Coming for Your Women

Some claim that World War III is about capturing brains rather than territory, and there is some merit to the claim. But there are many ways to capture another nation’s brains. One way is to provide better working and living conditions, creating a brain drain.

“This is a problem: they could have remained in Russia, but they have left.”… “They have left because there are more possibilities for them abroad, because there are fewer risks, because there is less arbitrariness and chance of losing one’s business, because there is a court which won’t simply impose the decision it is instructed to take via the telephone” from the bosses.

The departure of such people is a defeat for Russia, he says. It may not be as immediately obvious as the loss of territory. That can be shown on a map. But even if these losses can’t be shown that way, they are “much more serious for the country… __ Source

Given Higher Value Abroad

Given Higher Value Abroad

But Another Way to Steal a Nation’s Brains is to Take Their Women

The brains of future generations are “contained” inside the ovaries of the tens of thousands of young women who are leaving the country every year for better opportunities abroad. And by making it difficult for young Russian women to grow up, fall in love, and raise happy families inside of Mother Russia, Muskovy is making it laughably easy for outsiders to strip away Russia’s future without firing a shot.

Rich Chinese businessmen are paying thousands of pounds to go on ‘wife tours’ in Siberia in search of fair-skinned, blue-eyed brides

China has 120 men for every 100 women, with 34 million more males than females… But in Russia there are 85 men for every 100 women, and at sessions on the popular singles tours, the Chinese businessmen are introduced to groups of 25 or so women, all under 35.

… the men want to see brides with white skin and blue eyes. __ DM

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Russian men have a bad reputation, seen as typically abusing their girls and women. Russian society as a whole is seen in much the same light. One of the first budget items to be slashed in Moscow is spending on women’s health and maternal and child health. Things are bad all over in Russia, but military, espionage, and propaganda budgets have hardly been touched.

China is Quick to Take Advantage

… Besieged with a growing problem of demographic decline, many Russian analysts fear that Siberia and its far east would soon be over-run by migrant Chinese labour. This fear is genuine as anybody familiar with Chinese history will admit that Chinese territorial claims all over Asia often followed its emigrants. Likewise, the Russians are not comfortable with the growing Chinese activities in Central Asia, which Moscow always considers to be falling under its sphere of vital interests. Besides, it is also felt in Russian strategic circles that China, with ex-Soviet Union scientists and engineers working in its defence facilities, is producing weapons by reverse-engineering the Russian products and exporting them in the international market, particularly in Pakistan and North Korea. __ Source

When They Take Your Women, They Take Your Future

Russia 2015 Population Pyramid Source

Russia 2015 Population Pyramid

Historically, the traditional process of genocide involves violent conquest — slaughtering the men and boys — and taking the girls and young women as slaves. But these are more enlightened days, and to steal the future of a nation such as Russia, outsiders merely need take the girls and women, leaving the men to stew in cheap vodka, moonshine, and Afghani heroin. Putin has no one to blame but himself and his puffed up sense of entitlement and personal power.

“Russia has very little to offer China over time other than natural resources,” Mr Swanström says, whereas the EU is China’s biggest export market. __ FT

Russia’s natural resources naturally include its women, and other products of Siberia. And China is increasingly appropriating Siberian resources to its own use.

As the ethnic Russian population of Siberia fades away, control of the vast land area will shift to China. Without Siberia, Russia has no cash flow. And without cash flow, Russia has no clout on the international stage. The ethnic Russian population is rapidly bleeding away — even without the accelerating loss of young Russian women through overseas marriage bureaus. The Russian mafia has been financing itself on the overseas sale of young Russian girls for decades now, and shows no sign of stopping for the extended recession.

Over a million people live as slaves inside Russia, and millions more ethnic Russians have been sold as slaves overseas, since Putin began his rise to power. Overseas marriage bureaus are the benevolent side of this picture. The sale of young women to overseas prostitution parlours and as personal property constitutes a seamier side of things.

14 yo Russian Girls Sold a Bill of Goods

14 yo Russian Girls Sold a Bill of Goods
Trapping Girls for Overseas Consumption

Sometime after the middle of this century, Russia’s population could easily dip to half its current level. As populations pass the point of no return, say good-bye to Siberia, the Caucasus, and most of the Arctic. This will be the end game of the ongoing covert WWIII, an end-game that thick-headed Muskovites who follow Putin cannot anticipate.

Russia: A 25 year retrospective. Putin is to blame.

The falling empire that wishes to take the world down with it

Looking behind the smokescreen

As Syria mutates into a new Afghanistan for Russia, the repercussions reach far into Europe

The myth of Putin

Russia is an enormously weak country that Putin is working desperately to make appear far more powerful than it is. He is doing extremely well at creating that illusion. There is a saying that perception is reality. That saying is rubbish. If it were true… the Soviet Union would still exist.

… the Russians were not in Syria to save Bashar al-Assad, control pipelines, build naval facilities or intimidate the United States. They were there so Putin could appear to be more powerful than he was, and that was primarily for the benefit of his public. As the economy weakened and privations increased, he had to give it all a meaning, and Syria made him appear to be restoring Russia’s greatness. __ George Friedman

The dynamic myth is meant to influence the sheep-like serfs in Muskovy, and weak-minded fools in the foppish west. Unfortunately, reality is coming to call, and has no beneficence in mind for either Putin or his thralls.

The women had best get out while they can.

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5 Responses to Coming for Your Women

  1. Cecil Henry says:

    The issue is White Genocide. Notice that the Chinese are not seeking Asians, nor AFricans, the issue is ALWAYS Whites.

    ITs time to wake up. That’s why the push and push for non-white immigration.
    Because they want to argue and create a situation when Whites have NO ancestral lands, NO right to separate lives and NO right to exist.
    That is why Diversity means chasing down the last White person.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Multicultural politically correct diversity. Taught as gospel at every government school across Europe and the Anglosphere.

      The time for passive acquiescence to elite authority is past its sell-by date. Unfortunately, waking up is not enough. What do they wake up to? A world and mindset that the elite multiculturalists have built around them, like studio props.

      Much more is needed than simply waking up. Modern independence from despotic elites is far more complex than independence from King George was in the late 18th century. Shared technology and infrastructures are involved which were never dreamed of by old world migrants who flocked to new world freedoms from the 18th through the early 20th centuries.

      The coming transition is apt to see most people who make comments such as Cecil’s to fall by the wayside from lack of solid competent training in the infrastructures. Words, horses, and ploughs are not enough anymore.

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  3. infowarrior1 says:

    You think communism did permanent damage to Russia which it will never recover from?

    • alfin2101 says:

      If looked at in a fine-grained manner, many things have done permanent damage to Russia from which it can not possibly recover, including WWII and the Soviet abomination. The initial Bolshevik revolution and Stalin’s purges damaged Russia immensely. The list is long and continues to be written under the Putin regime.

      Consider all the irreplaceable people (and their genes) which were murdered or driven abroad at every stage of the 100 year debacle. Bypass the official propaganda outlets and the unofficial trolls, and look directly at the spawn, drawing your own conclusions.

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