Total Power Blackout; Systematic Destruction of Hospitals

Deliberate Destruction of Hospitals in Syria

Deliberate Destruction of Hospitals in Syria

Total Power Blackout

Syria has suffered a massive power blackout across the country due to “unknown reasons”, state media said. __ BBC

If official Syrian sources cite “unknown reasons” for a disaster, you know that the reasons are known but politically inconvenient to mention.

In the best of times, electric power is only available between 2 and 4 hours a day in modern Syria. Nationwide blackouts are less common.

Russian and Syrian Forces Deliberately and Sytematically Targeting Health Facilities

Earlier on Thursday, Amnesty International said Russian and Syrian government forces appeared to have been deliberately and systematically targeting health facilities in the northern province of Aleppo in the past 12 weeks.

… Amnesty said the attacks, which it said were flagrant violations of international humanitarian law, appeared to be aimed at paving the way for government ground forces to advance in the weeks before the cessation of hostilities took effect.

Islamic State is a Resilient Idea; Ideas are Not Ideal Bombing Targets

While Russian bombs and missiles have targeted non-ISIS rebels far more often than ISIS — and seem to have improved ISIS’ standing vis a vis other rebel groups — they have certainly succeeded in spreading the idea of the Islamic state farther and wider, including more deeply inside Russia itself.

Using bombs against resilient ideas is poor military strategy. Intentionally and systematically bombing hospitals is bad public relations.

Young Child Beheaded in Moscow in Reaction to Syrian Bombings

An Uzbek nanny beheaded a 4 year old Russian girl, and paraded her head outside a Moscow train station. The act was committed in reaction to Russian bombings in Syria, she was reported as saying.

We all remember the terrorist bombing of the chartered airliner from Egypt to Russia, another reaction to the Russian bombings in Syria. And of course we recall the shooting down of the Russian bomber that invaded Turkish airspace, and the subsequent souring of Russian – Turkish relations — also a direct result of Russian involvement in Syria. No one said Putin is any good at strategy.

The few Russian planes that were up to heavy duty in Syria are now growing tired and worn. They need a rest. An engineered “cease-fire” is a good opportunity to re-stock bombs and missiles, to repair and replace the small stock of functioning aircraft, and to make another attempt to coerce the cessation of Crimean sanctions from a fragmented and weak western opposition.

Involvement of Turkish and Saudi Troops Direct Reaction to Russian Involvement in Syria

As Turkey and Saudi Arabia gear up to send troops to fight Iranian, Syrian, and Russian troops there, back home in Russia the economic situation is growing ever more dire. Banks are failing, monetary reserves are depleting, mortality rates are rising, the ranks of the impoverished are growing, capital and the best Russians continue to flee, and unhappiness with the governing classes rises.

In Europe, illegal refugees and terrorists from across Africa, Asia, and the middle east are smashing through borders, and raping their way across the continent — using the flood of Russia bombing-triggered Syrian refugees as an excuse.

The entire Syrian adventure is turning into a massive clusterfoque for everyone involved — including John Kerry and Barack Obama, and especially Angela Merkel. Putin’s “victory” is of the Pyrrhic variety, with the destruction of Syria as a state and massive blowback across Iran.

ISIS is Just One Branch of the Islamic State

The Islamic State is a Hydra-headed monster. Putin is performing light cosmetic surgery on the monster in Syria, which has absolutely no effect on the monsters vitality, longevity, or global reach.

Putin has trouble juggling a single ball in the air. Juggling Syria, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, the Caucuses, Central Asia, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, etc. etc. is far beyond his capacity as a street performer.

Trump and Putin Cut from the Same Cloth?

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have said many kind words about each other. Perhaps they see each other as kindred spirits, who knows? Russia is suffering badly for having elected Putin as president. The US, after 8 years of an Obama presidency, is desperate for hope and change. But would electing an American Putin bring a better world to America? Let the voters decide.

In the World of the Coming Anarchy and Dysgenic Idiocracy, Uncertainty Rules

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

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2 Responses to Total Power Blackout; Systematic Destruction of Hospitals

  1. infowarrior1 says:

    Only the Kurds seem to be standing up to ISIS effectively so far. What do you think? Are they are bulwark they are touted to be?

    • alfin2101 says:

      Kurds have not united into one group. They are Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, and Turk Kurds. Different Kurdish groups fight among themselves. Any cooperation tends to be temporary against a common enemy.

      ISIS is just another group of fanatics who want to take the Quran literally. There will never be an end to such groups. The idea of a fundamentalist Sharia Islamic state will never die as long as the religion itself exists — because most Muslims are simple tribal people who tend to take their beliefs literally, or semi-literally, depending upon how pragmatic they may be.

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