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Human Brain Regeneration Using Adult Stem Cells

The technique involves injecting stem cells through a borehole in the skull into regions of the brain that are known to control motor movements, and which have been damaged by stroke… these injected cells don’t seem to last more than a month in the brain, but during that time, they seem to secrete growth factors that triggered new connections to form between brain cells, and tissue regeneration.

…. This is the second trial that’s looked into how stem cell injections into patient’s brain can improve stroke recovery – a study carried out in the UK last year also showed similarly promising results in patients, more than a year after treatment.

The latest trial was based in California, and was run by a company called SanBio. The team only tested the procedure on 18 patients, but all of them reported some improvements in mobility, and seven of them reported “significant” progress.

__ http://www.sciencealert.com/stroke-patients-are-walking-again-after-being-injected-with-stem-cells

The direct brain injection of adult mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow appears to have a rejuvenating affect on brains that have suffered from stroke — taking them back to an younger age of brain plasticity, so to speak. A similar rejuvenating effect on brain and other organs has been seen after the injection of stem cells into the venous circulation, although the effect of such treatments seems less potent than direct injections into the tissue of concern.

Broad Spectrum Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise

The vaccine, which used a number of different pieces of RNA, activated dendritic cells that select targets for the body’s immune system to attack. This was followed by a strong response from the “killer” T-cells that normally deal with infections.

… Dr Helen Rippon, chief executive of Worldwide Cancer Research, said “We know the immune system has great potential to be manipulated and reactivated to fight cancer cells, that’s why we’ve been funding research into this for 15 years.

“These are exciting and novel results, showing the promise of an RNA nanoparticle vaccine to do just that.”

__ http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/cancer-vaccine-immunotherapy-universal-immune-system-rna-nature-journal-a7060181.html

These are early results and the approach is still quite crude. But if western civilisation can hold on against the onslaughts of radical Islam and the “League of Imperial Nations of Evil ™ ” we are seeing the beginning of the end of fear toward cancer.

Both stroke and cancer are in the top causes of death in developed nations, which happen to have rapidly ageing populations.

Why The World Doesn’t Need More Universities

The majority of jobs being created today do not require degree-level qualifications. In the US in 2010, 20% of jobs required a bachelor’s degree, 43% required a high-school education, and 26% did not even require that. Meanwhile, 40% of young people study for degrees. This means over half the people gaining degrees today will find themselves working in jobs that don’t require one.

This bleak picture could get worse. There has been a decline in demand for knowledge-intensive workers requiring a degree since 2000. Over 47% of existing jobs are under threat of being automated. The occupations most likely to be automated out of existence are knowledge-intensive ones such as auditor, insurance underwriter and credit analyst. Those least at risk of automation are hands-on jobs such as masseuse and fire fighter.

The stark mismatch between the number of people with degrees and the number of jobs requiring degrees has created a generation of bored employees who feel like they are working “bullshit jobs”. It’s no surprise 37% of UK employees think their jobs make no meaningful contribution to the world at all.

__ http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/may/18/knowledge-economy-myth-more-universities-degree

It may seem fitting that university graduates are being awarded bullshit degrees in order to work at bullshit jobs. But it all seems a terrible waste of time, resources, and young minds.

International Climate Movement Creating Economic and Ecological Disaster

Cambridge’s Kelly linked middle-class economic growth to soaring energy demand — the lion’s share of which will continue to be met by fossil fuels. Recently, Exxon Mobil projected that those fuels will still provide 80 percent of energy for at least the next two decades.

What that effectively mean, Kelly argued, is that rapid decarbonization is a “glib” effort that would result in “large parts of the population [dying] from starvation, destitution or violence in the absence of enough low-carbon energy to sustain society.” …

__ http://www.cnbc.com/2016/06/04/climate-accord-irrelevant-and-co2-cuts-could-impoverish-the-world-scientist.html

Professor Kelly accepts the basic IPCC scientific reports on climate change while rejecting the alarmist interpretations and draconian policies being promoted by politicians, journalists, and political activists in academia and green lobbyist groups.

Russian Hero Turns Against Putin

In Russia, he was portrayed as a valiant military hero, leading the local rebel forces in their fight against Kiev. He could be found striding through the corridors of the Donetsk rebel headquarters, with a Stechkin pistol in a vintage wooden holster at his hip and flanked by heavily armed bodyguards.

Two years later, he cuts a very different figure, during an interview with the Guardian at his small Moscow office. In civilian clothing and slightly chubbier, he spent the encounter stroking his huge Maine Coon cat, Grumpy, which lay on the table in front of him. Strelkov has in recent weeks turned his rhetorical fire on the Kremlin itself, even if he no longer has an army with which to back up his words.

“Putin and his circle have recently taken steps which I believe will almost inevitably lead to the collapse of the system,” Strelkov said. “We don’t know yet how, and we don’t know when, but we are certain it will collapse, and more likely sooner than later.”

… I know very well what it is like when authority and social infrastructure collapses in big cities. Nobody wants that, including me. But unfortunately, it could be inevitable.”

__ http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/05/russias-valiant-hero-in-ukraine-turns-his-fire-on-vladimir-putin

Russia is now doing to Syria what it previously did to eastern Ukraine. A more cynical person might think that since Putin’s fake pullout announcement failed to get sanctions dropped, he is simply carrying through with what he had planned all along.

But Putin’s Syrian escapade is having the same economic impact on a struggling Russian economy that the bloody adventurism in Donbass has had.

Paralysis by design

Russia trapped in a mentally loopy time-warp

China’s Economy Hard to Fix


China’s economy has been on increasingly desperate levels of government life support since 2009. Breaking that addiction will be next to impossible without great turmoil.

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