Venezuelan Utopia: Is It the Future?

Utopian Future Leftist Ideal

Food Not Allowed in Utopian Future
Leftist Ideal

For years, the top radical tourist destination, the political equivalent of the Pattaya Beach brothel, has been Chavista Venezuela. Hollywood stars, the leaders of the British Labour party and Spanish “popular resistance”, and every half-baked pseudo-left intellectual from Noam Chomsky to John Pilger has engaged in a left orientalism as they wallowed in “the other’s” exotic delights.

Venezuela stroked all their erogenous zones. Hugo Chávez and his successor Nicolás Maduro were anti-American and “anti-imperialist”.

Venezuela is the Future for the US Under President Sanders

Even US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders cozied up to the late dictator Hugo Chavez to work out a “cheap fuel oil” deal for his Vermonter constituents, and praised close Chavez allies Cuba and Sandinista Nicaragua. In fact, Bernie Sanders has received the endorsement of Venezuela’s current dictator Nicolas Maduro, successor to Chavez.

It is considered chic by the well-intentioned affluent young (and young wannabes) to be anti-American and anti-imperialist, at least in “lip service” terms. For many years, Kremlin trolls and Beijing boosters joined with radical chic leftists to praise Venezuela for its “fierce independence” from US global hegemony. And yet, now that Venezuela is reaching the logical end-game of its policies, why are not these radical chic leftists, boosters, and trolls flocking to live in the Venezuelan utopia?

Reason Magazine: Venezuela is the culmination of Bernie Sanders’ agenda

One place that lines may be getting shorter is at the hospital—but not for good reasons. With a collapsing economy and worthless currency, the country can no longer afford to import the radioactive materials needed for many cancer treatments—which could possibly unify Venezuelans of all classes in the socialist solidarity of the grave. They’ll have plenty of company, since medicine of all sorts is in short supply in the country.

Not that there are many people left to administer the medicine. The country guarantees a constitutional “right” to healthcare, but the system is crumbling. Over the past decade, an estimated 13,000 physicians fled the country in search of greener pastures. Cuba dispatched some of its own physicians to fill the gap, only to see them defect in turn. That’s no shock, considering that the physician father of a Venezuelan friend of mine has been reduced to accepting payment in cooking oil and other groceries.

Venezuela is the logical future for socialist and communist workers’ paradises, even those with a lot of oil and other natural commodities resources.

Venezuela is the Future for Other Petrostates, such as Putinstan

petrostates, from Russia to Venezuela, and from Kazakhstan to the Persian Gulf, have used their oil rent to enjoy Western-style consumption without subscribing to the Western values that made it possible. Now they are at risk of ending up like the producers of natural rubber after the invention of synthetic latex — dependent on a commodity that no longer generates a rent because of its scarcity but just sells as a certain mark-up to production cost. __

Every petrostate has its own fiscal breakeven price for oil. Most contemporary petrostates — including Russia — depend upon oil prices of $100 bbl or above to finance their redistribution schemes, military buildups, and financing of terrorist mischief in the near and far abroad. The longer oil prices remain well below $100 to $140 bbl, the closer to the Venezuela tipping point such petrostates will move.

Twilight of the Petrostate:

Oil-producing countries have been living a dream. In recent decades, most oil-producing countries saw their per-capita GDP not only expand but show a rate of growth above the global average. In other words, they were getting rich faster than the rest of the world.

… An awakening from this dream is now inevitable. The future holds challenges for those countries that have cast their lot with the global oil market. There is little doubt that oil’s transformation into an ordinary, non-rent-generating commodity is going to change the world.


The dysgenic Idiocracy is slowly but unshakeably broadening and tightening its grip over global populations. Smart people are not having children at nearly the rate that unintelligent people are procreating. The resulting dysgenic trend is part of a repeating, inevitable cycle — fueled by human nature during times of relative affluence:

The Population Cycle Drives Human History

Dysgenics by Richard Lynn

Zimbabwe Was Once a Wealthy Nation as Was Venezuela, with a Hopeful Future

Rhodesia and Venezuela both had everything going for them, prior to being taken over by leftist dictators. Natural beauty, natural resources, prosperous market based economies, and market-dominant minorities that kept things running smoothly under a rule of law and a peaceful / profitable cooperation with international markets. They were ripe plums — low-hanging fruit for leftist vultures.

Robert Mugabe and Hugo Chavez might have been twin brothers, if not for a few superficial physical distinctions. They had much the same approach to governance — and to running previously prosperous nations into the ground. Should it be so surprising that the same breed of chic leftists and anti-capitalists flocked to the banner of “the new Zimbabwe” in the same manner that they flocked to the banner of the leftist Venezuelan dicators? And the end result for both nations is economic ruin.

The Same Market Forces Inevitably Act Upon Larger Nations that Style Themselves After Venezuela

Corrupt dictatorships inevitably mis-allocate their national capital — human, financial, and physical. The disruption in markets that results will create reverberative damage throughout their economies. As oppportunities disappear, the personal competence and initiative of their people melts down to basic human needs and impulses.

In addition to the increased suffering of the people, a loss of innovation results with a growing need to steal ideas and technologies from more innovative societies in order to keep their flagging militaries from becoming entirely obsolete. Bullying behaviours become more common in an attempt to impress the peons and serfs, to the point of risking large scale wars. Leftists and fellow travelers applaud all of these dysfunctional behaviours, because they seem to confirm the truth and power of their own stunted ideologies. But time inevitably runs out on such poorly based attempts to achieve influence, power, and affluence beyond the capacity of the people involved.

The basic laws of economics continue to apply, along with the basic rules of human nature — as outlined by human genes and refined by the human environment.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

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  2. Craig says:

    I was delighted to hear that the 3rd most prosperous and happy nation in the western hemisphere is Chile. USA, Canada and then Chile in that order. Of course you will not hear about the success story that is Chile. Since Chavez came along Venezuela has gotten all the press.

    Chile followed the Chicago school of economics, citing Milton Friedman in particular when developing it’s modern economy. The media can’t talk about that, doesn’t fit the narrative.

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