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Bloody Murder: If Anyone is Counting

In Most Third World Countries, No One Takes the Trouble to Count the Homicides Crime statistics in Venezuela have not been officially measured since 2009 however, and are underreported according to experts. Where no official figures exist, CCSP-JP is transparent … Continue reading

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Now You Can Build Your Own Scarlett Johansson for Just $50,000.00!

Or a Humanoid Robot that Looks Like Her Dubbed Mark 1, the android is a product of creator Ricky Ma’s life-long passion for humanoid robots. Although Ma didn’t name the actress who served as his inspiration, the resemblance to the … Continue reading

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Licorice-Stick Nuclear Fuel: Keeping Nuclear Power Alive Until the Next Generation of Reactors Arrives on the Scene

Evolutionary Nuclear Fuel May Extend Safe Lifetimes of Existing Nuclear Reactors by Decades The fuel rods made by Lightbridge differ from today’s in several ways. Rather than a ceramic oxide of uranium, they’re made of a uranium-zirconium alloy that transports … Continue reading

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90% of Women Prefer a Bigger Penis!

90% of Women Prefer a Bigger Penis Yes, of course, we know that. Sigmund Freud told us that long ago–but they can’t have one, because they’re girls!!! That’s why they call it penis envy. So if women cannot have what … Continue reading

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How to Enlarge Your Penis Size (for Women)

Warning: This blog posting is total satire, with no redeeming social content. Discovery of the Female Phantom Penis Elevates War of the Sexes No matter what she may look like on the outside, all women possess a penis — a … Continue reading

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