Trump Overcoming Media Bias; US Elections a Big Headache

Donald Trump Ahead of Clinton in Rasmussen Presidential Poll

At the close of a week that began with him trailing by seven points, Donald Trump still holds a slight lead over Hillary Clinton in today’s White House Watch survey despite a flurry of news reports alleging a history of sexual harassment on his part.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey of Likely U.S. Voters shows Trump with 43% support to Clinton’s 41%. __

The US newsmedia is working almost uniformly in lockstep to portray Trump in a negative light. But despite months of solid negative attacks by media, Trump continues to stay nearly even with a physically weak Hillary Clinton.

The US Elections are Taking a Toll on Most American Voters

Researched showed Thursday that the 2016 Presidential Election can be causing people headaches and illness.

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Sheila Raja is not shocked by the survey, stating more than half of Americans are significantly stressed by the presidential election.

The American Psychological Association said men and women, both Democrats and Republicans feel the pressure nearly equally. ___ Research Shows Voters are Stressed

Hillary Will Continue the Assault Against the US Constition; Trump ???

No one knows what a President Trump would do once inaugurated, but a President Hillary Clinton would no doubt continue Barack Obama’s headlong assault against the US Constitution and the few freedoms that Americans still enjoy. The national debt has almost doubled under Obama, and under Clinton we can expect more of the same, except worse. As with Obama, the non-productive will be rewarded and the productive will be punished. And corruption under the Clintons will be like nothing the US has ever seen.

Americans Must Already Deal With a $4 Trillion Regulatory Load

Tax Code Complexity Visual Capitalist

Tax Code Complexity
Visual Capitalist

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Regulators add new regulations to “solve” problems, but there is much less political will to actually go back and sort through any outdated, ineffective, or convoluted regulations of the past.

Over time, this has created a massive regulatory burden that continues to snare the growth potential of many industries. According to one study, the cumulative effect creates a burden with a dollar value greater than the GDP of many of the world’s largest economies… Regulatory Burden in the U.S. is a Whopping $4 Trillion[!] ___

An overtaxed, over-regulated economy is like dinner on the table for corrupt persons such as the Clintons and their friends. Just as Obama transferred dozens of $billions to political supporters under the name of “economic stimulus,” the Clintons will almost certainly transfer hundreds of $billions to friends and supporters under whatever names they choose.

No wonder so many Americans are feeling stressed. With Trump they get a great big question mark, and with Clinton they get certain economic and political disaster.

Would This Be a Good Time for “The Revolution?”

Absolutely not. The US continues to provide economic opportunity, world class higher education and research, and a large interactive playing field of innovative R&D, that no other nation can come close to matching. The reason that parasites such as Soros and the Clintons hang around the US is because that is where the money and the action tend to be over the long run.

China cannot build advanced military turbine engines, and Russia is falling hopelessly behind in several cutting edge sectors of high technology. These enemies of freer peoples should not be given moral support by internal turmoil and violence within Europe and the Anglosphere — if it can be helped.

But overregulation, overtaxation, and a suffocating political correctness are combining to make it far more difficult to find and exploit opportunities as they arise. Working, middle, and professional classes are being squeezed, while the politically connected are raking in the spoils, thanks to growing corruption in government. Slipshod — and downright suicidal — immigration policies open the door to freeloaders, criminals, terrorists, and untrainable perpetual welfare recipients.

It is Never Too Late to Have a Dangerous Childhood

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. During the dark days of the US Carter administration and its immediate aftermath, the world was convinced that the US was finished, and that the USSR would win the cold war. But after just 8 years of President Reagan, the US experienced an abrupt resurgence in prosperity and influence that was unpredictable to the wisest of media, government, and academic pundits prior to its occurrence.

Germany was soon united, long-occupied nations of Central and Eastern Europe were self-liberated, and the USSR — that gross bloody abomination among nations — experienced its first of what are likely to be many shatterings.

Trump’s chances are much more sketchy than were Reagan’s at this stage, and his promise is based more on populist wishful thinking and less on sound political philosophy and economics. Americans should not count on a similar rescue and resurgence from that direction.

Sometimes Ugly Situations Must Play Themselves Out

One must always do his best to prevent obvious catastrophes, and to prepare for inadvertent disaster. “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

Many Americans felt that two terms under President Obama — with the corruption, doubling of national debt, weakening of almost every aspect of the nation — represented the “worst” to be expected. But now most of those are having second thoughts, with the coming of Hillary Parkinson and her political machine of reavers. After 8 years of Obama, America is weak, and ripe for another vampire attack.

In such a worse case, Americans and people of Europe and the Anglosphere would need to learn to work together unofficially, outside of government. “The government is not the country,” and that has never been more true than today. Parallel infrastructure must be built across the full spectrum of critical needs.

Corrupt elites have worked tirelessly for decades to make western people dependent upon governments for virtually all of their basic needs. And after the 20th century turmoil of wars and revolutions, the people have typically accepted the role of sheep without complaint, as if being sheep came naturally to them.

Now, those who are capable must swim against that tide to utilise disruptive innovation for purposes of parallel infrastructure of all types. Only then will they be able to act independently for their own well-being, rather than exclusively for the well-being of the corrupt, thieving, ruling elites.

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  1. madmax1861 says:

    If Trump secures the border, saves the Bill of Rights with SCOTUS appointments, and ends one sided trade deals, then he’s done enough.

  2. Matt Musson says:

    You don’t pick the right time for a revolution. One second you are swabbing the decks of the battleship Potemkin and the next you are keelhauling the captain

    • alfin2101 says:

      By all means, make as many of the necessary preparations as you can. When it is time, things will go more smoothly if you have the resources that you will need already pre-placed.

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