Making Strong Russian Bones

It is not always clear why the children growing up in particular countries seem to be especially at risk of chronic ailments and developmental disorders. But one likely explanation is an immersion in a toxic milieu that encompasses water, soil, air — and food. If the food itself is poisoned — if even the milk that children drink is poisoned — how can the children grow up strong and clear-headed?

Young mammals drink mothers’ milk for calcium and other vital nutrients. Cow’s milk is often used to supplement the diets of children, to help them grow strong bones. But what if the milk is tainted? What of the bones grown from milk and other foods that are tainted?

Watchdogs say dairy producers routinely added starch, chalk and soap to their milk. One-fifth of caviar brands contained bacteria linked to E. coli. Bread bakers were discovered to use “fifth-grade” wheat, the sort usually intended for cattle. More than half the sliced salmon on shop shelves has been judged unsafe.

And those are only the most recent revelations.

Quality control in Russia’s food sector appears to have broken down. Products are plentiful. But behind the glossy labels, their true contents are a lottery.

… A mere seven of 33 brands of sausage tested by Roscontrol in March met quality standards. The others contained potato flour, soy, unidentified additives and skin. In another test, two out of ten mineral water brands used recycled water; another two exceeded permitted levels of radioactivity. Among the offenders were major, nationwide brands and foreign companies. __ Moscow Times

The food chain in Russia is beginning to resemble what has been long found to be true in China: There are no real protections at any level.

Food Safety in china

Quality control specialist AsiaInspection said 48% of the “several thousand” inspections, audits and tests it conducted in China last year failed to meet the requirements stipulated by some of its clients — Western food trading companies and retailers.

“There are horror stories, obviously,” Mathieu Labasse, AsiaInspection’s vice president told CNN by phone. “We find factories that just have no basic idea about hygiene standards. People that handle the food, they have no gloves, nothing.”

Labasse said there was a host of reasons for the failings. In some cases, laboratory tests found abnormal levels of pesticides, antibiotics, heavy metals, bacteria or viruses that could put consumers at risk. __ CNN
We are told by left-wing hacks that capitalists will commit any crime for money. But in communist countries such as China, and in countries with a strong left-over taint from communist dysfunction — such as Russia — crimes against the people appear to be even more blatant than elsewhere.

— unscrupulous meat traders had been peddling tons of beef, pork and chicken wings that in some cases had been frozen for 40 years.

The Chinese news media announced that the authorities had seized nearly half a billion dollars’ worth of smuggled frozen meat this month across China, some of it dating to the 1970s. The caches of beef, pork and chicken wings, worth up to 3 billion renminbi, or $483 million, were discovered in a nationwide crackdown that spanned 14 provinces and regions, the state news agency Xinhua reported. __ NYT

A long story

Russia and China are Famous for Their Unhealthy Children

Unhealthy children grow up to form unhealthy societies. Children who are born and raised in a dense atmosphere of ubiquitous toxins will become a burden on their societies for the long term.

… only 30 percent of Russian babies born are born healthy. …many unhealthy Russian babies are “discarded” —sent to government institutions where they often develop cognitive difficulties. Unhealthy children grow up to be unhealthy adults: half of the conscripted Russian army has to be put in limited service because of poor health.

… 50 percent of Russia’s water is not potable. Air pollution continues to be an extremely serious issue, suggesting that a solution proposed during the late-Soviet period continues to hold sway. Back then, a Russian health minister advised the country to “breathe less” in order to live longer.
__ Vanity Fair

The problem is even worse in China, where lebensraum is more limited, and the people are even more cowed by authority than those inside Russia.

At least 1 million babies are born with defects in China each year, an incidence rate of 60 out of every 1,000.

“The rate is three times that of developed countries,” Professor Li Zhu, director with the National Center for Maternity and Infant Health said… __ A Growing Problem

More on “the Poisoned Countries”

Wealthy elites can always tap into better regulated flows of foods and beverages. They can afford better medicines and health care. But the people who will make up future generations of workers and soldiers cannot avoid soaking in the toxic floods — which make the wealthy richer, and the working classes sicker.

Russia’s Difficult Position at its Heart

Russia’s economy is weak, demographics lousy, relationships with all but the worst state actors poor and its military fragile. Putin’s attempts to intimidate his neighbors when they seek to move closer to the West and coerce the U.S. and Europe into granting Russia a zone of control are not a reflection of strength but a clear admission of weakness. As a number of eminent scholars have written, the Kremlin regime is a kleptocracy.


China is just a bit better off than Russia, probably due to a lower level of alcohol consumption.

Male lifespan in Russia is 15 years shorter than in developed countries and nine years shorter than in China, although male lifespan in China was shorter than in Russia a short time ago, she said. __ Behind the Headlines

Saving Russian Bones

It is estimated that the ethnic Russian population will be slashed by between 20% and 50% near mid-century, due to natural demographic decline — high mortality, low fertility. Muslim newcomers will make up part of the deficit, but not all. And what good is it to ethnic Russians if “Russia” survives without them?

A Radical Hope

But radical new life extension therapies may come to the rescue before the total extinction of the ethnic Russians who still remain inside Russia:

Telomerase, an enzyme naturally found in the human organism, is the closest of all known substances to a “cellular elixir of youth.” In a recent study, Brazilian and US researchers show that sex hormones can stimulate production of this enzyme. __

We know from the Russian doping scandal that Russians are not afraid of chemical boosting agents. It is certainly the case that Russian men — perhaps due to over-drinking — have been losing sperm quality and are at risk of low androgen levels due to top-down oppression from government and criminal gangs. Frequent binge drinking of vodka and moonshine probably does not help.

Russian men should turn to sports, healthy food, and androgens instead of retreating to a drunken stupour at every opportunity. Their bones would grow stronger, their women more admiring, and if the international sports groups can’t deal with that, then who needs them?


Unholy Alliance — the Putin – Hillary Connection

Hillary is totally corrupt. There is no higher principle in her quickly deteriorating mind than her own power, comfort, security, and wealth. Putin would find her useful as the US head of state.

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