Hillary Clinton, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia: Racing Against the Election

The video above provides a summary of what is suspected about Hillary Clinton’s state of neurological health, based upon public information.

Over a month ago, we considered whether Hillary Clinton might be suffering from some form of dementia, based upon information leaked in emails, reports of interviewers, and first impressions of publicly available videos.

Since that posting on 2 August 2016, reports of secret service officers and physicians’ analyses of Clinton’s public medical history of “falls, mental freezes, and public dyskinesias” are pointing more toward a diagnosis of advanced Parkinson’s Disease — which often produces dementia as a component of the disease complex.

This past Sunday at a memorial service for victims of the Muslim terrorist attack on 11 Semptember 2001, Ms. Clinton collapsed, was rushed away by secret service, and was held out of the public eye for a number of hours for treatment and recuperation — before being allowed out for a quickie photo-op to assure admirers that she was fine after all.

But of course, she is not fine at all

Hillary’s public video record of collapse, tremor, coughing spells, dyskinesia, and “brain freezes” combined with email leaks documenting Clinton’s confusion and poor memory, all suggest a serious and progressive neurological disease. Further, Hillary’s history of serious injuries from multiple falls corroborates the impression of neurological disease. Her brain injury from a fall in December 2012 and a subsequent intracranial blood clot and treatment with warfarin, suggests that other reasons for dementia beyond complications of Parkinson’s Disease may be present.

Clearly she is not strong enough or fit enough to be president of the United States.

Will Hillary’s Backers Cough Up Clinton’s Medical Records?

What we are seeing is a media coverup and bluff of epic proportions, in the attempt to prop Ms. Clinton up long enough for her to reach election day — and hopefully, in their view, inauguration day. No trick is too dirty, no obfuscation too dishonest, no act is too despicable if this feat of legerdemain can only be accomplished.

To that end, Ms. Clinton’s true medical history must be hidden and covered up for as long as it takes to achieve political power.

We can only speculate based upon publicly available information. But eyewitnesses will eventually come forward, concealed records and correspondences will eventually be liberated and provided to the public. It would be best for the nation as a whole for the Clinton juggernaut to come clean before the election and provide full access to all pertinent records. But that will never happen, given the stakes.

But perhaps they should reconsider: Even Barack Obama’s former physician has joined the growing chorus of medical doctors demanding that Hillary Clinton receive a thorough neurological examination. And given Hillary’s shocking collapse at the 9/11 ceremony, public attention toward Hillary’s disorder can only grow.


An 18 year summary of Hillary’s health problems (that we know of) The downward trajectory appears to be steepening.

If Clinton has Parkinson’s, it is probable that she has a deep brain stimulating electrode implanted, and it may not be her first. DBS implants for Parkinson’s can provide temporary remissions, but are not definitive cures. If the patient is overtired or overworked — common conditions for engaged US Presidents — disease symptoms will emerge with a vengeance.

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3 Responses to Hillary Clinton, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia: Racing Against the Election

  1. bob sykes says:

    A disabled Clinton is the best possible President if you are one of her allies because you get to be President and make the decisions behind the figurehead. The real struggle would be between the allies to determine who is the real President. Expect at least one assassination.

  2. Bob Wallace says:

    I am very familiar with Parkinson’s. There are two kinds: with tremors and without. Hillary has something very wrong with her but I doubt it’s Parkinson’s.

    • alfin2101 says:

      It is possible that Ms. Clinton has something referred to as “atypical Parkinsonism:”

      Atypical parkinsonism includes a variety of neurological disorders in which patients have some clinical features of PD, but the symptoms are caused not only by cell loss in the substantia nigra (the brain area most affected in classic PD), but also by additional degeneration of cells in the parts of the nervous system that normally contain dopamine receptors (striatum). In other words, the patients look like they have PD, but the cause of their symptoms is different from that of classic PD. Patients with atypical parkinsonism have symptoms similar to PD, including resting tremors, slowed movement, stiffness, gait difficulty and postural instability, but in addition have symptoms and signs that are not typically present in PD, hence the term “Parkinsonism plus syndrome.” __ https://www.bcm.edu/healthcare/care-centers/parkinsons/conditions/atypical-parkinsonism

      Also keep in mind that if Ms. Clinton has one of the Parkinson-like syndromes, she is likely to have a brain implant for deep brain stimulation — because it offers exceptional relief in some patients, and in her case money is no object. Such a brain implant would alter outwardly observed signs of disease during Clinton’s brief appearances before the public or reporters.

      Keep in mind that her released emails reveal that she directed her aides to research advanced treatments for Parkinson’s Disease.

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