Privileged, Arrogant Silicon Valley Goes Half Cocked

Deranged Supporters of Hillary also Sore Losers

Silicon Valley calls for secession from America

Tech CEOs and executives supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign most generously with financial largesse and copious verbiage. One might expect some degree of maturity in people who have reached high levels of success in such a competitive field, but these privileged nerdle-heads are coming off as bad as the worst spoiled brats, after the US presidential election.

The industry, which largely supported Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign, may also face higher hurdles for expanding their footprints… __ Bloomberg

Some tech CEOs are threatening to force pro-Trump employees to resign, while others have threatened to kill President-Elect Trump with a sniper rifle. Silicon Valley prima donnas threatened a revolution against Peter Thiel in retaliation for favourable comments made by Thiel about Trump.

Twitter attempts to revoke 1st amendment to US Constitution For the jokers at Google, Twitter, etc. political correctness trumps reality.

What is Wrong With These Pampered Putzes?

Tech companies are certainly getting rich off American consumers, but their effect on the US economy is not an unmitigated good. If you factor in the destructive effects of their environmental fanaticism, they can even have a net negative effect on the economy.

… the wage earning jobs created by the technocrats either go overseas or are largely nonexistent. Robotics technology now being developed by Google has creepy-looking robots doing the work of $22/hour warehouse laborers. This is an unstoppable trend, and there are strong arguments on both sides, but the undeniable truth is that we’re witnessing the death of American labor.

… Running the gauntlet of environmentalists will be daunting. Theirs is an inherently angry crowd and it doesn’t help that their defacto leaders don’t bother with nuisances like the truth. Disinformation and fear mongering are their hallmarks. Unfortunately the oil and gas industry is such an easy target. We’re not good at defending and explaining ourselves. But we are good at taking a beating. __ According to Doyle

Amazon stock value down $35 Billion!

Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos clashed with Trump during the election. Shares of the online retailer have lost more than $30 billion in value since Tuesday’s vote. __ Tech Stock Meltdown

Whatever possessed Jeff Bezos — a reasonably intelligent nerd — to wage warfare against a raging political phenomenon on the other man’s home turf? Time will tell how high a price Bezos and his stockholders will have to pay before the storm settles. Regardless, it is something that Bezos brought on himself.

As far as personal monetary loss, hedge fund tycoon Tom Steyer may have taken the cake:

Steyer and his super PAC NextGen Climate Action poured about $100 million into the election effort. The fact that most of that money came from Steyer’s own checkbook suggests that climate change isn’t much of a priority among other Democratic donors. Indeed, only 6% of Democrats listed climate change as their top concern, according to a Fox News poll of more than 1,000 registered voters taken just a year ahead of the election.

… This isn’t the first time Steyer has failed spectacularly. During the 2014 midterm election, in which he was also the largest individual donor, he dumped more than $73 million in an effort in which very few of the candidates he backed won and in which climate change action actually dropped as a priority (from 37% of Americans before the election season to just 28% by election’s end).
__ Source

Pepsico Products Source

Pepsico Products

Pepsi Cola CEO Indra Nooyi has come perilously close to a similar melt-down moment for Pepsico’s company stocks when she involved herself personally in the presidential debate. These successful but pampered CEOs keep forgetting that consumers vote on their products and stocks every day of every week of every year. If they cannot stick to business, they risk losing it all.

The Hysteria of Celebrities, CEOs, and Other Public Figures Drives Violence on the Street

Physical attacks on Trump supporters by angry leftists have become commonplace from coast to coast. We expect such things to happen in Portland OR because Eugene’s mad anarchists are so close to hand. But oddly, the largest proportion of Portland protestors were non-voters who were bussed in from out of state. The financiers of chaos are growing desperate.

In Oakland, Chicago, Los Angeles, and in multicultural neighborhoods across the land. The anger of the elite is transferred to the multicultural underclasses, who take it out on any object of opportunity that comes into view.

It seems that elite leftists take perverse pleasure in their ability to drive other leftists to violence. Certainly leftist media outlets refuse to expose the sordid results of their own angry partisanism.

Nonetheless, Pampered Idiots are Letting Their Pet Ideologies Overrule Common Sense

Leftists in Silicon Valley tech companies, in media outlets across the country, in academia, and in activist organisations, cannot seem to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

And the [people on the] left don’t get it. They keep pushing the same false narratives, the same garbage stories, the same slurs. If they continue to do so, America will keep reacting just the way the left fears. __

Speaking of old, broken-down leftoid fruitcakes:

Film director and writer Paul Schrader, who used to be somebody many years ago in Hollywood, has taken to Facebook to call for “violent resistance” to protest the election of Donald Trump. Actually, the keyboard guerilla has gone to the extent of claiming to be willing to take up arms. Schrader claims to be enraged by “alt.right nut jobs” but as you can see in his Friday (ironically Veteran’s Day) Facebook post, Schrader is obviously living out his violent fantasies in an

I have spent the last five days meditating on Trump’s election. Upon consideration, I believe this is a call to violence. I felt the call to violence in the 60’s and I feel it now again. This attack on liberty and tolerance will not be solved by appeasement. Obama tried that for eight years. We should finance those who support violence resistance. We should be willing to take arms. Like Old John Brown, I am willing to battle with my children. Alt right nut jobs swagger violence. It’s time to actualize that violence, Like by Civil War Michigan predecessors I choose to stand with the black, the brown and the oppressed.


Americans are tired of pampered elites in media, academia, government, and the private sector pissing on ordinary people’s legs then claiming it is raining. Perhaps it is time to piss on the elites for a change, although I would personally prefer using a pressure washer loaded with high strength disinfectant concentrate. Moving down the list of the corrupt. More here and here. Focus on Elon Musk

More evidence of the astro-turfed, wealthy outsider elite financing of violent protest

Privileged leftists inside and outside of the Nerd Turd Brigade have come to believe that their money and celebrity can buy them anything at all. Perhaps they should understand that personal and monetary risk and hazard are something else the flagrant abuse of their money can buy, and that the arrogant misuse of their personal power and influence can achieve.

Government policies provided the opportunity for leftist insiders to make hundreds of $millions and $billions. More rational government policies may well take away such corrupt opportunities and siphon off comparable amounts from their pocketbooks. Everything changes. Get used to it and move on.


Young father’s death caused by pro-Hillary rioters

Who finances these riots with their vandalism, violence, disruption, and intimidation?

Protestors are full of hatred

Portland protestors non-voters bussed in from out of state

Dissection of the elites

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  1. Cecil Henry says:

    Remember folks: Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’.

    Look at what is happening to Jordan Peterson of U of Toronto.
    See: The Political Correctness Game (SJW Game) – Jordan B. Peterson

    Pass it on.

    If any ‘liberal’ said the same things about blacks, Orientals or Jews he routinely says about whites, he would be in prison. Hatred is evil. But self-hatred is not only evil, it is also SICK.

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