Revealing the Family of President Trump

Image:  Reuters Brendan McDermid

Image: Reuters Brendan McDermid via BI

Despite rumours to the contrary, Donald Trump is not Amish, not Mormon, not Jewish — but hey, nobody’s perfect! President Trump has done well under the circumstances, and if it required 3 wives to produce an amazing group of children and grandchildren, no one should begrudge the man his choices. So far, he is doing well.

Donald Trump’s Children

Image: GETTY via Cosmo

Image: GETTY via Cosmo

Trump’s oldest three children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, were birthed by first wife Ivana, from Czechoslovakia. These three are powerhouses, with Ivanka shining the brightest up to now. They may have been devastated by the breakup of the marriage of their mother and father while they were still children, but they have bounced back with aplomb and verve. By all accounts these first three are becoming masters of the deal and behind the scenes adepts in the use of the flows of power.

Donald Jr. and his wife have five children already, making Donald Jr. a very prolific father indeed, taking after his father but at a faster rate and with a more stable family situation.

35 year old Ivanka has three children of her own with real estate developer and publisher Jared Kushner. As far as I know, she is the only one of the Trump progeny to choose the Jewish religion. She and her husband are in line for important advisory positions within the incoming Trump administration.

33 yo Eric Trump occupies important roles in the Trump family business empire.

He and his siblings are credited with the creation and management of the Trump Hotel Collection properties.[citation needed] Trump’s current management portfolio of global hotels includes Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Toronto, Panama, Waikiki, Punta del Este, Washington D.C., Vancouver, the Philippines, and Rio de Janeiro.[6] He also executed the acquisition of the Kluge Winery and Vineyard in Charlottesville, Virginia, resulting in the creation of Trump Winery.[citation needed] In 2013, Trump earned Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s “Rising Star of the Year” Award.[7] __ Wikipedia Eric Trump

Tiffany is the fourth child, daughter of actress Marla Maples. She is the only one of the five to be raised away from New York (in California) by her mother without significant input from her father. She graduated from U. Penn. like Donald Jr. and Ivanka, has some talent for singing and acting, is taking the LSAT, and hangs out with other rich kids. In other words, 22 yo Tiffany is still a somewhat amorphous work in progress, and very much her mother’s daughter.

Unlike her half-siblings, Tiffany didn’t grow up playing in her father’s office — nor did she spend her summers helping him fix up the grounds of Seven Springs. Tiffany was raised by her mother, Marla Maples, outside of Los Angeles. There, she attended Calabasas’ Viewpoint School, where tuition is more than $30,000. __ BI

10 year old Barron is the baby of the family, but a baby who is being groomed to be comfortable with wielding power. He already likes wearing formal suits, and playing golf.

The baby Trump, Barron William, is the only child of Donald and his current wife, Melania Trump (née Knauss), a(nother) model from Yugoslavia. Like his mom, Barron is fluent in Slovene. According to ABC, Barron has the nickname Mini-Donald because he likes to wear a lot of suits and ties, and will occasionally go golfing with his dad at their estate in Mar-a-Lago. After finishing this semester of school in New York, he will reportedly move to the White House with his mother. __ Source

All in all, an interesting family that is likely to come more into the public eye over the next few years, at least. Clearly, whenever Donald Trump was allowed to have an impact on his children’s upbringing, he tended to have a beneficial effect as a father. This is not always the case with wealthy fathers or celebrity fathers, who often tend to be far too self-absorbed and distracted to be of any use as a mentor or caregiver.

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  1. Abelard Lindsey says:

    Romney also has well-adjusted, successful kids. Being a successful father is a big plus in my book. I consider it fully equal to any business/professional success as the mark of a man.

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