Coming Extinction of Japan, South Korea, Russia, and Much of Europe

These People Want You to Go Extinct!

Anti-natalism is the view that we ought to desist from procreating – that it is wrong to have children. There are various routes to this conclusion. Some of these are what we might call “philanthropic” routes. They emanate from concern for the humans who will be brought into existence if we do procreate. According to these arguments life is filled with suffering and we ought not to create more of it. Many pro-natalists balk at this suggestion and claim, at the very least, that the good in life outweighs the bad. They should pause to remember the following.

Japan has been worrying for a while now about whether its population may one day become extinct. In 2006, the Japanese National Institute of Population and Social Security Research predicted that by the end of the present century, population would decline to around 50 million, falling further to 10 million by the end of the next.

By 2350 just 1 million would be left and by the year 3000 just 62 people would be rattling around the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Except for sub Saharan Africa and parts of the Muslim world, few countries are worried about overpopulation anymore. Underpopulation — especially in the working-aged groups — is becoming far more of a worry for nations such as Japan, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Italy, Spain, etc.

For much of Europe and East Asia, the problem is low birth rates. The women of Europe and East Asia have chosen to forego the exertions of childbirth and child-raising for reasons of their own. In Russia, the spectre haunting the future is a combination of monstrous male mortality and relatively low birth rates in ethnic Russian women — particularly in the less-impoverished urban areas, particularly Moscow and St. Petersburg. High rates of smoking, drinking, HIV, violence, and suicide are taking a toll on Russia’s current and future workforce.

Global Suicide Rates

Global Suicide Rates

Suicide affects Russians more than persons in most nations, probably due to a combination of cultural, environmental, and genetic factors. Russian mortality rates in general, however, soar above those of European nations in general from a very young age.

Life expectancy for a young Russian male, for example, is lower than that for a young male in Haiti! Here are some of the reasons:

This paper focuses in particular on “youth mortality” (i.e. at ages 15-29 years) in Russia which happens to be much higher than in other European countries. Why?

… Using data from the European Social Survey, I found that in the countries with high youth mortality the most important values for the young (15-29 years) are self-enhancement (power and achievement) and conservation (security, conformity and tradition). Conversely, in the countries where the most important values for the young are openness to change (hedonism, stimulation, self-direction) and “self-transcendence” (universalism and benevolence) mortality is lower. Moreover there is a strong correlation between the causes of death and the values. For example, diagram 8 illustrates the correspondence between mortality from the traffic accidents and the importance of the value “secure”. High scores of the value “secure” mean that young people rely on government’s protection, and expect that the government will ensure their safety.


Risky behaviours occur at high rates among Russian youth and young adults. Bad outcomes from such behaviours often plague the individual for the rest of his life, and wreak havoc on Russia’s ability to man a strong workforce, military, or demographic future. Russia’s population may well be cut in half from current levels by the latter half of this century.

Russia’s Economic Predicament Feeds Back on Russia’s Demographic Predicament

Putin has set a 3% federal budget deficit as a red line that should not be crossed. But with oil prices hovering around $40 a barrel, the Russian government is simply not earning enough to be able to keep the deficit at below 5.1% of GDP unless deep cuts are made, Economy Minister Alexey Ulyukayev said recently. However, the president has ruled out cuts to the two biggest items: social spending because there is a general election in September, and military spending as Putin wants to catch up with the West in this sphere as fast as possible. Freezing pensions and wages are amongst the few options left to the embattled Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

“If you freeze public sector wages without doing reforms, what is the point? All freezing wages does is reduce consumption and hence growth. A freeze is a tactical move, but there is no strategy behind it without changes to the system,” says Orlova. __

This is Russia’s Demographic Pivot Point

Russia could have reformed its economic system to allow its talented people to create fulfilled and productive lives in the motherland. Instead, the criminal Kremlin leadership consolidated its power and central control, forcing its best and brightest people to go outside of Russia to make the most of the opportunities that exist elsewhere. Now, the Kremlin cannot let go, even for the sake of Russia’s future existence.

There are many factors to blame for this stagnation, but at root is the government’s oudated economic model. It failed to respond to some very large changes that have occurred in the last few years and has in effect abandoned Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” mechanism for regulating a market. “[President Vladimir] Putin’s vision of economic development doesn’t value changing the rules of the game. He is happy with the state companies’ control of the economy and will not take the risk of implementing structural reforms. He is not comfortable with relying on the invisible hand of the market and prefers to use the visible hand of the state instead,” says Orlova. __

Putin worked hard to put this outdated economic model into place, after he gained power. He is not about to let go of it in the middle of his attempt to restore Russia as a global power via military mischief which must be paid for in blood, hard currency, and hard concessions to the Chinese who are the loan sharks that are taking on a larger and larger role in financing the Russian economic, demographic, and geopolitical debacle.

But the spectre of extinction hovers over most of Europe, much of East Asia, and much of the Anglosphere. Russia is merely burning the candles at both ends — higher mortality, and low fertility both. Putin’s approach holds the potential to achieve extinction very rapidly, should his house of cards shift quickly under building stress and strain.

What Will the World Look Like After the Former Great Powers Disappear?

At the beginning of the 20th century, Russia, Germany, Japan, and Europe in general, appeared to be on the ascendancy. But Russia and Germany colluded in the devastation of the first great European war of the 20th century, and the combined raw greed for power of Russia, Germany, and Japan brought about the utter genocidal disaster of the second great European war of the same century. Russia’s theft of nuclear weapons technology and its attempt to repay allied generosity with barbarian treachery almost led to the crowning European genocide — but fortunately the USSR was broken up, and Europe was able to sigh in (temporary) relief.

But extinction will have its day, and the former ascendants — Russia, Germany, Japan, much of Europe — are failing to perform the most basic of human functions, reproduction. Russia is doing worse to itself, by playing Russian roulette with the lives of its young people — its very future.

As you can see in the graphic above, although male mortality in Russian youth is particularly high, female youth mortality in Russia is also relatively high when compared to European nations at large. This represents a crime against the beauty and intelligence of Russian girls, who should certainly flee their prison nation if a good opportunity arises to do so. Unfortunately too many Russian girls are being sold into a life of sex slavery in Muslim countries and in Southeast Asia and Latin America — which may not be worse than living in Russia, but it can’t be much better.

After Europe Collapses, No One Will Look After Sub Saharan Africa

Average population IQ levels in sub Saharan Africa are far too low for the people to look after themselves. Perpetual children by aptitude and nature, the great statistical masses of black Africans who will be flooding the dark continent and points north, will need looking after. But with Europe gone the way of extinction, who will look after the billions of new blacks who will be teeming over the global landscape, looking for assistance? Not China, which only wants the natural resources and rich farmland of Africa. Not Russia, for it, too, will be extinct. Not Latin America, for it must deal with its own inherent dysfunctionality — with the exception perhaps of Argentina and Chile.

Child soldiers of perpetual war, famine, and plague promise to be Africa’s future, as its “natural” population gains turn rapidly to natural losses that will be more sustained.

Large Areas of Empty Land Likely to Open Across Eurasia, Africa, parts of East, Southeast, and South Asia

Unless China instigates a global nuclear war or EMP / cyber war, parts of the modern world are likely to survive the extinctions — including much of China itself, much of North America, parts of South and Central America, outposts of Europe, and parts of Australia/NZ. China cannot be expected to sit idly by and watch while massive quantities of raw materials and pristine resources wait unused in Eurasia, Africa, parts of South America, and the rapidly depopulated middle east.

Of Course, This is Only the Way Things May Go if Putin Persists in his Madness

In the desperation to restore Russia to its standing among the world powers, Putin is playing the cards he has dealt for himself — which are not the best cards, after all. By ramping up the flow of incompatible refugees into the heart of Europe, he is amplifying the natural forces of extinction which were already in place. He is also creating a building anti-Russian sentiment within the large and growing Muslim populations of the Muscovian empire.

These forces of bloody vengeance will come back to Russia, to assist with the motherland’s ongoing self-extinction. And like always, patriotic Russians will be asking themselves: “What did we ever do to deserve this?” By going along with bad leadership for too long, they travel like sheep to the slaughter.

By choosing the course of confrontation, Putin has laid in a course for extinction. No one forced his hand. He made the choices himself, thinking himself quite clever indeed. The end result is the acceleration of Russia’s own extinction, along with Germany’s and much of the rest of Europe. Europe was already heading downward, but Putin is happy to lend a hand.

Japan’s crisis is cultural, involving the collapse of the imperial spirit after WWII, and the failure of naked materialism to substitute for the deeper spiritual values that had sustained Japan for centuries. If you are basing your happiness and sense of fulfillment on sheer material values, you are almost certain to be disillusioned eventually.

As always, take all predictions with a grain of salt. Focus on the underlying fundamentals. Above all, ignore the propaganda that pours from government, media, academia, and special interest groups. Think for yourself, and seek out the threads of truth where they can be found.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.


Fertility statistics in Europe

Much of the climate catastrophe cult is oriented toward steering young people away from procreation, at least in the advanced world where people have higher average IQs. Starving the high-IQ world to grow a larger world with low-IQs is exactly what one would expect from lefty-Luddite greens and doomers of all sorts.

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