Russian Pharmaceutical Production and Sales Drop Amid Economic Crisis

Drug Production and Sales are Down; Abortions and Mortality are Up

The manufacture and purchase of medicinal drugs are down sharply over the past two years, as spending priorities are shifted away from health care, over to more crucial issues of military upgrade, power projection, intelligence and other necessities of government.

Pharmaceutical Sales and Production Down Source

Pharmaceutical Sales and Production Down

… pharmaceutical companies are slashing the production of vital medicines amid the economic downturn, putting the nation at risk of being left without affordable medical drugs…

… A total of 197 medical drugs from the government’s “vital and essential medicines list” … have already been removed from production, according to a letter the FAS sent to the government late last year, Kommersant reported.

About 160 other essential medicines in that price range are likely to follow suit, according to FAS…

Under … law, the prices of medicines from the vital and essential list are set by the government….
__ Manufacture of Vital Medicines Slashed

What is worse, the people can no longer afford to buy many medicines still being manufactured, no matter the price.

Experts attribute the decline to … falling real income levels amidst growing inflation. Real income dropped by 9.5 percent this year, while pharmaceutical retail sales fell by 10 percent last year compared to 2014 levels.

The total number of units sold by pharmacists also fell by 14 percent in the same period. Although sales started to decline several years ago, the drop has never been so dramatic, DSM Group experts reported.

“This is a very bad sign: medicine is the last thing people cut their spending on,” he said.
__ Pharmaceutical Sales Fall Sharply

Health Care Reform has Been a Failure

… closing medical facilities where the numbers of users are too low – is leading to more abortions, fewer births, higher infant and child mortality, and the demise of social and economic activity … __ Failure of Health Care Reform

A failed health care reform has resulted in significant increases in hospital mortality:

… the number of those who had died in hospital had increased 3.7 percent over the same period even though the number of those hospitalized had declined. In 49 of 61 federal subjects the chamber examined, the number of lethal outcomes among patients went up.

__ Failed Health Care Reforms

The dismal economic circumstances that are creating these poor medical results are likely to continue for many years.

One of the primary triggers that created the current crisis across the nation is being termed a disaster by one of its primary engineers. Government sponsored fighters turned into violent looters and rapists, who begin fighting among themselves, killing each other.

… weapons were handed out to criminals and drug addicts who robbed people, ‘commandeered’ businesses, homes, and cars,” he said.

… “I knew the situation was hopeless when I found out that our fighters themselves had fired on a truck with our wounded that were being evacuated from the … airport on May 26,” he said. “My good friend was killed in that bloodbath. That’s when I understood it was all over, that people had been deceived and sent to die for nothing.”

__ Bloody Failure Leading to Prolonged National Disaster

It is one thing to force the people to make sacrifices for a good cause. It is quite another when the people are thrust into a pit of suffering and death to prop up poorly planned campaigns of personal glory and power.

The national economy has been unwisely centralised, to the point that everything depends upon income from natural resources. But those revenues are not likely to return to the stratospheric levels of the first decade of this century for more decades to come.

According to one writer:

… “we live in one country but we have two peoples,” a small number of “thinking people” who need “greater freedom and honest elections” and “an enormous mass” of those who have been intimidated into silent acquiescence or support of the current regime … __ Two Peoples Under One Government

Although this article examines conditions inside Russia, it is useful for the sake of personal honesty to consider the constellation of ongoing failures and catastrophes as occurring to a hypothetical state, led by hypothetical leaders. Looked at objectively, one is less likely to automatically defend or condemn on the basis of demonisation or hero worship. Just the facts, without the massive propaganda machine running interference.

If you doubt that the excerpts above are more accurate than what you hear from propaganda mouthpieces, stooges, and trolls, all you have to do is to go look for yourself. But look beyond the facade, if you are serious and not simply behaving after the manner of a sports team fanatic defending his cherished crew.

The level of suffering taking place behind the propaganda curtain is staggering. If it occurred in most any developed nation it would be enough to trigger a revolution. Instead, the nation is turning more deeply to alcohol, drugs, state television fantasies, and other forms of escapism.

“Alcoholism remains the bane of Russian family life, a major factor in a divorce rate that is now No. 1 in the world,” Garrels notes in “The Russian Family,” the sixth chapter and one I found particularly poignant. “Workers on their way to the factory and kids well under the legal drinking age stroll the streets, beers in hand, not even bothering to stash them in a discreet brown paper bag.” __ Putin Country

There is always money for alcohol and abortions, no matter what other expenditures must be cut. Alcohol to take their minds off their problems, and abortions to make sure there will always be money for alcohol. Unwanted children who make it past the abortionist too often end up in orphanages, and then eventually on the street — where a life of prostitution and crime awaits.

Over 1 million Russians are slaves

Modern-day slavery comprises of human trafficking, forced labour, debt bondage, forced marriage and commercial sexual exploitation.

Free speech on the internet can land you in prison

Russia is not like a modern nation. But sometimes it is instructive to look at the facts stripped bare of the traditional propaganda, and think of what would be happening inside Russia now if it were like a modern nation.

Russia trapped on path of decline

Is Venezuela the future of Russia?

After Putin

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  1. painlord2k says:

    Venezuela can not be the future of Russia.
    I will put it simply: Russia is cold, freezing cold. Venezuela is hot.
    A banana republic can eat bananas growth in the backyards.
    In Russia, if things go down the drain, people freeze and starve.

    • alfin2101 says:

      True. On the other hand, with the impending climate apocalypse they may be eating bananas in the backyards of Yekaterinburg any day now. 😉

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