Falling Through the Earth’s Centre: How Long to Reach the Other Side?

The gravitational effects on a body falling through the centre of the Earth to the other side, is an interesting problem. The video above introduces an idea or two which may be new to you, even if you have thought about this problem already, as gravitational scientists at the Al Fin Institutes have done.

The complete trip from one side to the other is estimated to take about 42 minutes, assuming no additional methods of propulsion are utilised beyond simple gravitational forces.

With considerations for gravity, momentum, and a bunch of other forces involving calculus, [you should] have an idea of what would happen if you fell straight through the planet (you know, assuming the heat and stuff didn’t kill you)… __ Popsci

42 minutes is not a long time to fall about 8,000 miles. Your path would need to be evacuated first, perfectly straight, and you would need 42 minutes of reliable air supply and a well insulated capsule to reach the other side with a functioning brain. Still, such a trip would save considerable time when traveling from Spain to New Zealand, or from China to Argentina. And the excitement of a long freefall — and the potential for freefall sex — should prove an enticement, at least for the young at heart.

In order to maximise the number of such thrilling trips one would be able to take in one’s lifetime, consider looking into longevity medicine and rejuvenation treatments. A few promising areas of research:


Mapping the Role of Foxn1 in Thymic Function


SENS Rejuvenation Biotechnology Videos

The Potential for Exciting Disruptive Innovation is in the Hands of Those Who Can both See and Act

Our world is limited by our own minds and by the willful greed, corruption, and incompetence of a coalition of elitists that span the worlds of politics, finance, academics, media, environmentalism, large foundations, and more.

Drilling holes through that stifling shell of suffocating elitism presents every bit as much a challenge as drilling an evacuated hole through the centre of the Earth. But challenges abound, and it is up to humans who deserve the name to rise to the challenges.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

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