Where the People Are; Where They Will Be

Where the People Are:

Where the People Are Source

Where the People Are

To start, we’ve used 2016 information on population. There are now at least 3.8 billion people living inside the highlighted circle, and that’s not even including the tally from countries that are partially in the circle like Pakistan or Russia.

The circle holds 22 of the world’s 37 megacities – massive cities that hold at least 10 million inhabitants. It also includes the five most populous cities on the planet: Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul, Karachi, and Shanghai, which alone combine to hold 144.5 million people.

This geographical region also holds many of the emerging markets of the future, countries that the World Economic Forum expects will lead global growth in years to come. Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, and Bangladesh are in the area highlighted, and Pakistan is partially there as well. __ http://www.visualcapitalist.com/majority-worlds-population-lives-circle/

Where they will be:

Fastest Growing Cities Source

Fastest Growing Cities

The world’s fastest growing megacity? It’s Lagos, Nigeria and Fortune calls it the “Big Apple of Africa”. In the 1970s it had a measly 2 million people, but today it boasts 16 million people… __ http://www.visualcapitalist.com/mapped-the-worlds-fastest-growing-cities/

1950 to 2060: World’s Most Populous Countries

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

African countries move up the list. Europe loses rank rapidly. Russia drops off the list never to return. Global average population IQ in decline.

Average Global Human IQ in Decline

Average Global Human IQ in Decline

More on global IQ trends at Fourmilab

Current global IQ average scores by nation:

A world mostly populated with people of “below average intelligence” by current standards, is likely to be a more violent, more impoverished, less innovative world in decline. As the more advanced nations of the world lose the ability to underwrite food supplies, health care, and peacekeeping in the third world, expect to see some catastrophic reversals in population growth.

Multiple wars on the Eurasian land mass are virtually guaranteed during this time of turbulent transition. Demographic decline and a self-neutering of most European male populations combined with an open-door policy toward violent, low IQ immigrants, sets the stage for decades of future violence and population replacement from Spain to Russia.

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