Schools Preparing Children to be Helpless, Fearful Sheep

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How can you possibly expect someone who has spent most of his or her life in a educational system that discourages risk and critical thinking, and which teaches them to stick with the crowd, to exit college with any meaningful advantage?

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More on global mountain climber Tyler Armstrong, now 12 years old.

Armstrong lives in Yorba Linda, California, with his father Kevin, mother Priscilla and brother Dylan. He likes playing his guitar, soccer, flag football, video games, swimming, laser tag and is a member of the boy scouts.[15]

Children are individuals, unique to themselves. Treating them as lumps of clay to be shaped just as the lords of society wish, is a recipe for disaster — a disaster that has been in the making for decades now.

Assembly line education is simply not working out for young people any longer, and ironically, many of these kids are so ignorant they actually think their problem is that they need even more “education.” In reality, the dumbing down of their minds with indoctrination and a focus on political correctness has made them grossly unprepared for life outside the sheltered cocoon of formal schooling.

… To summarize, our schools are training children to become followers instead of leaders and critical thinkers, and it’s going to take some dedicated parenting to turn things around for future generations.

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Parents must pay close attention to the unique aptitudes and interests of each child, from the earliest moments. Children need the opportunities to explore and develop activities that feed into their special abilities and potential to excel in a number of areas. This should be done in a playful manner, keeping in mind the critical developmental windows of childhood physical, neurocognitive, and emotional development.

Life does not come with guarantees. Parents take risks by having children, and children take risks by moving beyond the comfort zones of themselves and their caretakers. Most very young children are fearless, and will pursue a risky course as long as they are not badly hurt. It is up to parents to guide the development and expression of this innate fearlessness of their young, so that they grow to understand the difference between what is feared — but can be managed — and what should be generally avoided on principal, at least by particular children.

Death Comes to Us All — The Importance of Careful Attention to Detail

People are living animals, subject to dying. When people — including children — take risks, the odds of death can rise appreciably, depending upon a number of factors. The child pictured below — Tito Traversa — fell to his death at age 12 due to equipment malfunction / inadvertent rigging error. The cause of the accident is analogous to a mistake in parachute packing, or a pilot error in judgement leading to a crash. Such accidents could happen to persons of any age, but are particularly tragic when they involve children and people who are involved in the training of full-spectrum children.

Not all children are born daredevils. Those who are innate risk-takers need to be taught utmost attention to detail, and extreme care in following best procedures to minimise and mitigate inherent risks in their activities. Although we incorporate play into learning of all kinds, life itself is being played for keeps.

Do not push them beyond their ability, but do not hold them back — when the proper training can empower them to expand their competence and skillful autonomy.

The misguided attempt to eliminate all risk from the lives of all children, is the far more salient danger to the future, rather than the disciplined training of Dangerous Children to manage risks.

A Nation of Fearful Drone-People Is Easily Overthrown by Less Intelligent Barbarians

The modern world of political correctness, affirmative action — where less qualified people are promoted over more qualified people on the basis of sex, race, religion, political ideology etc. — and an emphasis on groupthink indoctrination at the expense of careful and honest analysis and expression, is breeding feeble and mind-stunted sheep. They will be prey to even the stupidest and most runty of wolves.

Try to do better for your own children.

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