Exterminator-Elect Moves to Drain Swamp — With a Vengeance

He ran against the system, both parties, and almost all the media and the polls, to “drain the swamp,” against the OBushtons: all the Clintons and Obamas and Bushes and the Republican and Democratic lookalike also-rans (Carter, Dukakis, Quayle, Gore, Kerry, McCain, Romney).


He was opposed by the Republican Party establishment, by Fox News, and by every variety of parasitic rent-seeking vermin imaginable on all ends of the political spectrum. These well-heeled blood-suckers of media, government, academia, and foundations/activist groups are increasingly desperate to prevent the Trump Revolution from taking place. But the extermination of large numbers of America’s parasitic class is moving closer to reality, by popular demand.


Each major domestic-policy department of government is being entrusted to people dedicated to radical change, to the uprooting of a whole generation of error


Education will go to a great champion of chartered schools (Betsy DeVos), in the hope of wrenching the country’s failed public-education system from the palsied hands of the Democratic party’s decayed allies in the teachers’ unions.

Labor itself will be in the hands of someone (Andrew Puzder) who supports the workers by guaranteeing their rights and liberating them from the corrupt enemies of workplace efficiency and cooperation in organized labor – a barely living group reduced now to the infestation of public-sector unions (only 6.7 percent of the country’s shrinking work force is now unionized).

The Environmental Protection Agency will be in the hands of someone (Scott Pruitt) who does not believe the unsubstantiated ecoterrorism about global warming and will protect the environment without throwing millions of people in carbon-related energy into unemployment in the fatuous professed expectation that they will be reemployed building windmills and solar panels. Health care will be in the hands of the greatest expert in the Congress (Tom Price) on how to introduce a dual-payer (where affordable to the insured family) universal-health-care system that does not lie to the taxpayer, separate the patients from their doctors, or preserve statewide insurance fiefdoms.

Taxation, campaign-finance reform, and the budget will be in the hands of people (Steven Mnuchin at Treasury) who will raise revenue from elective transactions and reduce taxes for small personal and business income earners. Apart from 1960, 1968, and 1980, all transitions from 1932 to this one have been mere changes of personnel.

This is a revolution[!]

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And about time, too. Under the Bush-Clinton-Obama cabal, the US government has become the epicentre of corrupt parasitic rent-seeking of every imaginable variety. The blood-sucking and corrupt parasites of government, media, academia, need quick extermination, followed rapidly by a thorough draining of the swamp that made their existence possible and allowed them to thrive at the taxpayers’ expense.

Professional bureaucrats want what any manager wants — more power and control, bigger budgets, and a larger staff. These bureaucrats use political arguments to make their case, and the entire system supports these efforts.

When the economy hits a crisis, even though it is clear that government was deeply involved in the events leading to that crisis, politicians and media blame the private sector. This, then, creates a feedback loop that argues for more government management.

… Voters in America decided it’s time for a new strategy. In effect, those voters said, “Let’s stop counting on the professional, academic-elite bureaucrats and put this country in the hands of someone who has actually succeeded in the real world of business or the military.” __ https://spectator.org/revenge-of-the-adjunct-professors/

Rent-Seeking: A Primer

… rent-seeking tends over time to encourage growing numbers of ordinary people to engage in it, trying to acquire political power either to gain advantages over the less powerful or as redress against the mounting advantages and political power of others. It thereby sets into motion a troubling dynamic that over time progressively erodes respect for the rule of law, limited government, and private property.

This is the philosophy of “looters” as opposed to “creators” or innovators. It is how people such as the Clintons or Harry Reid can start with so little, and rapidly amass large fortunes trading political influence for contributions from wealthy lobbyists who seek unfair advantage in all kinds of transactions.

The Clinton Foundation is being investigated by the FBI in New York State. This would never have happened had the Clintons been able to rally the millions of dead and illegal voters who put Barack Obama over the top in 2012.

More seasoned and better informed readers may recall that the Clintons barely escaped federal indictment in 1992. After Bill Clinton was elected US President he summarily shut down all the federal investigations into his and Hillary’s shenanigans in Arkansas. This time around, the Clintons may not be so lucky.

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Both Had Close Ties with Persons Involved in Organised Crime

Organised crime, organised labour, and the US Democrat Party have for over a century maintained an unholy triumvirate of power which has been almost impossible to crack. Any close elections which are determined by inner city precincts in Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, or other corrupt Democrat Party strongholds can never ever truly be trusted. A case in point was the election in 2012 which kept Barack Obama in the White House for a second term.

The same type of fraud occurred in 2016, and was exposed in multiple cities including Detroit. Unfortunately for Hillary, the fraud was insufficient to overcome a tsunami of authentic votes for Trump by a very angry and bady served American electorate.

The devil is in the details, and draining a swamp that is so deeply entrenched and so hugely bloated by ill-gotten loot, will not be an easy task.

A Mere Beginning:

A Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress
A hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health)
A requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated
A five year ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service
A lifetime ban on the White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government
A complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections
Cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure


The climate apocalypse cult is one of the more egregious swamp-creatures dwelling in the stinking backwaters of government corruption.

Climate models are like political polling. Models are projections based, presumably, on some scientific data. All models are fact checked based on real observed data. When this is done, checking the climate models with observed temperature data, the 102 climate models of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, fail the test of reliability. We all learned of the limits of political polling during the last election cycle.

During his presentation, MIT professor Dr. Richard Lindzen, said, “the only meaningful question would be whether we are seeing anything sufficiently unusual to warrant concern and the answer to this is unambiguously no.” He ended his presentation by quoting Eric Hoffer who said, “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket. And those who benefit in the racket will defend it with passion.” __ http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/energy-environment/310068-climate-change-speaking-truth-to-power

The entire swamp is full of such corrupt racketeering parasitic families of creatures, who would destroy the fabric of prosperity, freedom, and rule of law if they only could.

How New Trump Energy Policies Could Impact on the Climate Apocalypse Cult


  • Goodbye to the Clean Power Plan. The EPA’s Clean Power Plan was political poison for Democrats in the November elections. In 14 Senate races highlighted before the elections by the liberal website Mother Jones as being especially important in the global warming debate, 11 were won by candidates opposing the Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan was decisively damaging to Hillary Clinton in Great Lakes battleground states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The American public supports government taking some steps to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that cause some global warming, but Donald Trump realized expensive, highly partisan, top-down restrictions are an unpopular prescription. Expect Trump to fulfill his campaign promise to retract the Clean Power Plan immediately upon taking office. Don’t be surprised, however, if he extends an olive branch to people concerned about global warming by offering alternative policies that address carbon dioxide emissions in a more affordable, fair, free-market manner.
  • Increased energy production on federal lands. Oil and natural gas prices have fallen dramatically thanks to the fracking revolution and increased production. This increased production, however, has occurred in spite of – rather than because of – Obama administration policies. Fortunately for American consumers, increased production on privately owned and state-owned lands has more than compensated for the Obama administration increasing the percentage of federal-owned lands rendered off-limits to oil and gas production. Expect the Trump administration to open up more federal lands to energy production, which will further increase domestic oil and natural gas production. This will in turn lower energy prices, increase royalty payments to offset our national debt, and bolster the American economy.
  • Coal gets a reprieve. Restrictions on coal production and coal power have reached unprecedented severity under the Obama administration. Coal is unlikely to be saddled with any new environmental restrictions under the Trump administration. Just as importantly, the Trump administration is likely to rescind many of the restrictions imposed by the Obama administration, such as a new slate of restrictions announced last week. This may not revive coal power, which faces strong competition from inexpensive natural gas. Nevertheless, coal will face fewer regulatory restrictions under the Trump administration.



  • Wind power industry loses its free pass to kill bald eagles. Private individuals, oil producers, natural gas producers, and everybody else in America justifiably pay severe penalties for killing bald eagles, even inadvertently. Not so the wind power industry. In the ironic name of environmentalism, wind power gets a free pass on the 1.4 million birds and bats the industry kills each year, including endangered and protected species like the bald eagle. The Obama administration last week dramatically increased the number of bald eagles wind power companies can kill without penalty. Expect the Trump administration to reverse this course and make the wind power industry accountable to the same environmental protections that apply to everyone else.
  • Wind and solar power loses disproportionate subsidies. Wind and solar subsidies during the past decade have dwarfed those of all other energy sources, imposing expensive and unreliable power on American consumers. The wind and solar industries claim their products are falling in price and insist they can provide power on a cost-competitive basis with conventional power. Expect the Trump administration to hold the wind and solar industries to their word, reducing subsidies and restoring a level playing field for competing energy sources.


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  • Ethanol gets closer scrutiny. The 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, enacted into law with the support of the Bush administration, imposes costly ethanol requirements on America’s gasoline consumers. Since passage of the Energy Independence and Security Act, research has proven ethanol is in many ways worse for air pollution and the environment than gasoline. Consumer advocates, free-marketers, and environmental groups have united in opposition to ethanol, yet the ethanol requirements remain. Not only do they remain, but the Obama administration recently increased the amount of ethanol that must be blended into gasoline. Expect the Trump administration to take a hard look at ethanol and consider rolling back federal ethanol mandates.
  • Yucca Mountain finally begins accepting nuclear waste. Nuclear power is currently hampered by strong government headwinds. The Yucca Mountain storage facility for spent nuclear fuel is essentially ready to accept spent fuel but the Obama administration and Obama’s Senate ally Harry Reid have blocked Yucca Mountain from accepting spent fuel. Some states have enacted laws prohibiting the construction of new nuclear power facilities until Yucca Mountain is available to accept spent fuel. Expect the Trump administration to streamline the opening of Yucca Mountain, relieving states and local communities from the burden of storing spent nuclear fuel.
  • Next-generation nuclear power surges forward. Nuclear power faces many obstacles in addition to spent fuel issues. Energy economics and excessive government regulation make traditional large nuclear power plants uncompetitive with coal and natural gas power. However, there is substantial promise for small, next-generation nuclear reactors utilizing new technologies. For example, many scientists, economists, and environmentalists see tremendous promise for small molten salt reactors powered by thorium. Any new nuclear technologies, however, must receive government scrutiny and approval. To date, the federal government has been dragging its feet studying and approving new nuclear reactor designs. Expect the Trump administration to prioritize removing government obstacles to new nuclear power designs, which coincidentally would provide more emissions-free power.
  • Hydro power reverses its long decline. The Obama administration has presided over the removal of existing hydropower dams despite hydropower providing affordable, emissions-free electricity. The U.S. Department of Energy reports opportunities exist to increase hydropower production by 50 percent in the near future with minimal environmental impact. Expect the Trump administration to reverse federal energy policy that hinders hydropower production. Hydropower could be poised for a major comeback.
  • Natural gas exports increase. Natural gas is in high global demand to reduce pollution in an affordable manner. Asia in particular suffers extreme air pollution exacerbated by Chinese coal. In Europe, our friends and allies are overly dependent on Russian natural gas, making them vulnerable to aggressive Russian foreign policy. The Obama administration has blocked the construction of natural gas export terminals that would allow American energy companies to deliver natural gas to countries that need it. Expect the Trump administration to reverse course on this short-sighted policy. More natural gas exports will bring environmental and strategic political relief to countries abroad, while simultaneously providing America economic and strategic political benefits.

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Trump understands that coal, oil, and gas are all vital to the US energy mix — because unlike wind and solar, hydrocarbons work!   Abundant, high quality, affordable energy is a matter of life and death.  Climate apocalypse crusaders fail to understand the existential nature of reliable, affordable energy — either that or they are intentionally trying to bring about a great human dieoff.

Watch the vile squirming miscreants closely, for they will do anything at all to retain and enlarge their political and economic advantages at the expense of productive people who actually work for a living. They are most prominent in government, media, academia, political lobbying and activist groups, foundations involved in political manipulations, and faux environmental groups. But the full range of corrupt rent-seeking parasitic species have not yet been discovered. Perhaps after the swamp is drained, parasitologists can examine the residue for a more thoroughgoing taxonomy — if there is enough time and interest at that time.

Between the Years 1800 and 1900 the US Grew to Be the Wealthiest Nation on Earth

The US began as a tiny, heavily indebted cluster of mismatched colonies, with very little in the way of actual wealth. But under the original US Constitution, the nation attracted talent and capital and provided an environment where innovation flourished under a strong rule of law quite alien to the typical corrupt monarchies of the old world.

Table 1 summarizes Real GDP growth for the 19th and 20th centuries.

Table 1. Real GDP, Gains and Growth Rates by Century
Period Start GDP
(mil. 2005 $)
(mil. 2005 $)
Gain Annualized
Growth Rate
1800-1900 7,994 456,861 57x 4.1% p.a.
1900-2000 456,861 12,559,700 27x 3.3% p.a.

Key Observation: The rate of growth of U.S. Real GDP was lower during the 20th century than during the 19th century. In the 19th century, GDP was multiplied by 57x, but only by 27x in the 20th century. Has economic growth been decelerating? Let’s looked more closely at each century.


By the 20th century, corrupt rent-seekers had already made significant inroads into the American political economy, and under Clinton-Bush-Obama the parasites have thrived. Under Obama, the swamp of thieves has expanded exponentially. And as swamp-dwellers George Soros and his friends have made clear, they will not leave the stage quietly.



Watch closely, and try to keep up with the changes.


Draining the climate apocalypse swamp

Meanwhile on the foreign front, comparing Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State with feather-weights Hillary Clinton and John Kerry is beyond laughable.

Obama’s entire cabinet, his entire tenure as president, has been a massively corrupt joke on the American people and the constitutional republic.

Special note:

We have already drawn a distinction between Trump’s aggressive stance against US domestic corruption, as opposed to his apparent support for US international corporate interests. For the time being, we are examining Trump’s foreign policies separately from his domestic policies, without attempting to reconcile any apparent contradictions. This is the only rational approach to the ongoing discovery of President Trump — looking at all the pieces of his plan in semi-isolated fashion while suspending judgment for now — since he will not actually be inaugurated for more than a month from now.

If we seem to be cheering on the disruption of the tightly knit system of corruption within all interlocking institutions of American society, it is because we are. Such a disruption — with extreme prejudice — is long overdue.

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