Climate Apocalypse Cult: Panic, Damn You!

Conventional wisdom says you are more likely to die from catastrophic global warming human extinction than from an automobile crash. Climate apocalypse is the cult du jour for people with nothing important to worry about. And that category apparently encompasses a wide range of functionaries and intellectuals in the modern world.

The cult of cults has swallowed governments, universities, media outlets, NGOs, and lefty-green activism whole. You must panic, damn you, at all costs! And yet, a more critical view of the evidence behind the steamrolling cult suggests that there is very little substance (if any) behind the delusion. The above video explains what we know about climate, and what we can confidently predict.

Apocalypse cults, such as Climate Apocalypse, rely upon the human predilection to panicking — when overwhelmed by massive amounts of frightening-sounding information that they are not allowed to take the time to understand. Like the small child that sees monsters in the shadows, or imagines horrific creatures under his bed, apocalypse cult members see extinction in every warm sunny day.

Climate Hustle, the Movie airs in US on 2 May in US theatres and Toronto. See link above for showtimes near you. Below is a trailer for the film:

More videos and trailers on Climate Hustle

Interestingly, women have been among the forefront of reasonable voices opposing the mindless lemming’s rush to panic. From climate scientist Judith Curry, to scientist Jennifer Marohasy, to science writer and artist Joanne Nova, these anti-cult pro-logic women put men such as Carl Zimmer, Barack Obama, and James Hansen to shame, when it comes to calm logical reality-based discussion of climate.

Normally we would not be concerned about crackpot end-of-the-world cults, but this particular cult has the power to destroy entire economies, using ginned up popular opinion as a shield and acting via government dictates and mandates of an incredibly corrupt and self-serving nature to the politicians, activists, and “investors” involved.

And so once again citizens of Europe and the Anglosphere are being railroaded by their own governments down a greased track that ends over a gaping abyss.

But what can one expect from governments, media, academics, intellectuals, activists, political lobbies, and lefty-Luddite greens? Which is why the movement to build generations of robustly resilient and anti-fragile communities of Dangerous Children has taken on such import. The prospects for an abundant and expansive human future rest upon the creation of parallel “shadow institutions” and infrastructures, capable of sustaining the necessary scientific, technological, and rational/emotional momentum sufficient to take us to the next level.

If Barack Obama, Francois Hollande, Tom Steyer, and the rest of the dimwitted crusade for climate apocalypse panic have their way, the large fund of human and material resources that support progress toward a more intelligent, longer-lived, wiser and higher quality of human existence, will be squandered chasing a chimerical climate cult apocalypse into the darkest void of panic and unreason. Even China understands this.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late (or early) to have a Dangerous Childhood.

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  1. Matthew Musson says:

    It’s not about controlling the climate. It’s about controlling you.

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