Here at the End of All Things

A Massive Transformation of Two Empires that Will End One World Order and Make Way for a New One to Come

The United States of Stagnant Corruption

The United States of America is tentatively stepping back from an interminable gray future of Obamaesque stagnation and decline, courtesy of a national populist uprising at the voting polls. The corrupt ideological system of government-media-academia threatening to drown the US in a fecal flood of identity politics, apocalyptic climate cultism, corrupt green energy decay, fake and partisan mainstream news, and a defeatist malaise across all parts of society except the crony-elite — that system was chastised soundly in an election quake felt around the world.

Geographic Landslide

Geographic Landslide

In a thorough rebuke to the bastions of elitist power, most of America cast its votes against the establishment, and for a rather poorly-defined but stimulating and provocative populist revolution. It is far too early to tell how things will turn out, here “at the end of all things,” and at the beginning of all things.

Below you can see another glimpse of the pits of elitist corruption and rent-seeking stagnation that want to keep the empire mired in an eternal quagmire of suffocating futility and despair.

Hillary Archipelago h/t

Hillary Archipelago

Useful Knowledge Intentionally Obscured by Media and Education Establishment

The wealth of a nation cannot be counted in barrels of oil, tonnes of precious metals, fields of gem stones, or other conventional measures.

Wealth consists in assets that promise a future stream of income. The flows of [natural resource] money do not become an enduring asset of the nation until they can be converted into a stock of remunerative capital — industries, ports, roads, schools, and working skills — that offer a future flow of support when the [natural resources] run out. Four hundred years ago, Spain was rich like Saudi Arabia, swamped by a similar flood of money in the form of silver from the mines of Potosi in its Latin American colonies. But Spain failed to achieve wealth and soon fell back into its previous doldrums, while industry triumphed in apparently poorer parts of Europe. __ G. Gilder, “Wealth and Poverty” Chap 5

This is why nations such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, etc. are doomed. They have chosen an almost total dependency on natural resource income, rather than to develop their human resources — which would be the only enduring source of wealth they could depend upon.

… the crucial source of creativity and initiative in any economic system is the individual investor [and entrepreneur, inventor, innovator etc.]. Economies do not grow of their own accord or by dint of government influence. They grow in response to the enterprise of men willing to take risks, to transform ideas into monopolies, and monopolies into industries, and to give before they know what they will get in return [ie take risks]. — George Gilder, “Wealth and Poverty” Chapt. 4

And this is why a nation led by an Obama, a Bush, or a Clinton, could never possibly rise out of the quicksand of debt and crony inbred decline. Such people are not leaders, but are rather figureheads for ideological movements of rent-seeking corruption. Their supporters and followers seek only secure and guaranteed incomes, at the expense of any opportunity for innovation and real economic and societal growth.

… the government uses a political process to decide whom it pays and how much [so] there is little incentive for rent seekers to push for greater efficiency or innovation. This is a problem in part because the public and the private sectors compete for the same financial and human capital. That is to say, they compete for the same pile of money and the same group of innovative [people]… When profits are relatively easy to make in government contract work, there are fewer innovators willing to spend their time and their capital developing the next new innovation that could revolutionize an entire industry. __ Brendan Miniter “Why We Grow” in Chapter 1 of “Unleashing the Economic Growth America Needs”

The governments of the Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, and the rest of the inbred system attempt to use the tools of government to achieve their own particular ends. But even if we assume good intentions on their part, they are doomed to fail — because government does not create prosperity. Government can only — at its best — create an environment where “rule of law” prevails and a stable monetary system, protection from violence and fraud, and a few other limited and specific services are provided.

The United States of Stagnant Corruption has grown far beyond any reasonable size and scope of powers. The government is strangling innovation and opportunity, while promoting corrupt rent-seeking and widespread dependency on the state for subsistence. That path of ruin has been recognised since well before the days of President Reagan, but most of America’s elites have been too busy scooping up the spoils of corruption to concern themselves with the ultimate end of such behaviours.

Time will tell whether these elitist fools can be constrained before they destroy all possible futures of human expansion and prosperity. The Bolshevik and French revolutions were wakeup calls to their respective aristocracies. We must hope that such a discontinuity will never be necessary in “more civilised” modern times.

The Empire of Muscovy Teeters on the Brink

In Soviet times, the USSR parasitised the Warsaw Pact nations. At the same time, Russia parasitised the USSR. Finally, Moscow has always parasitised Russia. In the post-USSR age, Moscow continues to parasitise the rest of Russia in a most blatant fashion. And it is not likely to go on indefinitely, for many reasons.

… in 1991, the city of Moscow separated itself from Rus. A change in power took place. The overthrow was made by native Muscivtes for Muscovites and only in the interests of native Muscovites. Russians elsewhere weren’t asked” how they felt (

Everyone in the Russian Federation was given “a new document” in the form of a passport but “native Muscovites received another one, ‘the Muscovite card,’ thus signaling the division of the population and the country, one in which the Muscovites were “the victors” and everyone else was a loser.

As the victors, the Muscovites engaged in pillaging over the Rus they had defeated. Having disbanded Gosplan, they paralyzed trade; and this liquidated the industry of Russia. That suited Moscow,” because it led to an influx of goods that Moscow could control and tax for its own benefit. Thus, “the native Muscovites enriched themselves at the expense of Russians.”

“The artificial bankrupting of Russian industry followed by its being bought up by Muscovites and the registration of these firms in Moscow added to the wealth of the native Muscovites.” But it had another and more important consequence, Burlutsky says. It marked “the appearance of a new nation, the nation of ‘native Muscovites.’” __

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the first to peel away from the empire were the Warsaw Pact nations, such as East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, etc. Then, in 1991, the opportunity finally arose for long-suffering occupied nations such as Latvia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, etc. to break away from the empire. Those were the first and second steps to dissolution of a corrupt, barbaric Bolshevik abomination.

In modern times, a long-suffering Russian population suffers under the whip of a belligerent Muscovy. The Russian Empire has always been a colonial enterprise, with non-Russian nations subjugated under ethnic Russian overlords. But now it is far-flung ethnic Russians themselves who are beginning to take the initiative to throw off the chains of Muscovy.

Having overlearned the results of the demise of the USSR in 1991, many in Moscow and the West constantly look for signs of separatism among non-Russian nations within the borders of the Russian Federation. They exist, but as the AfterEmpire portal notes, “the main separatists” are ethnic Russians (

They draw that conclusion on the basis of their own research and on the recognition of some in Moscow of that reality. In particular, they cite the argument of Aleksey Verkhoyantsev that “the absence of a supra-national idea is making the situation in the country extremely vulnerable” given that Siberians and others “willingly believe” Moscow is stealing what belongs to them (

This problem, Verkhoyantsev says, “exists even in those regions where ethnic Russians form the majority” … __

There has never been anything natural or inevitable about the Russian Empire. In the time of Putin, the only thing that holds the ongoing abortion to life support is oil & gas profits filtched by Moscow and returned to the regions in the form of bribes and top-down oppression.

But we know that the price of oil & gas has fallen far from the $120 bbl days which allowed Putin to make his plans of reconquista and neo-imperialism. Fiscal reality has crashed down upon the heads of Muscovy’s economy, although particularly thick-skulled dunces such as Putin have not yet awakened from their dreams of global conquest.

Russia is becoming the epi-centre of suffering and misery within all but the very worst of the third world. And Russians are slowly becoming aware of where to look for the source of their suffering. Everything changes, here at the end of all things.

Two Empires, Two Drastic Revisions Coming, A World Order Overturned

The election of Trump has exposed the naked corruption of Obama’s administration, and has revealed pathways to drastic change within government, and within the policies of government that have immense effects upon opportunities within the larger society. Dominoes will topple, but it is far too early to see the end result.

Inside a massively corrupt Russia, the deep undertows of decay were already well in force by 2010. Putin had turned away from the development of Russia’s people in favour of an utter centralisation of political and economic power based upon Russia’s natural resource wealth. It was a fundamental mistake, but one that could have been corrected up until 2014.

With Putin’s reinstatement to the presidency in 2012, the forces of collapse accelerated. With Putin’s decision to conquer Crimea and invade Ukraine, the utter destruction of Russia-as-we-know-it was virtually guaranteed. Nothing more is needed, the underlying forces are now unstoppable.

Wise and Clear Heads Should Begin to See Some Possible Futures Unfolding

A clear-headed but certainly not wise George Soros has not given up on his dream of bringing down the US under a crushing load of opportunity-killing top-down regulations. But things are not going his way, and the old man is getting older and more petulant. His family and others around him are growing more aware that there is much wealth to be divvied up between them, and under those conditions the ideological goals of the patriarch take on less importance. Especially when much of the substance of his dreams appear to be crumbling anyway.

Peter Thiel — “the anti-George Soros” — has called for “all hands on deck” in a full-scale implementation of a Trumpian revolution of opportunity and slashing back on government overreach of all kinds. Whether such a thing is still possible in the age of elitist control of media, academia, foundations, and bureaucracies of both public and private nature, is yet to be determined.

But as mentioned above, some dominoes are certain to fall, each falling monolith affecting large areas of entrenched interests in its path. Change is a certainty.

Watch closely, and be prepared to move with the evolutions as they happen.


Ray Dalio predicts massive global changes as a result of Trump’s election

A Pivotal Turning Point in Human History?

This election didn’t merely expose the failure of six months of campaigning by the Democratic Party. This election exposed the failure of SIX DECADES of leftist propaganda to have any cumulative effect at all.

And the earthquake extends deep into the future as well. Thanks to Trump’s history-shattering victory, we now know that the Gramscian model and the Frankfurt School model don’t work. Every single thing the Left has done since the 1950s has been catastrophically wrongheaded and misconceived. It has all backfired. Which means that going into future, when they will (as they surely will) continue their failed strategy on autopilot, it will all be for naught. Why? Because these techniques only work if the victims don’t know they’re being propagandized. Yet the public in recent years has become much more sophisticated. Now we do know. And we can never un-know, once our eyes have been opened.

The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd takes a strong dose of reality medicine from her brother Kevin

Dismantling the US government bureaucracy of overregulation

The election of Trump will echo through Europe and the Anglosphere, revealing the EU to be an empty and defenceless shell, and the politically correct faux environmentalist left to be a corrupty crony con-game.

… when we look at Russia more clearly, we see a country with a failing economy, a weak military and which desperately spends money to rapidly rectify its weakness, even though rapid rectification is impossible. When we look at China, we see a similar profile. __ George Friedman

A geopolitical analysis of the next 30 years taking into account the election of Trump:
Talk starts at 1 hour and 7 minutes into the video.

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