Behind the Scenes: China Helps NATO Encircle a Russia in Decline

Beggars cannot be choosers, and a Putin besieged by both domestic economic woes and international isolation likely has no choice but to double-down on his bet on China. Of course, Russia’s strongman may have to kowtow to his … Chinese friend. But if such a gesture could gain him some extra space for survival, it is worth it, particularly when one considers his lack of alternatives. __ Source

China is pulling Russia firmly into its lair, holding out promises of power and wealth while sharpening its knives for the surgical excisions to come. China’s purchases of advanced Russian missiles and fighters for purposes of reverse engineering and resale, only sweetens the pot in Beijing’s eyes.

China Alliances in Central Asia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Finland, Baltics, Sweden, Help to Encircle Russia

China Alliances in Central Asia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Finland, Baltics, Sweden, Help to Encircle Russia

China is More Intent than NATO to Excise Russia’s Cojones

China has a front row seat in any large scale global conflict that Putin chooses to trigger. In the face of a rapidly shrinking demographic, Russia’s manhood — its nuclear threat — increasingly rests in China’s hands. China is not comfortable trusting Russia with the power to destroy a world that the dragon is so deeply invested in.

Russian belligerence has been helpful to China, diverting the world’s attention from its own imperial expansions. But sooner or later, the dragon will have to confront the bear.

Cash-strapped Russia needs Chinese investments and has to sell technology it used to withhold from its powerful neighbor (and potential threat). Among the more notable deals signed during Putin’s visit was the purchase of a 40% stake by ChinaChem, China’s largest state-owned chemical company, in a petrochemical complex owned by Rosnef, Russia’s state-owned oil giant. Another eye-catching agreement was the sale of Russia’s advanced space rocket engine, RD-180, to China. __

Chinese GDP is more than seven times Russia’s and China is spending more than three times as much on defense as Russia.

China is already taking over Siberian mineral and energy enterprises, and moving into formerly Russian lands. This is just one of the early moves to a stealth takeover:

China’s Beijing Gas Group Company has reportedly acquired a 20-percent stake in a subsidiary of Russian Rosneft, giving the Russians help in developing resources in eastern Siberia and access to China’s lucrative gas market. ___

China is snapping up Russian oil & gas fields, gold & diamond mines, military technology, and Russian women — at good prices and increasing quantities. Russia, as a going concern, is holding a fire sale on any assets of worth.

Most of the Russian armed forces are equipped with decades old equipment and get little money for training and maintenance. Russia spends a lot of available defense funds on maintaining its nuclear weapons. Even then there are quality and reliability problems with delivery vehicles (ICBMs and the nukes themselves). __ The Illusion of Power

Russia takes greatest pride in its nuclear missile fleet. But how many of the missiles can hit their targets, and how many of the warheads will perform as intended? As Russian demographic expertise emigrates away and evaporates into the mists of time, the Potemkin power of Russia rests more and more in its domestic and foreign propaganda efforts.

China, NATO, 8 Regional Countries Prepare for War Against Russia

China is stealing and mastering Russian military technology as quickly as it can, quickly building its own military while forming military and economic alliances with nations that surround Russia — from Central Asia to Poland, Finland, and the Baltics.

Chinese GDP is more than seven times Russia’s and China is spending more than three times as much on defense as Russia… In Central Asia, where Russia is trying to reestablish dominance over the nations that used to be part of the Soviet Union, China is displacing Russia as the dominant economic power. That means stronger military and diplomatic ties with China as well. __ Russia in Trouble

China is also helping Ukraine build up its military forces, and forming alliances with most former Soviet republics and Russian neighbors who are preparing for war with Russia, including Finland, Sweden, Poland, the Baltics, etc. And China is becoming very friendly with Russia’s central asian neighbors.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Poland has ramped up the purchase of military hardware such as new, stealthy submarines and Polish-manufactured S-70 helicopters for its special operations soldiers… Finland and Sweden are countries which famously prefer to avoid alliances, but Russian aggression has spurred an interest in limited defense agreements which will make it easier for NATO troops to deploy to those countries in the event of war. __

China is playing the long game, while Putin is merely fighting to take a few more breaths. His desperate struggles in Syria, Ukraine, Moldova, and the Caucasus distract from Russia’s own demographic death throes and infrastructure collapse. China’s investments in the third world have largely been duds, but the grand prize of Siberia and the coming neutering of Russia will justify China’s patient efforts to gain global influence.

Why Russia Has No Future: A Graphical Look

Can You Find Russia?

Can You Find Russia?
Russia Disappears from Global Innovation Map

Over the next 50 years, Russia’s population is doomed to decline to roughly half of its current population — at least in terms of ethnic Russians. By then, the decline will have passed the point of no return. Demographers of the future will be able to point to Vladimir Putin as the man who allowed a great opportunity to slip through his fingers, and put paid to the future doom of Russia. All for transient personal greed and power.

Putin: By His Own Shackles Bound

Too bad he had to take the rest of the country down with him.

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  1. Abelard Lindsey says:

    The photo on the top of the Fortune article says it all. How shall we say it? A picture is worth a thousand words?

    • alfin2101 says:


      Putin learned the KGB book of tactics, but he doesn’t understand global geopolitical strategy very well. To achieve and hold superpower status, you actually have to have a country that prospers, innovates, and has a demographic path forward. Putin’s barbarous tactics have impressed the braindead of the world, but leave Russia hanging far out on a splintering limb.

      Get out the bone saws, it’s almost time to amputate.

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