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If You Thought the Internet Was Addictive Before, Take a Look at the Future

Neuroscientists are concerned about the phenomenon of internet addiction, which has resulted in a number of deaths in Asia. The dopamine-fueled phenomenon of internet games, social media, virtual worlds, internet gambling, internet porn, and compulsive surfing, will be adding a new dimension of addiction.

The porn industry is estimated to be worth $97bn, so it’s no surprise that teledildonics, socially connected sex toys, hook-up apps, VR Porn and real world sex platforms are all in overdrive right now, as the tech develops the industry grows. __

Sex is Addictive, Porn is Addictive, the Internet is Addictive: Put Them Together and What Do You Get?

Fundawear contains built-in actuators that can be controlled via smartphone. “Phone sex” just took on a whole new dimension. And once the innovators really get their hands on this enterprise, the world of sex will never be the same.

The pornography business may be worth about $100 billion a year, plus or minus. But what will it be worth when customers can feel sexual stimulation directly, under the control of a very skilled, very smooth operator? In the brave new world of teledildonic cybersex bordellos, the cleverest hand on the joystick can be an instant $millionaire.

You may remember the “Orgasmatron” or the sex simulator from “Demolition Man.” Teledildonics devices have a long way to go before they can induce such deep, pleasurable effects. But when $billions are at stake, can innovation be far behind?

Going beyond “Skype Sex.”

With seven million Americans in long-distance relationships and a growing number traveling regularly for work, too many of us are aware of the challenges of keeping intimacy alive when you’re hundreds of miles away from your partner. Enter: teledildonics, high-tech sex toys connected to the internet that allow lovers to physically stimulate one another remotely.

Source of video above, with commentary. Cyber-connected sex devices and other haptic devices represent a business opportunity like no other.

Haptic Devices Can Deliver Pleasure, Pain, Comfort, Discomfort

Haptic technology—or haptics or kinesthetic communication—is tactile feedback technology, which recreates the sense of touch. An object (for example a T-shirt) is equipped with sensors that make it possible for the user to feel things physically although they’re communicated virtually. __

When you combine haptics and other cyber-actuation technologies with the already-addictive form of electronic telecommunication known as the internet, you can construct an almost perfect form of automated learning, reward, and brain-training device. Human brains seek novelty and reward. If the reward is matched to particular demonstrations of learning, the brain can be led by its natural inclinations to explore a large number of potential routes of discovery.

We will not discuss the use of such systems for eliciting sensitive information, or for brainwashing the suggestible. We are more interested in using technology to empower individuals and make them more comptent and independent in the real — as opposed to virtual — world. But you can be certain that almost every potential use for this technology will be explored by someone, somewhere.

Between Teledildonics and Robot Sex, How Can Internet-Connected Societies Survive?

Fertility rates in most developed nations have dropped precipitously over the past several decades, and show no sign of bouncing back any time soon. Addictive teledildonics, better virtual sex, and the emerging phenomenon of artificially intelligent sex androids will not likely boost fertility for the more affluent, intelligent, and “connected” populations of the globe.

Futurama – Don't date robots from John Pope on Vimeo.


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