Germany Self-Destructs

Germany’s Multiple Paths to Catastrophe

Suicide by Immigration

… ‘immigration will lead to more crime and increased police usage’ to combat it.

The number of crimes – of violence, sexual, property theft and narcotic offences – will rise, says the paper of the North Rhine-Westphalian department of the interior whose ‘Immigration’ project involves both individual states and central government.

… as well as rising crime in the future, Islamists are ‘agitating’ in asylum homes, increasing the risk of radicalisation among disaffected refugees.

… there have been ‘hundreds’ of incidents in the past few months where Salafists ‘have sought contact with refugees’. __ Immigration Bombshell

__ quoted in

Suicide by Disastrous Energy Policy

As a large industrial exporter, Germany depends upon the reliability of its electrical power supply to power the industries that power its economy. Unfortunately, Germany’s radical green energy policies make the nation’s power grid more unstable, less reliable. Brownouts and blackouts will be the order of the day for Germany’s future, which will force more and more German industries to move overseas.

German power utilities have complained that the country’s transition from conventional carbon fuels to greener, cleaner sources of energy is squeezing their margins.

The cost of having to close down their nuclear power plants and the heavy subsidies afforded to renewable energy have pushed them deeply into the red, the companies argue.

The glut of government-subsidized solar, wind and other renewable power has led to a collapse in wholesale electricity prices. __

In plain English, this means that German power utilities will not be able to supply power grids with enough reliable power to counteract the destabilising effects of intermittent and unreliable wind / solar energy. Power costs to consumers are already higher than in all European nations except Denmark.

German Business Already Losing Confidence

Ifo President Hans-Werne Sinn said the outlook for the German economy was worrying.

“The majority of companies were pessimistic about their business outlook for the first time in over six months.”

Due to German government policies of taxation, regulation, and energy, German goods cannot maintain global market share during the extended global economic downturn.

Brain Drain

European Brain Drain Bloomberg

European Brain Drain

Germany has long had a high rate of brain drain to the rest of Europe and to the Anglosphere, but in recent years the rate of loss has grown. Now with the Putin / Merkel migrant crisis, expect even more of Germany’s best to fly away, as Germany’s government scrambles to balance the books on the backs of her industries and her professional classes.

Dismally Low Fertility Rates

Germany is losing its Germans through natural attrition, with fertility rates far beneath replacement. German men have become women and German women have become welcome sluts for Islamic and African migrants. Demographically, Germany is on the downslope of history.

Growing Internal Divide

Widely gaping divisions between Germans and migrants — and between Germans and other Germans — are reaching dangerous levels. Clashes between migrants, skinheads, anarchists, radical leftists, and radical Islamic religionists threaten to break out into open and ongoing violence.

Perils of Female Leadership

Not all female leaders are capable of managing large-scale transitions. There are only so many Margaret Thatchers and Golda Meirs — tough old dames with the iron and the grit to stand up to the foolish men who surrounded them.

Merkel did relatively well until she bent to the will of the greens on the disastrous Energiewende policy, then displayed a suicidal “compassion” during Putin’s explosively engineered migrant crisis. But she proved true to weak female form when the national and international pressure grew too severe.

Germans Have Not Outgrown their Submissiveness to Authority

Hitler was not the first tyrant to bulldoze the German people into atrocious behaviour. And he will not be the last. As a people, Germans have failed to develop the strong individualism that would allow them to build a society with more opportunity for strong individuals to prosper on their own merit. Why is the startup community in Germany so weak — almost in the same class as Russia? Where is the German Bezos, Allen, Musk, Thiel, Gates, etc. etc.?

Groupthink rules, in Deutschland.

Germany Could Not Fight Its Way Out of a Damp Paper Bag

Germany has come a long way since the past centuries when the nation could make the world shake and quiver in fear and discomfort — from the Anglosphere, across Europe, into Asia and Africa. Now, an effeminate and weakling Germany could not stand up to Belgium, Iran, Iraq, Russia, or other paper tigers of the world in terms of conventional force.

The Many Paths to Suicide

Germany’s government policies underlie most of Germany’s problems. But the nature of the German people lies at the heart of why German government policies are the way they are. Germany suffered immense human loss from World War I and World War II. The psychic loss from those wars may have been as bad as or worse than the economic losses. But Germany — along with Russia — brought both wars to pass, and deserves some level of punishment.

It seems now, though, that Germany is choosing the ultimate punishment to inflict upon itself: Death from a thousand self-inflicted cuts, by self-flogging.

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  1. yoananda says:

    Great post. Interesting analysis on the failed green power german transition.

    Just one remark :
    Strong individuals is not the society panacea.
    In France we have strong individuals, and because of that, we are a weak nation.
    On the other hand with it’s collective force power Germans are the (economic) leaders of Europe.
    Beside white people are always divided in face of other races, that can leverage their natural ethnocentrism to gain enormous civil power.

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