Drug Czar Linked to Smugglers and Drug Trafficking

‘These people are useless for society so it’s better to sacrifice them and let them die.’

_ Unnamed Drug Enforcement Officials

Heroin Flows Global  UNODC

Heroin Flows Global UNODC

There is a direct link between HIV and habitual intravenous drug use. In countries with high rates of intravenous drug abuse, high rates of HIV can usually be found. If a nation’s drug enforcement officials also profit from the illegal distribution and sale of narcotics, the situation can grow especially complicated.

Over two million heroin users roam the streets of Russian cities, and similarly almost 2 million HIV infected persons — 80% under the age of 30 — are destined to suffer a brutally negligent future in the indifferent and backward nation. The prevalence of HIV is skyrocketing inside Russia at the same time that HIV treatment and prevention are improving in the west.

The [Litvinenko] dossier alleged that Ivanov [drug czar] had links to mafia connections in St. Petersburg at a time when drug trafficking was rife at the city’s port, and that these connections helped his rise under Putin. The report allegedly ended a promising business deal in Russia involving Ivanov.

… “Not only are many gangs associated with, or paying of, the local police, Federal Security Service (FSB), or FSKN, there are also elements within the security apparatus that are directly involved,” NYU professor Mark Galeotti wrote in a recent study on nationalism and drug policy in Russia, published by the Brookings Institution.

__ Heroin and HIV: A Passive Approach?

More than two million Russian men are considered to be HIV positive, and the epidemic doesn’t show any signs of abating. In the United States, more than 1.2 million people are living with the infection.

… Failure to tackle Russia’s huge public health problems is likely to exacerbate the brain drain already under way.

__ Sick in Russia

HIV prevalence among people who inject drugs is as high as 74%.The epidemic is on the rise…

Tuberculosis has reached epidemic proportions in Russia, now the primary cause of death among people with HIV, and 78% of men with both TB and HIV are injecting drug users. The total number of people with HCV who also inject drugs is estimated to be over one million.

Despite this shocking scenario, the state provides no services to stem drug dependency and its related health and social problems. People who use drugs are depicted by state officials as ‘deviant’ and as criminals, and therefore undeserving of equal access to healthcare. The Russian government refuses to adopt even the most mainstream and well-studied approaches to drug treatment, including OST, which is actually illegal. Instead, antipsychotic drugs that were used against Soviet dissidents are part of the standard regime for treating drug dependency in state facilities, a practise contravening international standards. __ 5 Million Use Illegal Drugs in Russia

Russia’s population may drop to half of present level by 2050

The human tragedy is bad enough without government officials profiting from the waste, carnage, and national decline. Worse, it is Russia’s young and working age populations that are being depleted by government negligence, malfeasance, and and criminal actions.

Because the number of Russian workers has been falling from a high of 90 million in 2006, he continues, and because demographic analysis shows that these declines are going to accelerate in the coming years, even a dramatic upswing in productivity would not allow the Russian economy to grow.

… “On one-seventh of the surface of the earth, everything has been destroyed without war” by officials, doctors and businesses uninterested in Russia’s future. … Russia has become “a jail, the country a crematorium and a cemetery.

__ Russia’s Future Limited by Its Demographic Quagmire

Such unpleasant facts have been denied and resisted by Kremlin propagandists, censors, trolls, and hackers. And yet the wholesale decline of a once-nearly-great people continues apace.

Which leads us to the greatest tragedy of all — the waste of potential happy and productive lives of millions of Russian women and girls. If there were only a way to get these Russian girls out of the diseased gulag nation, into Europe, the Anglosphere, and other islands of opportunity where their lives would not be wasted!

This is something that we should all be working on, as best we can. If the more intelligent people of the world cannot find it within themselves to reproduce — and raise new generations of bright (and Dangerous) children — then the world will be left by default to the unintelligent and their plentiful broods of low-aptitude, high violence offspring. Hence, the frequent warnings on this website against the coming dysgenic Idiocracy.

Unfortunately, Russia as it currently exists, sits at ground zero of the dysgenic Idiocracy. It promotes the collapse of Europe and the west at the same time as its own Potemkin nation is being ground into the dirt by criminal officials, along with its people.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.


Russia was never as great as it claimed to be. That’s why it has always had to devote so many resources to propaganda and secret police. Only the rubes are fooled.

The Putin Myth

Russians spend over half of income on food — much of it borrowed from mafia loan sharks. This will not end well.

We have no way of penetrating the small circle around Putin where decisions are ultimately made. However, by better understanding the haphazard means by which elites signal their desired policies to Putin, we can watch those more public channels and, perhaps, get advance warning of what is being discussed there.

Meanwhile, the human core of Russia is melting away, beyond the point of no return. The best of the Russians have emigrated or are in the process of emigrating. Uncultured barbarians make up the bulk of the men who remain.

Moving on toward disintegration and the aftermath

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2 Responses to Drug Czar Linked to Smugglers and Drug Trafficking

  1. DJGB says:

    “‘These people are useless for society so it’s better to sacrifice them and let them die.’” Good, totally agree with that russian guy, HIV+-heroin addicted junkies are just a drag on society. The degenerate leftist west wants to impose its BS “harm reduction” programs on the rest of the world and make productive citizens pay for the methadone and free needles for those junkies.

    • alfin2101 says:

      I suspect that the rapidly expanding holocaust on Russian streets — involving mostly young people of working, military, and child-bearing ages — is the pertinent issue here, rather than the desires of whatever degenerate leftist west you may have in mind.

      Value judgments are not relevant when a nation’s young people are being sucked into a corrupt, top-down orchestrated drug racket / HIV epidemic. We are looking here at demographic trends, and the exponential contagion of drug use combined with HIV in a country that is little more than a nuclear armed mafia syndicate.

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