Pity the Accursed Black Man in the Age of White Privilege

Beneath the Blood, Beneath the Bones: The Abiding Curse

Africa Unplugged Why is Darkest Africa so Dark?

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The Dark Curse of Eternal Night

It is the sad misfortune of African-derived black people to be eternally saddled with a debilitating curse. The curse runs so deeply through the very marrow of black Africans — and bodes so ill for their future — that in the modern era of Orwellian “political correctness,” it has become invisible. Instead, the talking points theme for the masses has become the mirror image of the black curse: “white privilege.”

As yet another US Black History Month draws to a close, it is instructive to delve beneath the surface layer of words in an attempt to understand the mechanisms underneath, which drive much of what we see.

White Privilege is Real, But What is it Really?

White privilege: Barack Obama has it, Eric Holder has it, Colin Powell has it, and so do many more. Let’s look more closely.

The 5 women below enjoyed white privilege, although curiously, they are usually referred to as “black”:

Great Moments in "Black History" via TWCS

Great Moments in “Black History”
via TWCS

The above 5 women are acclaimed as being the first black female PhD, the first black female college professor, the first black female federal judge, the first black female State Supreme Court justice, and the first black female bank president respectively. Can you spot the “white privilege?” If not, it is because it runs deep beneath the skin, blood, and bones where the eyes cannot normally see.

These 5 men also enjoyed white privilege, although for political purposes they are most often considered “black”:

Great Moments in Black History Source

Great Moments in Black History

These 5 men comprised the first black cardiologist, the first black American Surgery Board member, the first black man to earn a BA, the first black man to earn a PhD, and the first black man to graduate Harvard, respectively. The “white privilege” these men enjoyed is likewise buried deeply within them.

White privilege exists, but only in relation to the sad accursedness of more unfortunate populations. In relative terms, people of European derivation are at a distinct advantage to persons of African derivation — in a modern world of sophisticated science and technology. This dispositional advantage is automatically converted in the course of time to greater achievement, larger wealth, higher positions, and a plausible outlook for ever grander achievement and expansion off the home planet into the rest of the solar system and eventually beyond.

Black Accursedness Leaves Black People Few Long-Term Options

Black Administered Societies Tend to Fail

… no one will talk about the painful fact that most African and Caribbean nations have either failed or are about to collapse.


Detroit in Ruins

Detroit in Ruins

African populations cannot produce enough engineers, scientists, systems technologists, medical researchers and practitioners, skilled manufacturers, technologically savvy entrepreneurs, honest politicians and law enforcement personnel, maintenance experts, or other competent persons needed to advance a high-tech society. Worse, such populations cannot even maintain such societies as they inherit. Thus they are doomed to an eternal death spiral such as we have seen in Zimbabwe, are seeing in South Africa, and are beginning to see in select cities and regions of Europe — which has imported dysfunctional populations under the smokescreen of “compassion.”

Occupations and IQ Requirements Average US Black IQ is 85

Occupations and IQ Requirements
For Reference: Average US Black IQ is 85
Average African Black IQ is 75

Those Who Can Do

Distinct human breeding populations evolved under drastically different conditions around the world. Natural selection placed different sets of problems in front of different breeding populations over the hundred thousand years in which different populations developed distinct external physical characteristics — and internal physiological adaptations. These populations did not solve the same evolutionary problems in the same ways: Himalayan tribes developed ways of surviving at high altitudes which are quite distinct from the physiological adaptations which Andean peoples evolved for the same purpose.

IQ by Race North America _ Wikipedia

IQ by Population Group _ Wikipedia

Cognitive evolution likewise displayed divergence, as the set of cognitive challenges for persons living in tropical zones was quite different from the set of cognitive challenges for persons living in temperate and high latitude zones. Cognitive capacities tended to “evolve upwardly” or “evolve downwardly” to match the level of cognitive challenge presented by the environment. Significant divergent evolution took place even over surprisingly short time spans.

Map of the World Reveals the Curse and its Economic Results

Economic Success Correlates With National Average IQ More at VDare

Economic Success Correlates With National Average IQ
More at VDare

The consequences of low average intelligence and poor prefrontal executive functions is open to scrutiny for anyone with the courage and the aptitude to study and understand it. Low IQ/EF societies cannot build sophisticated technology infrastructures, and if low IQ/EF populations inherit such infrastructure, it will rapidly decay without help from a residual “smart fraction” or from interested outsiders.

“As soon as we have problems, we ask someone else to take care of them for us,” Isaac continued. “We ask the Europeans. We ask the Americans. We ask the Chinese. We will run this train into the ground, and then we will tell the Chinese we need another one. This is not development.” I thought of the wreckage by the tracks. In China, there is no such thing as metallic waste. Armies of migrant workers scour the countryside with hammers and chisels, collecting and selling every scrap to the insatiable smelters that feed the country’s industries. Here, by contrast, was a land without industry. __ Atlantic

The “Black Curse” is Low IQ / Poor EF

Conversely, “white privilege” is relatively higher IQ (up to 80% heritable) and relatively stronger EF (up to 90% heritable). Although these comparisons are only valid in terms of side by side statistical analyses of large population groups, the real world consequences are stark and clear.

Can Anything be Done?

It is very possible that some of the problem with low IQ in black Africa can be mitigated by improvements in a number of environmental factors, such as nutrition, education, environmental enrichment, and a decrease of the in-group corruption that infests African societies so thoroughly.

But we also see that wherever blacks enjoy near-optimal nutrition, educational opportunity, and rule of law, they fail statistically to reach the same levels of achievement as other population groups who enjoy the same benefits.

SAT Scores by Family Income by Race Source

SAT Scores by Family Income by Race

The average American black IQ is 85, an improvement of 10 IQ points from the black African average. This is likely to represent a large part of the phenotype improvements possible within the African derived genotype. It is likely that other means to improve black average IQs will be found, over time. But in terms of “the gap,” as demonstrated in the graphic above, an imminent closing does not appear likely.

White Privilege is Real, Deep, and Invisible

And so we see that just as the “black curse” is real, deep, and invisible, so is white privilege. But it is important that we penetrate the surface deceptions of academics, journalists, politicians, activists, and other corrupt groups.

It is still not clear how much of “white privilege” and “black accursedness” resides within the genes, and how much comes from relative cultural functionality and dysfunctionality. In fact, the more we learn about gene expression, the harder it is to distinguish between culture and the mass effect of different genes in different breeding populations. Genes underlie culture, and culture affects breeding and gene expression. Both must be examined scrupulously, courageously, without holding back.

In North America, black culture is steeped in victimhood, and loudly demands reparations, preferential treatment, and a generally lifelong pampering far beyond what most reasonable persons of above average intelligence would consider beneficial for the long-term prospects of civil discourse and economic viability for society. We see the same cultural sickness spreading into muslim and black immigrant communities in Europe — which is one reason why populist anti-immigrant movements are experiencing a strong resurgence in old tired Europe.

As long as any high-achieving populations still exist that are willing to tolerate and fund the “pity party” of African-derived blacks, the party can go on. But it is a party that never gets anywhere, and acts as a perpetual drag on the society that is forced to finance it.

The Modern Story of Conquest has Much of the Trojan Horse Aspect to It

If not for leftist enablers of dysfunctional immigration from the impoverished third world to the more developed worlds, the prospects for an abundant and expansive human future would be far better. But western societies contain a fatal ideological flaw of self-hatred and faux compassion (disguised blind self-righteous obtuseness), which opens the door to cultural devastation and decay.

Long-term prospects for many nations of Europe and the Anglosphere are not good, unless they can tighten restrictions on incoming persons of low IQ, violent tendencies, and poor impulse control. Bad immigration is equivalent to a poisoning of the well, which cannot be easily unpoisoned.

It Should be Clear that “Accursedness” and “Privilege” are Relative Terms

Multicultural societies always stratify by historical breeding groups when examining factors such as IQ, crime, wealth, academic and professional achievement, etc. This should tell even the most obtuse leftist something about what is going on. In the US, the lines of stratification are usually drawn between East Asian, European, “Hispanic”, and Black populations. But in North America, the “mixed race” category is growing ever larger. If you take away the corrupt governmental advantages of claiming one racial category or another, the “mixed” category is likely to drift away from the current racial standoff.

As for the future, hang onto your hats. US and UK voters have expressed their discontent with the ongoing trends. Voters of various nations within old Europe will soon have a chance to express their own feelings at the polls. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.


Human perception influenced by perceived effort. Genetically programmed to laziness?

Maths aptitude and maths anxiety influenced by genes More

Can gene editing help? In the short term, caution should be foremost. In the longer term, gene editing is likely to be used more frequently to influence gene expression in embryos, children, and adults.

Where the black curse reigns, murder is found.

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