The Inevitable Economic Collapse of Leftist – Controlled Places

The economy of Venezuela is in seemingly terminal decline with riots, shortages, and enforced slave labor imposed in an attempt to force more production out of the population. Meanwhile, the economies of Brazil and Argentina — while not comparable to Venezuela — are among the worst in Latin America, with Brazil heading for its its worst depression since 1901. __

Latin American Left Source

Latin American Left

We all remember the collapse of communism in the USSR and Eastern Europe. Likewise a starving communist China’s forced conversion to a more capitalistic economy. More recently, a large chunk of Latin America turned toward leftist rule despite all the dramatic side-by-side comparisons to be seen in former East-West Germany and current North-South Korea.

The results have been predictable: Argentina’s leftist government was booted out in an attempt to save the people from utter impoverishment. Brasil’s corrupt left was put on show trial in the form of a recent impeachment and removal from office of Lula da Silva’s successor. Venezuela is drowning in poverty and open rebellion against the leftist system of oppression. And history marches on.

Something similar is taking place inside the US, with the left-dominated cities and states in decline, while more centrist and right-led states are drawing the more affluent and productive residents from the loser states.

High costs go a long way to explain which states are losing the most migrants. At the top, or rather, the bottom of the list is New York State, which had an abysmal 65.4 attraction ratio in 2014 and lost by far the most net migrants, an astounding 126,000 people. Close behind was Illinois, a high tax, high regulation, and low growth disaster area. In 2014 the Land of Lincoln had an abysmal 67.2 attraction ratio, losing a net 82,000 domestic migrants.

Most of the other top people-exporting states are in the Northeast and Midwest. __

Many US cities are in particularly rapid decline, thanks to high populations of underclass blacks. Underclass blacks are famous for high levels of violent crime, high poverty levels, low levels of achievement, and very poor impulse control — even in public.

But underclass blacks have low average IQs, and tend to be easily misled into violent acts and mob action. A relatively new — but very affluent — organisation leading the black charge to the bottom, is “Black Lives Matter.” While claiming to be a “grass-roots” organisation, Black Lives Matter is actually a cash-rich special interest group funded by rich politically radical left whites, such as George Soros.

The Washington Times reports that between OSF and the Center for American Progress, BLM has been the beneficiary of $33,000,000. Through grants to a variety of subversive organizations under the BLM umbrella, OSF and the Center for American Progress are funding a false narrative about racial disparity and police violence with the end-goal of “reforming” local police by federalizing them. By using the looting and rioting as “opportunities for major justice reforms,” Soros and his ilk have fanned the flames of an invented fire for their own purposes.

As bad as all of that would be on its own, even that $33,000,000 is — yet and still — just a drop in the bucket. The Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy have recently formed the Black-Led Movement Fund with a six-year commitment to a pooled donor campaign to the tune of $100,000,000. Race-hustling, it would appear, is a booming industry. After all, you can’t make omelets without breaking a few eggs and you can’t reconstruct a society until you first tear it down. And there is no tool better at tearing down a society that the proven method of divide-and-conquer. $133,000,000 will pay for a lot of #BLM #FTP t-shirts. __

This white-radical funding of violent black radical groups is reminiscent of white-radical funding of destructive green radical groups — which in the end have greater potential to destroy the opportunity society through bad government policy, than even an instigated black – on – everyone else race war would do.

The climate apocalypse cult, for example, is nothing more than a rich white radical funded attempt to destroy advanced market economies in the west, while transferring hundreds of $billions to leftist politicians and political activist groups. The great green energy scam is similarly enabled by radical backers of leftist politicians, in an attempt to funnel many $billions to crony green capitalist investors who back the leftist politicians.

All of this leftist corruption and green slime leads to economic decay and a progressive impoverishment of ordinary people — and a grand scale destruction of opportunity and hope.

One of the most important reasons why leftist governments always fail: The Knowledge Problem. Thomas Sowell’s book “Knowledge and Decisions” is a thorough working out of the knowledge problem in book length form, but FA Hayek’s essay: The Use of Knowledge is a helpful introduction. Anyone who even begins to discuss political economic ideas without a grounding in the knowledge problem is by definition ignorant and acting stupidly.

We have seen what leftist political and economic policies do to parts of Europe, Asia, Latin America, and now the destruction is entering mainstream Europe and the Anglosphere through backdoor scams of radical green and immigration policies, along with other policies that destroy opportunity for ordinary people.

The guilty and corrupt include leaders in government, news media, academia, political lobbies and activist groups, popular media, foundations, and other large cultural and societal institutions.

As we have seen in Eastern Europe, Communist Asia, and Latin America, there is always a reckoning for leftist idiocy and corruption. And there will be a reckoning for the wealthy radical elite who are attempting to guide Europe and the Anglosphere into the deep quagmire of utter corruption. But it will be too late for many of you.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Try to learn as many of the skills and competencies of Dangerous Children as you can.

Special Bonus: Why the US Will Collapse

With Link to Source and rebuttal

(1) The rising US public debt will crush the US dollar
(2) The US is not competitive!
(3) The US has a weak education system
(4) The US middle class is dying
(5) We can’t raise taxes on the rich!
(6) America’s poor need more education
(7) America’s poor at risk of starvation!
(8) America’s military grows weaker!
(9) The US economy is unsustainable!
__ America is Doomed List of Reasons with Rebuttals

For the best argument that US is the least likely nation in the world to collapse, look over some of these maps from Peter Zeihan, then read his book: “The Accidental Superpower.” The video below presents a one hour outline of Zeihan’s argument for the continuing supremacy of the US.

2016 Investment Summit – Peter Zeihan from Brightworth on Vimeo.

The biggest problems the US faces are ones that neither Peter Zeihan nor the editors at mention. They are problems with the human substrate of the nation, including a dysgenic decline, the politically correct programme of academic lobotomy in universities, a general dumbing down of the population via public education, news & popular media, and intentional government policy designed to reduce economic and political freedoms via legislature, bureaucracy, the courts, and executive action in the international arena.

The intelligent response to this designed, comprehensive programme of decline needs to be elegant and carried out at depths of action beyond what the professional declinists can ever understand. Violence is the last resort of the incompetent, as Isaac Asimov would say.

If Zeihan is any judge of the geopolitical gestalt, time is definitely on North America’s side.

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