity to develop a space-faring civilization, you need to understand that space should be a free-market frontier and entrepreneurs should lead the way! Start by reorienting … Continue reading

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Immortality via 3D Bioprinting, for the Compleat Survivor

3D printing is opening several promising doors into a future of near-infinite possibilities. One of the most important skills to learn for the more wise and intelligent prepper-survivors is the ability to print useful tools and replacement parts in 3D, … Continue reading

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Bloody Hell! No More Pianos in Russia?

Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev Rolling in their Graves! Pianos (!) are no longer being produced in Russia, forcing those who wish to buy them to pay a sinking-rouble premium — as for most other things which must now be imported using … Continue reading

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China, Russia, Europe et al, the United States

Update: The Brussels terrorist bombings today highlight the importance of a deep understanding of geopolitics within a wise person’s personal planning apparatus. Europe has sown a crop of bloody terror within its midst, in the name of an opportunistic, photo-op … Continue reading

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A False Dawn for Oil Prices Basically there is too much oil on the market, and there is dampened demand. You can’t mess with the fundamentals. __ Oil state dictators and despots are desperate for a new dawn in oil prices. Oil-dependent prison states … Continue reading

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The Deep Insight at the Moment of Death

insight ‎(plural insights) A sight or view of the interior of anything; a deep inspection or view; introspection; frequently used with into. Power of acute observation and deduction; penetration; discernment; perception. … Intuitive apprehension of the inner nature of a … Continue reading

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52 Year Old 47 Billion Dollar Man Imagines a Larger Future in Space

“Our ultimate vision is millions of people living and working in space,” Bezos said during a rare, 30-minute interview in Florida with reporters after the Blue Origin announcement. __ NBF quoting an earlier Yahoo article. The “almost 50 billion dollar … Continue reading

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Putin’s Bloody Theatre of War

Russia the Hollow Superpower Mr Putin’s Russia is more fragile than he pretends. The economy is failing. The rise in oil prices after 2000, when Mr Putin first became president, provided $1.1 trillion of windfall export revenues for him to … Continue reading

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Instant Broad Spectrum Disease Screening Coming of Age

From Singapore: Micro-RNA Screening Will Allow Instant Disease Diagnosis Spotting the spread of diseases such as cancer in their early stages can make a huge difference to the likelihood of being able to beat them into submission, and scientists in … Continue reading

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Two Thirds of Men are Willing to Give Sex Robots a Go

More than two-thirds of men recruited for a sexbot study say they would give sex robots try. About two-thirds of women in the same study say they would not try a sex robot. Those findings come from the first exploratory … Continue reading

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Germany Self-Destructs

Germany’s Multiple Paths to Catastrophe Suicide by Immigration … ‘immigration will lead to more crime and increased police usage’ to combat it. The number of crimes – of violence, sexual, property theft and narcotic offences – will rise, says the … Continue reading

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Global Demographic Decline Portends Fatal Skills Shortage

Demographic Decline Feeds into the Global Skills Shortage The skilled worker pinch is being felt from Europe to the Anglosphere to Asia to Africa to Russia to Latin America. An increasingly high tech global economic base requires large numbers of … Continue reading

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World Flooded With Low-Quality Youth

Of All the Varieties of “Doom,” Demographic Doom is Most Likely to Lead to Wars and Collapse … it’s the youth bulge that stands to put greater pressure on the global economy, sow political unrest, spur mass migration and have … Continue reading

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Total Power Blackout; Systematic Destruction of Hospitals

Total Power Blackout Syria has suffered a massive power blackout across the country due to “unknown reasons”, state media said. __ BBC If official Syrian sources cite “unknown reasons” for a disaster, you know that the reasons are known but … Continue reading

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