Bloody Murder: If Anyone is Counting

50 Most Homicidal Cities of World Source

50 Most Homicidal Cities of World

In Most Third World Countries, No One Takes the Trouble to Count the Homicides

Crime statistics in Venezuela have not been officially measured since 2009 however, and are underreported according to experts. Where no official figures exist, CCSP-JP is transparent in its methodology: for Caracas it counted bodies from the city morgue (which covers a larger area than the city itself) between January and August, discounted a percentage attributed to accidental deaths, and extrapolated an amount for the full year to get a rate of 120 homicides per 100,000 people.

… More than 10% of all the world’s homicides are in Brazil, and although the rate has fallen in its largest cities it has started increasing in smaller ones. The violence is borne by its poorer black population: between 2000 and 2014 the murder rate of whites has fallen by 14% but risen by 18% among black people. Murders of women have also increased by 12%. The problem is likely to grow as the economy falters and young men are unable to get jobs. __

The Economist article above claims that murder rates have fallen everywhere except Latin America. But that is only true if we ignore all the many places that do not bother to count their murders. If no one counts a homicide, does it actually happen? If journalist media, government agencies, NGOs, thinktanks, academic journals, and intellectuals of all stripes fail to look at what is actually happening on the ground — and in the morgues — is any of it real?

Underfunding of national statistical agencies is a major hurdle for the majority of small states . . . This has been a perennial problem for most small states . . . __ Small States, Economic Review and Basic Statistics

The underfunding of statistical agencies is not just a problem for small states. In nations where accurate statistics might prove embarassing, statistical agencies are purposefully starved of funds, personnel, and other resources.

. . . statistical agencies have become intellectual backwaters, home to underpaid and underfunded technocrats who receive roughly zero in the way of thanks or glory and who are much more likely to be on the receiving end of budget cuts than they are to get the significant increases in funding that they need to keep up with the [nation’s __ ed.] complexity. __

Wikimedia Homicide Rate by Country

Wikimedia Homicide Rate by Country

[Note that the chart displays only a small number of nations and does not necessarily represent a ranking of top global homicide rates (except perhaps for the top two nations listed)]

Although of higher quality than those in African nations, the statistical agencies of Brazil and Russia are likely to be underfunded for reasons of economics and corruption — so the total homicides and homicide rates are likely to be significantly undercounted — in comparison with the more advanced nations listed on the chart above. Other demographic and economic data in emerging and third world nations are of similarly shoddy quality, and subject to political manipulation as well.

The UNODC Homicide Statistics 2000 to 2013, represent an attempt to compensate for the poor data gathering and analysis practises of third world and emerging nations, with variable results. Global statisticians must at least pretend to take seriously the output of national statistical agencies, even in nations that have proven less than trustworthy when releasing any data that may reflect poorly upon the government involved.

Violent Crime Follows Where Black People Go

This is likely to have a lot to do with the genetic complement of violent offenders.

Homicide rates are particularly high in sub Saharan Africa, in Caribbean nations with large black populations, in Latin American nations with large black populations, and in cities in the first world that contain a high proportion of blacks. In this article, Ron Unz provides several charts showing raw correlations between crime rates and racial makeup of US cities of different sizes.

Global homicide rates must be taken with several grains of salt, in full awareness of the fact that third world nations do not keep good account of anything — including murders.

You may be aware that most of the world’s population growth is taking place in sub Saharan Africa and other parts of the third world with high rates of violence — including religious violence.

Pay attention, and make provisions as needed.

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