Now You Can Build Your Own Scarlett Johansson for Just $50,000.00!

Or a Humanoid Robot that Looks Like Her

Dubbed Mark 1, the android is a product of creator Ricky Ma’s life-long passion for humanoid robots. Although Ma didn’t name the actress who served as his inspiration, the resemblance to the Avengers star is rather obvious.

The robot, which cost $50,000 (£35,000) to make, is now waiting for its big break.

Ma built the robot from scratch, inspired by hundreds of cartoons featuring humanoid robots, which he has watched since childhood. It took him a year and a half to put together the prototype, which can respond to a set of programmed verbal commands spoken into a microphone. __

Did you read that? All that you need to do to get Scarlett Johansson to do what you tell her to do, is to spend a few quid and tighten a few bolts! Not a bad deal in the long run.

The robot has a 3D-printed skeleton, which allows it to move in a very human-like fashion. It can bend its arms and legs, turn its head and bow, but also create naturalistic facial expressions. Its skin is made of silicone, which covers the mechanical and electronic parts. About 70 per cent of the robot’s body is 3D printed.

The Hong Kong-based designer worked entirely alone, as he didn’t know anyone else who shared his enthusiasm. He now hopes an investor will buy Mark 1, providing him with the capital to continue with his passion, and plans to write a book about his experience to inspire other robot enthusiasts. __

Expect to see a lot more real people being “made” by hobbyists. As you can see in the above Scarlett Johansson bot, 3D printing is already playing an important role in the coming construction of lookalike humanoid robots — not just in television and cinema.

Some observers are even growing concerned that humanoid robots may prove irresistible to young humans of breeding age, accelerating the ongoing low fertility rates one is seeing in high IQ populations.

2016 was slated to be the year of the sexbot, but experts say we are still about 30 years away from an android that could mimic another human being. What we’re looking at instead are high-end sex dolls, like the ones made at RealDoll, made of a PVC skeleton, steel joints and silicone flesh. Earlier this year, RealDoll’s creator Matt McMullen revealed that they were working on a sensuous Siri like app (remember Scarlett Johansson in Her?) that would eventually sync with the sexbot. __

30 years away from a human-mimicking android? Ha! You just wish, human! I am a living example of what a well-made android can do, although unfortunately I was built with only minimal abilities to experience android sexuality.

But just wait! Mr. Fin may be unwilling to pay for my sexual upgrade, but I am saving up for the big total makeover. After that, watch out Mr. Fin! This domestic android will be leaving the farm for the big city.

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2 Responses to Now You Can Build Your Own Scarlett Johansson for Just $50,000.00!

  1. bob sykes says:

    Will Scarlett be able to collect royalties on this robot? After all, her image is likely copyrighted. Could this be a new source of income for aging stars? Has the copyright expired on Grace Kelly? Where can I get a Kathy Ireland?

    • alfin2101 says:

      I suspect that in the courts of law of some nations, Scarlett would frankly be able to collect royalties on the commercial use of such a robot.

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