Can Donald Trump Stop this Idiocracy from Happening?

Global average human IQ has been declining for decades. Scientists are just beginning to decipher the genetic code for why an Idiocracy is looming on the horizon.

A study from Iceland is the latest to raise the prospect of a downwards spiral into imbecility…


Idiocracy: Affluence Turns to Stupidity

Bright, affluent, educated young adults don’t want children anymore. Intelligent western women average fewer than one child apiece. It is left for the dull and impoverished underachievers to breed children for the future. Over time, that is the path to Idiocracy.

The more affluent a society becomes, several factors unleash. The birthrate declines sharply, for as people become wealthier, women prefer not to have children. The poorest cultures have the greatest number of births because children take care of their parents. In our new age of socialism, government has replaced the family unit. Ask a girl under thirty in the United States if she wants to have children today and you are likely to get the answer, “No.” __

This phenomenon of societal “dumbing down” is taking place on all scales, from the neighborhood level to the global level. Fertility rates in low-IQ Africa, for example, continue to be high. Meanwhile the brighter, more prosperous and innovative nations of the west are not fertile enough to replace themselves.

Today’s research — from Iceland — takes a somewhat indirect approach, by looking at human genes that predispose persons to achieve higher educational goals. But “IQ genes” by any other name . . .

A study from Iceland is the latest to raise the prospect of a downwards spiral into imbecility. The research from deCODE, a genetics firm in Reykjavik, finds that groups of genes that predispose people to spend more years in education became a little rarer in the country from 1910 to 1975.

… Those who carried more “education genes” tended to have fewer children than others. This led the scientists to propose that the genes had become rarer in the population because, for all their qualifications, better educated people had contributed less than others to the Icelandic gene pool. __

This trend is not limited to Iceland, and has accelerated significantly since the genetic data in the study above was collected.

Bruce Charlton’s Online Book “The Genius Famine” explains more about the modern road to Idiocracy, and suggests some remedies.

Human reaction time (by mental chronometry) is slowing, over the decades. The correlation between reaction time and human intelligence is strong, providing a quick and easy way of measuring the ongoing decline in human IQ using mental chronometry.

The Future May Not Be Smart; But It Is Likely to Be Horny!

In the movie “Idiocracy,” it is the horny who inherit the Earth. Just so in real life. Higher fertility correlates with higher sex drive. And sex drive is one of the last functions to fade away in a declining brain — as long as the body is basically sound.

Give a human the choice between a drug that makes him horny and a drug that makes him think more clearly, and he will choose the horniness drug every time!

From research performed at Imperial College London:

The hormone kisspeptin can enhance activity in brain regions associated with sexual arousal and romantic love, according to new research. __

Scientists are closing in on the brain mechanisms of sexual desire, aphrodisia.

These days, drugs go from the research labs to the streets more quickly than government agencies can control. The combinations of working aphrodisiacs with virtual reality porn and high tech sexual devices, are likely to prove an irresistible temptation for modern youth — habits almost impossible to break. The inevitable result of stupid horny people is more stupid horny people.

In an Idiocracy, Voter Fraud is Commonplace

Under the US Clinton-Bush-Obama administrations, the dumbed-down Idiocracy has been building. Within corrupted states such as California, and cities-in-decay such as Philadelphia, Columbus, Cleveland, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore, DC, Chicago, etc., voter fraud has become routine in every election. Dead people and illegals are regularly registered and empowered to vote by precinct officials — often in close league with public labour unions and activist groups, such as the NAACP.

Public policies that have resulted from this Idiocratic and fraudulent voting system have accelerated the dumbing-down process appreciably. It has gone on for so long that we must now ask: “Is there anything that Donald Trump can do to stop this steamroller of an Idiocracy?”

The most important thing that Mr. Trump can do to slow the Idiocracy is to help create a more honest and rational society. Cleaning up corrupt government practises, reducing immigration from the third world, and making elections more secure and transparent would all be good places to start. Returning schools to their purpose as educational institutions rather than indoctrination centres would also be a useful change, as would exposing the partisanship of a mainstream news media that too often act as purveyors of grossly misleading propaganda. Finally, defunding institutions and organisations which promote violence, waste, and corruption — and destroy morale and honest ambition — should be a priority.

Having to correct the many mistakes of the dysfunctional US administrations of Clinton-Bush-Obama will slow the improvements to be made. On the other hand, Trump’s in-your-face approach to cleaning up government graft and intentional destruction by government policy, is a clear and refreshing contrast to government as the US has come to know it over much of the past 28 years.

How Can Trump Help the World Outside the US?

Most western nations have given up under the constant barrage of leftist propaganda, disinformation, and depraved policy of cultural demolition. For people in nations such as Sweden, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. to see the leader of a western government stand up proudly to defend western civilisation in the face of a leftist and Islamist onslaught, should be somewhat bracing — at least to those who still have some heart and backbone.

Likewise, the message to the nations of Europe and East Asia that they will need to be more responsible for their own defence and well-being, is a wakeup call that is long overdue — signaling the emergence from a prolonged post-WWII adolescence into a more grown-up approach to their own destinies. But is it already too late for Europe and East Asia?

Germany’s population is projected to fall by 10 million in less than 50 years, with nearly all of this fall concentrated within the working population. This is even after allowing for inward migration. On average, in many countries, families are having only slightly more than one child (for example, 1.4 in the case of Italy) and populations are in danger of collapse with far fewer workers supporting more pensioners. Portugal, Poland, Slovakia and Croatia are projected to see population falls of up to a quarter within the lifetime of today’s forty-year-olds. Outside the EU, Russia and Japan may see population implosion. Even over a shorter period, we can expect to see considerable population decline, and this is very much concentrated amongst the younger age groups. __ 18 Jan 2017

It isn’t clear whether Japan or Russia will disappear first. Russia is more likely to fragment, but Japan’s villages, small cities, and suburbs are disappearing a bit more rapidly.

In the mid-1990s Japan had a smaller proportion of over-65s than Britain or Germany. Thanks to an ultra-low birth rate, admirable longevity and a stingy immigration policy, it is now by far the oldest country in the OECD. And senescence is spreading to new areas. Many rural Japanese villages have been old for years, because young people have left them for cities. Now the suburbs are greying, too. __ Economist 7 Jan 2017

In the end, it comes down to the basic morale, competence, and sensibility of populations. If populations cannot learn to fend for themselves in the larger world without a big brother superpower watching over them, then perhaps they deserve to wither away over time, as is happening already.

Hope for the Best; Prepare for the Worst

The election of Donald Trump is not the crisis. Trump’s election is a belated response to a long-running crisis that has been purposely ignored by governments, media, universities, NGOs, foundations, political lobbies, environmental groups, churches, and other cultural institutions. Political correctness has made these institutions deaf and dumb, stupified and petrified. And so the coming Idiocracy was given a power it did not deserve.

Can enough people wake up and grow up in time to make a difference? In many nations of Europe and Latin America, we’re gonna need a lot more guillotines!

Or, perhaps a lot more phasers and photon torpedoes:

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6 Responses to Can Donald Trump Stop this Idiocracy from Happening?

  1. yoananda says:

    “For people in nations such as Sweden, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. to see the leader of a western government stand up proudly to defend western civilization in the face of a leftist and Islamist onslaught, should be somewhat bracing — at least to those who still have some heart and backbone.”

    I’m French (as you know).
    Yes Trump is great (again) ! lol
    But make no mistake, France is totally lost to lefist. It’s not my point of view, it’s what most of those who try resist are saying: France (by itself) is lost. I don’t know for the other european western countries. (estern european countries are preserved and don’t want to become like us)

    I can understand if you estimate it’s just defeatism. It is not.

    • alfin2101 says:

      I will not deny that the situation looks very grim from many parts of Europe, the Anglosphere, and other parts of the advanced world that are being crushed by demographic collapse and by invasion from the dysgenic third world.

      But think back into the not so distant past when maps of Europe looked quite different than those of today. What are France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and other European nations other than mismatched regions crammed together by fate, conquest, and accidental history?

      If the resistance needs a starting point, it only needs to look to the history of the country’s regions, at its geography, at its supply chains and potential allies from other regions and across national borders.

      The Dangerous Child method is a set of plans for raising the kind of citizen who will be able to function and prosper under the sort of challenges that most moderns would melt under.

      Politicians, bureaucrats, professional intellectuals and activists, mainstream journalists — all of these crooked factions want the ordinary people to bow down to authority and politicial correctness. Perhaps most will. But not everywhere, and not all. The potency of many of those who refuse to prostrate themselves will surprise the fat rats of Brussels and other complacent elites who are accustomed to always having it their own way.

      • yoananda says:

        Yes, sure, but there one huge difference: we do not make babies anymore.

        “But not everywhere, and not all. ”
        Like I said, I do not speak for other countries. I do not speak for europe.
        But in France: yes, it’s everywhere, everytime.
        “We” are trying, many of us, but we all conclude the same: France is “locked down”. Those who can leave the country to continue the struggle.

        I know it’s hard to believe because we all want to think “if we want, we can”. Yes, we can, but not in France …

        At least for the moment. In 10 ou 20 yr … who kowns.

  2. DJohn1 says:

    r-selection is winning, and will for the foreseeable future.

    • Jim says:

      But r-selection is self-limiting since eventually the welfare system collapses as not enough productive people are left to support it. Then comes Malthus – the population collapses and stabilizes at a subsistence level.

  3. Jim says:

    I’m not sure Japan is doomed. Because of their island nature and technological capabilities they may be able to avoid being overrun. Also I don’t think endless population growth in Japan is feasible. It is a very mountainous country with few natural resources and only about 3% of the land is arable.

    If Japan were to resume a high rate of population growth it would soon have to become expansionist as it was in the early part of the twentieth century. That didn’t end so well.

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