Whittling Off a Rotten Sliver of California for Secession

California was once the mythical land of sun and sand. A rich, fun playground for North Americans and world travelers alike, California was the model that other places tried to mimic.

But over time, the gold turned into rust, and California’s adventurous spirit turned into a mass power grab by a strange alliance of eco-fascist lobbies, government unions, and federally funded immigrant/minority activist networks. This queer melange of authoritarian collectivists portends a progressively darker future for a once-shining gateway of opportunity. __ Source

A Yellow Sliver for Secession Six Californias

A Yellow Sliver for Secession

Six Californias

At Least Part of California Will Secede

One way or another . . .

California is a state long at war with itself. Just like the country of Iraq, it really shouldn’t exist as one united entity. Coasties hate inlanders, mountain people hate flatlanders, northerners hate southies, desert people hate the city people who steal their water just for green lawns, a race war between chicanos and blacks is heating up, and the state government has no way to pay its pensions short of a federal bailout. The place is a bloody mess, with a few shrinking plums of success floating in the carnage.

Financially distressed cities of California — several more have yet to reveal their true status, of course.

“Instead of trying to work together and fix our problems, it seems like everyone just wants to run away because they don’t like what happened [in the 2016 election],” Wilson said.

California history has been full of crazy, unsuccessful schemes to [run away].


Drunken Delusions of Bay Area Leftists Source

Drunken Delusions of Bay Area Leftists

The most recent California secession petition is one of the more interesting ways in which bay area leftists have refused to accept the rejection of their vision by voters in most counties and states in the US.

Destined for Nuclear Obliteration or Seismic Subtraction? The Bay Area May be Doomed Regardless

For years, the bay area has been sinking steadily into depraved chaos.

… this is no place for children, as Market Street has many bums urinating and young ladies openly injecting drugs into their arms. __ San Francisco After the Deluge

The streets of San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, and much of the rest of the bay area are not safe, regardless of who wins elections. Some days it seems the homeless and illegal aliens outnumber legal residents. And these people want to secede from the nation that underwrites their existence!

But yes, bay area leftoids actually are yet again flirting with the idea of seceding from the US, and taking the entire state with them.

Nuclear Secession, Seismic Secession, Political Secession: Pick Your Poison

California’s annual share of the U.S defense budget is $72 billion, Koshgarian said. That, of course, raises the question: How much would California be willing to pay for its own military – not to mention its own postal service, social security program and diplomatic corps? __ Source

Since much of US defence spending centres around the San Francisco Bay area, the San Francisco Bay area is a prime target for Russian, Chinese, and North Korean nuclear missiles. But if it is lucky, and nuclear incineration is not its fate, it is doomed to be obliterated by the mother of all earthquakes, sooner or later. It has to go, one way or another, and if it wishes to go the way of certain fecal decay like Cuba or Venezuela, then perhaps that is as good a way to wait in stupour — for these people — than some of the other fates that destiny may have in mind.

If Trump Wanted Revenge on Bay Area Leftists, He Would Demand a Detailed State-Wide Vote Audit

Vote recounts seem to be all the rage in states that gave Trump the US presidency — even though no tangible evidence of fraud on the Trump side is suspected, even by the Obama administration. The root purpose of the recount drive against Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania vote results seems to be to perpetuate confusion, distraction, civil disorder, and to make it more difficult for Trump’s transition team to form a new government. But certain unanticipated blowback effects against Jill Stein, her moneybag backers, and the Clinton campaign may arise.

Genuine voter fraud is likely to have taken place inside the inner city precincts of swing states, inner city precincts where Clinton achieved the majority of votes. Too close an examination of those precincts might bring to light significant fraudulent machinations that Obama and the Democratic Party would rather leave in the shadows — until the next time they are needed.

Likewise, voter verification experts are claiming that millions of illegal alien votes were cast for Clinton, in states such as California where voting oversight is very lax — to say the least. In other words, the much-vaunted “popular vote majority” claimed for Clinton may very well be based upon fraudulent votes.

The possibility of an uncovering of these deceitful workings of Democratic Party voter precinct heads is one of the ultimate dangers to the powerful financial elites who pull the strings in the background for campaigns across the US. That is probably why Obama is vocally opposed to the recount facades in three of the battleground states won by Trump. Things better left unexposed might accidentally come into the light, hurting prospects for future Democrat Party candidates and reducing fundraising efficacy for everyone connected to the DP — including Obama.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late (or early) to have a Dangerous Childhood©


Clintons and Obama fight tooth and nail over ghost legacies

All news is fake news

Jill Stein Gave Trump the Victory in Michigan and Wisconsin

Clinton’s Win in Nevada Officially Challenged by Pending Recount

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