US States vs Rest of World: 3 States w/ Larger Economies than Russia

US States Compete With Each Other, Not the Rest of the World

Even now, as the federal government has become obese and overly intrusive, states still must compete with each other to attract and retain workers. States like California that regulate and tax too much find themselves losing population to those that are more business friendly and productive, like Texas. __

Russia’s economy is smaller than California’s, smaller than Texas’, smaller than New York state. Russia is barely larger than Florida, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, in GDP valued in US dollars.

It’s pretty amazing how ridiculously large the US economy is, and the map above helps put America’s GDP of $18 trillion in 2015 into perspective by comparing the GDP of US states to other country’s entire national GDP. For example:

1. America’s largest state economy is California, which produced $2.44 trillion of economic output in 2015, just slightly above the GDP of France during the same period of $2.42 trillion. Consider this: California has a workforce of about 19 million compared to an employment level in France of slightly more than 25 million workers. Amazingly, it required 32% (and 6 million) more workers in France to produce the same economic output last year as California! That’s a testament to the superior, world-class productivity of the American worker. Further, California as a separate country would have been the 6th largest economy in the world last year, ahead of France ($2.42 trillion) and India ($2.09 trillion) and not too far behind No. 5 UK at $2.85 trillion.

2. America’s second largest state economy – Texas – produced $1.64 trillion of economic output in 2015, which would have ranked the Lone Star State as the world’s 10th largest economy last year, behind No. 9 Brazil with $1.77 trillion of economic output. Although Brazil out-produced Texas last year by almost 8%, the workforce of Brazil is around 91 million employees compared to payroll employment in Texas of only about 12 million. So to produce just slightly more economic output last year, Brazil’s workforce is larger by almost 80 million workers compared to the US! … __

North America Is Capable of Being Self-Sufficient

North America is supposed to become entirely self-sufficient in energy terms by the year 2018. But North America could also be largely self-sufficient in terms of food, technology, manufacturing, and in most other infrastructural aspects — should such a thing become necessary.

The strange thing is that the US economy continues to outperform the rest of the world despite being governed by the most vile pack of vermin ever collected together at different levels of government. Such robust resistance to collapse is only possible due to deep underlying factors that operate in spite of bad government and corrupt cultural institutions such as media, academia, popular entertainments, and a general decline of deep purpose or meaning in society.

The table below reveals how Russia’s economy has fallen below those of Canada, Australia, Italy, India, and South Korea:

Russia's Economy is Shrinking in $USD Terms

Russia’s Economy is Shrinking in $USD Terms

The Russian brain drain and continuing shrinkage of the ethnic Russian component of the population are not helping matters.

For the world at large: A Coming Anarchy and steady sinking into a violent Dysgenic Idiocracy. For North America: Continuing idiotic stupidity in governmental policies, general demographic decline — but persistence of generally ignored factors of buoyancy that help float the North American boat against all predictions to the contrary.

Will North America withdraw from the struggles of the unstable rest-of-the-world, or will it allow itself to once again become pulled into the world wars of Europeans and Asia?

Looking into the future, the US displays a stubborn stability in comparison to most other nations of the world. There are good reasons for this uncanny resilience. Most members of the mewling masses are not capable of seeing beyond their conditioning and prejudices in order to understand why the centuries-old recycled predictions of the collapse and demise of the US continue to fail.

Why the US continues to defy its perpetually angry detractors:

Will intelligent people of vision take the present opportunity to develop parallel infrastructures and networked communities of broadly skilled persons, in order to create “islands of competence” where the expansive and abundant human future can be engineered?

More on the US advantage into the 21st century:

2016 Investment Summit – Peter Zeihan from Brightworth on Vimeo.


The US became the world’s largest economic power in the 1880s. But it did not become a military superpower until forced to do so by WWI, WWII, and the Communist cold war against all other ways of life.

World GDP by Nation from Year 1 to 2008 Quora

World GDP by Nation from Year 1 to 2008

As North America — along with a few select Anglospheric and Latin American nations — strengthen trade ties and develop a policy of “hands-off” isolation toward the squabbles of Europe and most of Asia, expect to see more and more bloody regional wars similar to the world prior to Bretton Woods. The world simply does not want to be at peace, and cannot be forced into it by any superpower no matter how strong it is for a time.

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    Free trade has seriously damaged our working class, and open borders have given us another unassimilable, dependent and violent underclass. If we can’t solve those problems, our future is not so bright.

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