China Has the Best Human Organs at Good Prices, No Wait Time

China's 865 Organ Transplantation Centres

China’s 865 Organ Transplantation Centres
Updated 2016 Report on Human Organ Harvesting in China (680 pp PDF Doc)

This is a $12 Billion a Year Industry in China

Over the past 17 years, China’s human organ transplant industry has grown rapidly, earning itself an international reputation for reasonable cost, short waiting times before organs become available, and generally good outcomes after surgery.

Organ Harvesting Inc.

Organ Harvesting Inc.
Updated PDF Report 2016

Despite the absence of an organized system of organ donation or allocation, wait times for obtaining vital organs in China are among the shortest in the world—often just weeks for organs such as kidneys, livers, and hearts. This has made it a destination for international transplant tourism[11] __ Wikipedia

International Organ Transplant Infographic Source

International Organ Transplant Infographic

For some reason, China has a lot more organs available on a ready-for-transplant basis than other nations do. In most nations, a lot of people die for lack of readily available organs. China, on the other hand, has so many excess human organs standing by for transplant, that it has become an attractive international destination for medical tourism, among those with failing organs. A lot of money is being made by Chinese institutions and well-placed individuals, which keeps the system going and growing.

Where Do All of These Human Organs Come From?

In most nations of the world, the source of human organs for transplant is voluntary donation. But in China, very few people volunteer their own organs or those of relatives.

And yet, estimates for the number of human organ transplants in China range from 20,000 a year to roughly 100,000 a year. So where do all the organs for transplant come from?

Since this lucrative industry initiated its remarkable growth spurt around the year 2000, perhaps we can garner some clues from other events that happened at roughly the same time as the rapid rise in China’s organ transplant industry:

First, was the rapid rise of the “human plastination” industry. Human plastination is the preservation of fresh human bodies for medical training, by the rapid injection of curable polymers such as silicone. Chinese centres for human plastination run lucrative businesses selling bodies and body parts to medical schools worldwide.

Second, the Chinese government began the practise of the extrajudicial detention of Buddhist meditators (Falun Gong) into concentration and work camps in 1999, under Jiang Zemin. Many of these political (religious) prisoners are known to have undergone batteries of medical tests unrelated to any ongoing health conditions, including blood typing etc.

Both Organ Transplants and Human Plastination Require Plentiful Supplies of Fresh Human Bodies

Detention camps are under the control of the Party’s military branches — and curiously, so are many of China’s huge, factory-like transplant centres. Plastination centres are typically licensed by local governments, but some are located inside Party-administered medical/educational complexes.

It is estimated that up to 1.5 million Chinese prisoners — mostly prisoners of conscience — have been slaughtered in order to harvest their organs, over the past 15 years. Many thousands of fresh-plastinated specimens have also been processed during that same time period.

What is the Evidence that this Genocidal Business is Actually Happening?

A recent updated report by an investigative reporter and two reputable Canadian human rights lawyers, lays out the evidence in detailed fashion (PDF long download). More

Detailed report on human plastination in China — joint website of David Kilgour, David Matas, and Ethan Gutmann, authors of the 680 pp updated report on organ harvesting in China

We cannot rehash all the evidence here, but the links above should provide avenues for further research. Needless to say, we are not recommending China as a destination for medical tourists. China is an alien land with a completely different set of scruples than what most readers are accustomed to. Anything that makes money for Party insiders and institutions is likely to receive a wink and nod.

As Hillary Clinton often says, “Consequences are for little people!”

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  1. savantissimo says:

    No doubt there are many prisoners in China killed for their organs, but the plastination of bodies for anatomical study is likely unrelated. There are sufficient natural deaths in China to provide ample material for plastination, and the practice gives an immeasurably higher standard of anatomical instruction than is possible with traditional medical dissections. About a 10 or 15 years ago I visited one of these touring shows with a pathologist relative, he marveled at the quality of the dissections and more advanced techniques for isolating tissue types than are known in the West. He also noted that several of the exhibits came from bodies with rare salivary tumors, although few exhibits were of that part of the body, indicating that subjects with these tumors which do not cause gross anatomical abnormalities likely formed the bulk of the cadavers used for the show.

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