Rolling Up the Sleeves and Getting to Work

Defunding the Obama Death Wish

Most of Barack Obama’s philosophy might have been summed up in a short sentence: The man had a death wish for America. And no wonder: Indoctrinated from childhood by a radical leftist mother and a father figure who was a member of the Communist Party USA, young Obama never had a chance to develop substantive ideas of his own separate from the pre-fab radical implants placed in his head from the earliest age.

The Trump Administration Has Its Work Cut Out For It

To repair the devastating legacy of the Obama administration — much of it still in operation due to the “flywheel” nature of bad government policy — will be a complex and exhausting task. It will require constant effort, 24/7, 365+ days a year for as long as possible.

Much of the job can be done via defunding of bad policy and by canceling as many of Obama’s executive orders as needed. But new orders must be given and new legislation must be written, passed, and signed. Federal judges who follow the US Constitution must be installed, and bureaucrats who work to sabotage the legitimate work of the US government must be ferreted out and disposed of.

In the future, many plans will come into the public eye, which aim to repair much of the damage caused by the vandal who previously occupied the oval office. Below is one example:

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When it comes to long-lasting government policies, the devil is in the details. If you get the details wrong — as in Obamacare — the results can be long-lasting confusion and devastation. In the Trump administration, most of the cabinet officials will be persons with a record of success inside and outside of government. This is in contrast to the ideologues, yes-men, and saboteurs who infested the Obama administration. The difference in approach should be clear within several months to a year, as the new grown-up administration pushes through the obstructionism placed in its path by the reactionary left in government, media, academia, think-tanks, foundations, and other largely dysfunctional cultural institutions.

Defunding Bad Policy, Canceling Bad Regulations, Re-writing Bad Law

You get more of what you subsidise and less of what you tax. For the past 28 years, US Presidents along with Congress have been subsidising failure and taxing success. That approach must be struck down as harshly and thoroughly as necessary. Tax policy toward individuals, small business, corporations, foundations, universities, political lobbies, Hollywood, news media, and other influential — and sometimes destructive — institutions needs overhauling.

The Left Has Thrown Nonstop Temper Tantrums Since the Election

The left will soon learn that there is a price to be paid when they operate on “maximum outrage” over every insignificant event in question. The public eventually turns them off, allowing the enemies of the left to pretty much act as they wish without having to worry about any outrage where it counts — in the public mind. “Outrage exhaustion” sets in, leading to a general apathy toward anything the left in media, academia, bureaucracy, foundations, think-tanks, and activist groups may say.

The climate apocalypse cult, for example, is likely to be one of the first victims of a more rational approach to budgeting and energy policy. The green energy scam has cost US taxpayers tens to hundreds of billions of dollars — and counting — thanks to the Obama administrations perverse insistence on funding unreliable, intermittent, exorbitantly expensive forms of erratic and low-quality energy production.

Obama’s commitment to the international climate cult of pseudo-science is set to cost the US into the $trillions, if it were actually carried through — to say nothing of the millions of jobs and entire sectors of industry that would be lost under the cult’s plans and policies.

The left will not allow these boondoggles and corrupt windfalls to be eliminated without hysteria, but then, no one expects the left to have a brain after all they have shown us up until now.

Saving the Nation Will Go a Long Way Toward Saving the World

An economic resurgence by the US will help boost overseas economies. But the hope of a new age in American political reform goes far beyond mere economics.

When the US saved Europe from itself in WWI and WWII, and then saved Europe from the Soviet Union in the cold war, much of the motivation came from the largely British origins of US law traditions and other institutions, and a strong immigrant connection between the old world and the new world.

In the 21st century, the turning away of the US from leftist death-wish policies can act as a positive beacon and example for Europe and other parts of the world that may have fallen into the suicidal leftist quagmire.

Hope for the Best; Prepare for the Worst

There are no guarantees in this life. If the leftist elite can do anything to make life more miserable for ordinary people, it will do so with delight. Do not count on anyone but yourself. The only way in which you can trust persons of power, is to trust them to follow what they see as their own interests. Try to anticipate what that may entail, so that you can take action accordingly.

Bonus Pictorial Section: Gender Differences When Marching Against Fascism

Men March Against Fascism

Men March Against Fascism Image Source

Men March Against Fascism
Image Source

Women March Against Fascism

Women March Against "Fascism" Image Source

Women March Against “Fascism”
Image Source

Not only are men more serious about their march against fascism — many of the men pictured died that day — but the fascism that men are marching against is genuine fascism. The women are taking a dress-up playtime holiday, in true girly fashion. The women’s march against pseudo-fascism may have set feminism back decades, in the minds of anyone with a working brain.

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