Watch the US Presidential Debates Closely

Is That a “Pill-Rolling Tremor” I see?

Watch the video analysis of the first presidential debate below closely. Ted Noel MD introduces some background information on some tricks of compensating for Parkinson’s disease, then highlights some interesting debate phenomena which casual viewers are likely to have missed.

Hillary is playing the big game for very high stakes. She has been at the epicentre of a powerful political machine for several decades now. These people know how to play the game. And they know how to play everyone who counts, including the media and the public masses.

The flashlit walk out to the waiting vehicle is especially interesting. Notice how Hillary’s path is flashlit all the way to the door of her vehicle, even after she and Bill parted paths.

The video below is even more intriguing, as Dr. Noel discovers news media shenanigans by NBC News in its coverage of the Hillary campaign. Watch and learn:

Now that you know a few of the compensating and misleading tricks used by the Clinton campaign and the professional news media to cover up Hillary’s underlying health status, you will know better what to watch for in future debates and public appearances.

How Will the US Public React Once they Discover that They Had Been Intentionally Misled All This Time?

Your guess is as good as mine. We can remember how Italians treated Mussolini, and how Romanians treated Ceausescu, once the jigs were up. Americans tend to be kinder to their miscreants, particularly those who turn out to be invalids.

Watch closely, and be ready for anything.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


In the latest US presidential debate, flies were landing on Hillary’s face and shirt. Flies are less disruptive than buzzards would have been, but the idea that Hillary may be closing in on her final chapter was communicated by nature nonetheless.

On a more serious note, Hillary spent most of her non-speaking time sitting on the stool whereas Trump stood throughout the debate. Definite head nodding could be seen, hints of pill-rolling were spotted — the few times the cameras dared to show Hillary’s hands when she was resting. She grew tired during the last half hour, and began to exhibit early signs of “brain freeze.”

Verdict: Close call for Hillary in the second debate, but overall she managed to compensate reasonably well for her state of health. We will wait and see whether her medical team can keep her going long enough to survive the third and final debate.

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