Should Journalists be Assassinated?

Update: Must read article on the crisis in journalism in the age of Trump

Hillary Clinton Wanted to Assassinate Assange Source

Hillary Clinton Wanted to Assassinate Julian Assange

When Putin or Duterte Kill Journalists, We Are Not Surprised

But now American journalists are accusing brand new US President Donald Trump of plotting to kill them! Perhaps this is their guilty conscience speaking, since a number of journalists and other celebrities have tweeted for and privately called for President Trump to be assassinated. Or perhaps this fear of Trump by news media is due to a presumed close relationship between Trump and Russian President Putin — a man strongly believed to be guilty of multiple assassinations of critical journalists and members of the political opposition.

Another trigger-happy president, Philippine President Duterte, seems to be taking a page out of Putin’s playbook when he threatens to assassinate “corrupt journalists” in his own country. But it is not such a stretch of credibility to believe he means what he says, considering all of the blood on his hands up to this point.

The Media is Running Scared, Committed to a Full-Scale “War Against Trump”

Having failed to prevent Donald Trump from being elected and assuming the presidency, a highly partisan media is doing everything it can to “paint reality” in such a way that President Trump will have difficulty achieving most of his goals to “drain the DC swamp” of corruption and opaque insider deal-making. Since the media has played an integral part in hiding and obscuring corrupt and under-the-table deal and policy-making, it is natural for such an institution to resent any newcomer who threatens to disrupt a profitable influence racket.

Despite the fact that more people trust Trump than trust the media, we see an increasingly frantic and overwrought media concocting plots and outrages which exist within their own minds and nowhere else. Of course, this is nothing new for the “fake news” media, but it is reaching levels of extreme delusion. Perhaps a case could be made for journalistic euthanasia in some cases? 😉

In Russia Journalists are Killed for Telling the Truth; In the US, the Telling of Lies Would be the More Likely Reason

Whenever an institution such as the media betrays a public trust by entering into a dishonest, corrupt, and totally partisan pact with groups of people dedicated to destroying the constitutional basis of a nation such as the US — for selfish reasons of influence and gain — that institution deserves the closest scrutiny. When the fabric of reality is being distorted so badly by an institution that is granted license and excluvisity by government to present a more or less objective perspective of events in the world, severe consequences to that institution should be expected. But should journalists and media owners/executive who are guilty of distorting the truth in such a way as to cause harm to individuals and the public be assassinated?

There is a Difference Between Distorting Reality to an Adult and Twisting the Reality of a Child

One assumes that by the time a person grows to be an adult, he should be able to decide what he wishes to watch, read, or listen to. If he chooses to listen to viewpoints that are presented in a partisan and dishonest manner, that is his choice alone. If he, as an adult, takes such dishonest viewpoints too seriously and commits an act of violence or criminality, we generally hold the perpetrator of the crime himself to account, rather than the dishonest “fake news” media.

Things are Different When a Child or Youth is Indoctrinated with Disinformation

School teachers, coaches, and staff hold positions of responsibility over the child which are subject to abuse.  Therefore parents and members of the community must keep a close eye on what is being said and done within their schools. If teachers, coaches, or staff abuse their positions in order to indoctrinate and warp young minds before their independence of thought is established — or worse, if by their actions they delay or prevent the child or youth from developing true independence of thought — harsher punishments toward educational personnel should be considered, than might be considered toward a journalist who treats mainly with the minds of adults.

Likewise, members of various media which are oriented particularly toward the entertainment and edification of youth, should be held to a stricter responsibility than members of media which are oriented primarily toward adults. In other words, publishers of juvenile fiction or producers of films for children, should be held more closely responsible for works that distort reality in pursuit of political correctness or ideological purity.

Questions to Ask About Journalism, Works of Nonfiction, and Works of Fiction

When examining works of journalism, we need to ask whether the work reflects a likely reality, and whether honest effort was made to incorporate multiple honest points of view into the piece, without overtly biasing the reader or viewer.  We expect journalists to be biased, so we are all fore-warned.

For works of nonfiction, we need to ask the same questions. In addition, since the expectation of bias in writers of nonfiction is not as strong, we always must consciously look and ask whether the writer or producer has made his own bias clear to the reader or viewer. If not, why not?

For works of fiction, much more leeway is allowed to writers, although we should all know that fiction is an ideal propaganda vehicle. Within fiction, subtle biases — both overt and covert —  may occur at various levels within text and subtext, and in other parts of the story.

In the modern age, when works of fiction are too often mislabeled as works of journalism or works of nonfiction, close fact checking and dispassionate scrutiny are all the more important.

Should Journalists be Assassinated?

Not for telling the truth, never for that. When a scheming journalist knowingly perpetrates a falsehood that results in tangible harm to persons or communities, points of law are likely to enter into the equation. But since assassination is an extra-legal act, assassination is not called for in such cases.

It is possible that some journalists could through the abuse of their art, engineer an outrage of sufficient catastrophic result that they deserve the severest punishment allowable. Such decisions are best left to duly instituted authority.

The Media’s “War Against Trump” is Reaching Hysterical Proportions

Anti-Trump hysteria on the part of the media has been apparent ever since Trump won the Republican nomination in August of 2016. But the drumbeat of media hysteria continues to be amplified and accelerated to the point that a level of complete unhinged media derangement cannot be far off, if it is not already here.

The best approach to a media so disconnected with reality, and so deeply corrupted by partisanship and the need to control the minds of others, is to turn it off completely. Any special privileges given to such a media by governments of any level and by society at large, should be suspended totally and immediately.

The same remedy applies to schools which seek to distort and twist the realities of children and youth. Once it is clear that the situation is beyond remedy, such schools should be defunded — and children of responsible parents and guardians should be withdrawn at once and placed in better rounded educational environments.

The Swamp That President Trump Has Been Talking About is Real

It needs to be drained and disinfected, and something built in its place that contributes to an abundant and expansive human future. No one really knows all that such a job will entail if done well, but it is past time to begin.

Not by using tools such as assassination, but rather by shining bright lights in dark places and taking the type of corrective action that would normally be required, even if the corrupt persons involved do happen to be very wealthy, powerful, and influential persons.

This is the last thing the news media wants — true transparency at high levels of government, media, academia, and other institutions of society. But it is what “draining the swamp” will demand, from the onset.

Mainstream media: A Fakenews Extravaganza

What to do about George Soros, feeder of the flames of hysteria and violence


We can all agree that a very high stakes game is being played. But is the game chess…

Trump is playing the kind of game that I was taught to play by my coach. His opponents are never given time to mount an attack. Their queen – the MSM has been removed from the board and their favorite piece – the Celebrities are locked in a war of attrition while Trump gets the rest of his pieces on the board. Remember, these are all Tactics but Strategy flows from Tactics. Sooner or later the Left will find itself in some terrible position and the Strategy to drain the swamp will present itself. __

… or is the game poker?

If you’ve been playing poker for 30 minutes and you don’t know who the sucker is … it’s you. We are — all of us, without exception — being played. That doesn’t mean we stop playing the game, whether it’s the game of markets or the game of citizenship. It means, though, that we resolve not to be the sucker. That we turn a clear eye to the stories that others tell us and the stories that we tell ourselves. That we demand to be treated as the rightful, autonomous owners of our identities, and we extend that right to others. __

Probably a portion of both. The mainstream skankstream media has had things their own way for so long that they cannot be sure whether they are still doing the manipulating or whether they themselves are being manipulated by a better player. The same is true for leftist strategists across the board, from media to academia to foundations to thinktanks to NGOs to environmental activists to foreign leaders to corrupt billionaires who are attempting to shape the world to their liking, no matter who suffers.

It’s going to be a ride like we have not seen for many years.

When Media Join the Zombie Horde

When Media Are Widely Known as Part of the Zombie Horde

Like lawyers, professors, and politicians, journalists cannot help but exaggerate, and often lie outright. But if they cannot tone down their tendency to obfuscate and mislead, some dark night the boogeyman of consequences will come to call. Then, their habitual bullshite will not work as a defence.

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  1. Lab Guy says:

    I always marvel at the way Trump baits the media and then plays their second rate a___es like a fine violin. Real clever of Trump to bait them with the inauguration crowd numbers for an entire week while he wrote up a number of EO’s in the background and moved forward as fast as possible.

  2. Improbus says:

    Should Bloggers be Assassinated?

    Think about it for a second and realize that the worm will turn eventually and your ‘Dear Leader’ will be out of office or dead (he is 70) and the opposition will be in charge with the previous administrations tools. Do you really want to go down this path?

    • alfin2101 says:

      Exactly. It is far better to clean up the government and other institutions of society by using legal means than to begin killing each other. If only the left would now come down to Earth and discover that basic reality and stop inciting violent riots and tweeting in favour of assassinations!

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