It’s All Part of the Plan Part II

In part I of this series, we took a quick look at ways in which Russia is being actively dismantled by its historical victims.

Butchering the Bear Source

Butchering the Bear

The Separatist Spirit is Strong in the Urals, Siberia, the North Caucasus, Russian Manchuria, Russian Occupied Karelia, and Several Other Regions in the Unstable Russian Empire

Payback Time for Fading Muskovite Empire

The bloody bully Moscow has made itself the hated and feared enemy of dozens of peoples from China to Central/Eastern/Northern Europe to Ukraine, to diverse peoples spread across Siberia, Central Asia, and as far south as Afghanistan and the middle east. Now, an explosive force of separation and payback is building against the rapidly weakening empire of oppression.

“Urals separatism is based on social injustice: 12,000 works at the factory there live like trash while those running the company from Moscow receive the profit, giving high salaries to 300 employees and paying taxes in Moscow but not in the Urals. And there’s no money to build roads in the Urals.” __ Quoted from a text in response to

Why Would Ukraine Aid Separatists in Cossakia and the Siberian State Union?

According to Artishchenko, last weekend the Presidential Administration of Ukraine convened a conference of separatists from the Urals, Siberia and Krasnodar kray that was attended on the Ukrainian side by radical Oleg Lyashko, through whose party Kyiv wants to finance “’Cossackia’” and “’the Siberian State Union.

Journalists weren’t invited, the Russian commentator says; but he said he was able to learn that Ukrainian officials proposed that the regionalists from Russia introduce their own currency and thus be in a better position to insist that not all the wealth of their regions ends up in Moscow’s hands.

One of the ideas floated at the meeting, Artishchenko continues, was “the creation of ‘a Union of Russian Lands’ without Moscow.” Real Russians would thus have their own country that would instantly become wealthier, and Moscow would have its own state, albeit much smaller and much poorer. __ Source

Much of the above information is fed by Artishchenko’s paranoia, but the fact remains that Russia — by virtue of its innate preexisting fragmentation — is inherently vulnerable. When Russia’s enemies finally do decide to give separatists-from-the-empire more than simple moral support, things could get interesting for the Muskovite oppression.

Future Map of the Former Russian Empire Azeri Daily

Future Map of the Former Russian Empire
Azeri Daily

The Guardian article Separatism From Siberia to Kaliningrad looks at a few separatist sentiments that were already floating around in the days before hard times hit the bear. Since then, things have grown progressively worse for all parts of Russia, except those sectors which are intensively involved in weapons manufacture, propaganda, and espionage.

But thanks to recession and infrastructure collapse, separatist movements in the empire span from Vladivlastok to Kaliningrad, reaching down into the North Caucasus and once again into Crimea.

The Empire is Dying Piece by Piece

Clockwise L to R: anna-politkovskaya-aleksandr-litvinenko-natalya-estimirova-galina-starovoitova-vladislav-listyev-boris-nemtsov

Clockwise L to R: anna-politkovskaya-aleksandr-litvinenko-natalya-estimirova-galina-starovoitova-vladislav-listyev-boris-nemtsov

“I understand,” Glukhovsky says, “those who march in columns, and I understand those who put their heads in the sand.” They simply want to live their lives without problems. Only those like Anna Politkovskaya and Boris Nemtsov are prepared to show courage to make changes and to shame those of us who don’t follow their lead.

People in every country, including in Russia, “are born free and unique.” It is only after birth that Russians have given up on freedom. “I do not want to believe that [Russia] really is condemned to be an imperial colony,” he concludes. Its enormous territory “can be a space of justice and freedom. But we need to deserve it.” Right now, that isn’t the case. __ Source

Putin is trying to hold onto power in the only way his atrophied KGB mindset will allow. But everything he does makes Russia weaker, and the collapse more certain.

… the only thing that frightens Putin more than being overthrown in a colored revolution is being toppled by a palace coup like Khrushchev was back in 1964.

That’s why he’s obsessed with conspiracies, both foreign and domestic.

That’s why he goes to great lengths to project an image of strength and an aura of invincibility. __ Source

Putin’s bloody Syrian adventure, which showcases the wholesale massacre of civilians and destruction of civilian infrastructure, impresses small minded persons with no historical perspective and no understanding of underlying Russian decline. It also helps to sell Russian weaponry to the budget minded and undiscriminating customer.

China is moving in to dominate Central Asia economically, politically, and militarily. It is likely that China will also exert dominance over the farflung remnants of the lost Russian empire. It can thus accomplish control over Siberia without the need for an invasion of any kind.


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