Destroying These Threats Before They Destroy the Human Future

The Three Faces of Challenge

Three powerful forces seek to dominate — or conquer — today’s world. Each of the three should be considered deadly enemies to an abundant and expansive human future. The tactics and strategies used to meet each deadly challenge must be adapted and customised to the specific threat:

1. The ruling elite of Russia and China, and particularly the secret services of these two countries.
2. The Western financial elite, as represented particularly in the Bilderberg Club, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.
3. The Muslim Brotherhood, the religious leaders of several Islamic countries and the governments of some Muslim countries.

…. each of the three agents tends to construe in its own terms the plans and actions of the other two, partly for deliberate propaganda purposes, partly due to a genuine misunderstanding of the situation. The strategic analyses by all involved each reflect the ideological bias that is proper to it. Even though they attempt to take into account the totality of available factors, the Russian-Chinese scheme stresses the geopolitical and military viewpoint, the Western scheme the economic, and the Islamic scheme the dispute among religions. __ The USA and The New World Order (PDF) via

That these three greatest threats to the human future might be divided into the military, the economic, and the religious, is an intriguing perspective. The distinction is not quite so clear-cut, of course, but it serves as a springboard.

Looking at the “spheres of influence” for numbers 1-2-3, we see that most of Asia falls under the control of #1 (China/Russia), Europe and the Anglosphere fall largely under the control of #2 (western financial elites), and MENA and much of South/Central Asia are most strongly influenced by #3 (Islamist ideologues). Subsaharan Africa and Latin America are largely up for grabs, and will be battlegrounds of the future between the three competing power blocs and their ideologies du jour.

It should be noted that George Soros can be used as a “personal proxy” for the puppetmasters of #2 above — the western financial elite. The reality is far more complex, but for a quick running analysis watching what Soros does and says will serve reasonably well (until he is dead of course).

The strong resistance and antagonism of the western financial elite to the Donald Trump presidential campaign in the US, strongly suggests that a Trump presidency represents a significant threat to the long-term goals of these puppetmasters. We can expect the backstage ruling class to utilise western governments, media, academia, foundations, NGOs, environmental groups, and every other type of activist group in the effort to cripple the ability of the Trump presidency to make meaningful changes to the Clinton-Bush-Obama policy trends inside the US of the past 28 years.

More: The USA and The New World Order(s) (PDF)

How Can Intelligent and Independent Humans Combat These 3 Juggernauts?

First of all, the election of Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential elections suggests that the US public and many US institutions have not fallen completely under the ideological thrall of the western financial elites. Careful and timely reforms of US government policies, bureaucratic structures, immigration rules, and international treaties, can potentially turn the clock back significantly, on the plans of the Anglo-European puppetmasters. But it will be no easy task. Already the legions of Soros are working at all levels — from the streets to the newsrooms to the classrooms to the halls of government — to delegitimise the duly elected government of the US for the next four years. Efforts on the streets have all the markings of an attempt to provoke violent clashes along ideological, political, and racial lines — by the agents of Soros.

Next, the forces of economics and demographics militate against the slave-takers of Russia — and to a lesser extent against the human organ-takers of China. Neither ruling class of #1 understand how to run a prosperous economy without massive theft of technology and assets from outsiders. Cooperation and a toning down of militancy would certainly draw in massive amounts of foreign investment and technology transfer — as it did for Russia between 1991 and 2014, and for China between 1979 and 2009. But neither Putin nor Xi has the confidence in his own ability to survive in power without adopting highly militant nationalistic postures.

Thus the natural course of demographic decline will continue to deplete the working-age and military-age populations of both xenophobic nations, forcing the question of the use of large scale military force with escalation to regional and global war.

... the exponentially rising rate of change means more sectors, businesses, and lives are being transformed at greater speed through an ever-widening cascade of disruptions... Source

… the exponentially rising rate of change means more sectors, businesses, and lives are being transformed at greater speed through an ever-widening cascade of disruptions…

But the strongest force of opposing change to the three horsemen of the conquering apocalypse above is the disruptive impact of technological innovation.

The Soviet Union fell for the lack of bread, sausages, and toilet paper — and for the humiliation of interminable queues for the most basic of staple goods. It was the technologies of radio, television, and the perestroika press that disrupted the complacent servitude of the Soviet peoples. Once they discovered how people in the west were living — and began to experience freedom of expression again — the bird had already flown. First the Warsaw Pact nations stampeded for the exits, then the oppressed republics of the USSR itself, one by one. All because of relatively primitive technologies of communication combined with a natural, ongoing economic collapse of the USSR itself.

The Disruptive Technologies of Today and Tomorrow Promise Massive Headaches for the Overlords

Social media assisted the campaign of Donald Trump for US President, against the mighty forces of a nearly united mainstream media of the western world. For the first time, the mighty mainstream media suffered a decisive defeat at the hands of alternative media. As a result, the elitist overlords have ordered mainstream media to double down against the coming Trump presidential administration in an unprecedented manner. Naturally, academicians, activists, Silicon Valley and Wall Street tycoons, and government officials are falling into lockstep with the overlords’ dictates.

But the technologies of disruption have barely begun to be imagined, much less developed and put in production. The incumbent overlords are in just as much danger of being overturned as were the Fortune 500 magnates of 1955. And that is what they are deathly afraid of — particularly since the previously inconceivable election of Donald Trump as US president.

Incumbents often go to great lengths to suppress disruptions, even if they themselves attained the position through some previous disruption. Whenever an incumbent industry has a misguided belief that disruption can be prevented outright by going to the government to get protectionist barriers erected around it, that industry merely experiences a temporary delay in the disruption, after which the reversion to the trendline is necessarily sharper. The script unfolds predictably. The incumbents focus more on political favors than innovation, which is usually a poor strategy when multiple industries are simultaneously seeking favors from the same government. In the meantime, the successors ascend to great heights at a speed the regulatory complex cannot handle, and the entire situation becomes more headline-grabbing than it otherwise may have been. Examples of such industries include publishing, taxis, and universities, all of which predictably ended up seeing their disruption happen in a compressed time, with the post-disruption landscape ending up where the general trendline would have predicted anyway…

… All Technological Disruptions are Interconnected : In the midst of a technological disruption, neither the incumbents nor the disruptors pay much attention to parallel creative destruction in distant industries and countries, under the assumption that it is entirely unrelated. On the contrary, my proprietary research has discovered that all technological advancement, and all creative destruction, is interlinked by varying degrees of distance. It is not a constellation of many isolated techno-centers operating in different industries and geographies, but one unified ATOM [Accelerating TechnOnomic Medium], where one successful cycle of creative destruction strengthens the prospects of each subsequent candidate technology in the pipeline. __ Pervasive and Deepening Technological Disruption

The Futurist” at the link above highlights these specific disruptive technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D Printing
  • Ongoing Computing Revolution
  • Disruptive Educational Technologies
  • Transportation Innovations
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare Innovations Including Genetic Medicine and Robotic Surgery
  • Energy
  • Space Exploration including Asteroid Mining

It is important to stress that the author of the blog above — although radical and revolutionary in some regards — is also quite thoroughly ensconced within the overall schema of the western economic and governmental puppetmaster elites. And yet, he stresses the importance of creative destruction and technological disruption in sculpting an entirely new structural set of elites in the future — which is a reasonable line of thought.

If he were to go further and understand that governments themselves will be radically overhauled — not just corporations, professions, vocations, non-governmental institutions, and individuals — he would take one step closer to a more remarkable vista than he appears to have reached thus far.

Accelerating Disruptive Innovation Empowers the Coming City-State

In 2010, the original Al Fin blog published an article about the fall of the nation state alongside a simultaneous rise of city-states. To read that original article you will need to go to the Google cache or to the Wayback Machine on In that article, we excerpted parts of a Foreign Policy article on city-states:

The 21st century will not be dominated by America or China, Brazil or India, but by the city. In an age that appears increasingly unmanageable, cities rather than states are becoming the islands of governance on which the future world order will be built. This new world is not — and will not be — one global village, so much as a network of different ones…

the advent of global hubs and megacities forces us to rethink whether state sovereignty or economic might is the new prerequisite for participating in global diplomacy. The answer is of course both, but while sovereignty is eroding and shifting, cities are now competing for global influence alongside states

_FP __

The throwing off of nation-state sovereignty from a large number of prosperous and powerful cities will not break the hold of the global economic elite, of course. But it will force members of that elite to be more competitive against each other, and cause them to be more careful about alienating citizens by foolish self-defeating policies.

The same forces of national governmental disintegration will operate in full force within China and Russia, as they will within the Anglo-European ascendancy. Islamic nations will never truly unite before they begin their phase of disintegration. The fallout of this tri-partite breakup that reaches to the more primitive nations of sub Saharan Africa and Latin America will have severe repercussions — very much living up to the much overused phrase, “The Coming Anarchy.”

The Truly Disruptive Technologies Will be Those of Downsized Self-Sufficiency

Down through all of history, wherever international and inter city-state trade was necessary and fashionable, such trade facilitated power and prosperity. This has been true from the days of ancient Egypt to the city-states of ancient Greece, to the ancient silk road to India and China, to the East India companies, to the international trade for middle eastern oil and western technologies and manufactured goods — most recently outsourced to China, Mexico, and parts East and South.

Peter Zeihan Explains How North America (Canada-US-Mexico) can Largely Retreat from Global Trade if Necessary

You would need to examine Zeihan’s argument from the beginning to understand how he can make such outrageous claims as he does in the video below. But nothing claimed by Zeihan approaches the counter-intuitive outrage that a prediction of a Donald Trump election victory would have elicited just one year ago!

A Minor Digression

Speaking of Donald Trump, the new US president will be fighting an uphill battle if he tries to stop the movement of US manufacturers into Mexico. In fact, much of the movement of US manufacturing into Mexico is coming at the expense of China, which is losing foreign manufacturers due to rising wage demands inside China. As much as Trump wants to keep manufacturing jobs inside the US, only a radical rise in US worker productivity can achieve that goal in an economically non-suicidal fashion. That is something that US labour unions cannot allow without losing many members and considerable clout to management. Thus the need for Mexican workers to stay inside of Mexico.

That does not mean that Trump should not severely curtail illegal immigration across the US – Mexican border. Of course he should do so. But the laws of economics cannot be trumped by any ideology, no matter how strongly held.


Invading the World; Neo-Colonialism at Work

According to Peter Zeihan, it is North America that is likely to isolate itself from the world. But what if a revitalised and rejuvenated North America decided instead to re-colonise the parts of the world at-risk for the coming anarchy, using the creative destruction of disruptive innovation? Armies of ex-pats on the prowl?

Armed with massively disruptive technologies — and the skills and will to use them — Dangerous and quasi-Dangerous peoples of North America and Europe would set out to re-colonise the more primitive and violent parts of the emerging and third worlds, and tame them anew to the new technologies. The alternative to such a masterful move is to allow the coming-emerging anarchy to sweep over and destroy all the erstwhile gains of the developed world, under a submissive banner of surrender to multicultural barbarism. And that is not acceptible.

Another alternative future: Anti-Puritan’s Neocameral Future. Here, the emphasis is on “social technology innovations,” which should certainly not be neglected.

Bonus: The “Fake News” Offensive

The mighty mainstream media is attempting to shut down alternative sources of information by attaching a label of “fake news” to anything that contradicts the official approved narrative. But in a world where all news is fake news, everyone still on the clearer side of senile already takes all things mainstream with heavy doses of salt grains.

List of Mainstream News “Journalists” Who Actively Collaborated with the Clinton Campaign in an Attempt to Shape the Election Outcome

Sorry, skanks. Attempts to reclaim monopoly status over information flows will no longer succeed. While you are fighting tooth and nail to stamp out every little brushfire, ever more powerful technologies of disruption are cropping up just outside your awareness. And the process is accelerating.

You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them.

In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know. __ Living the Dream

It is, of course, all fake news. Follow the money. Cui bono?

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