Venezuela: The True Face of Bernie Sanders

Venezuela is the true face of civil collapse. Compared to that socialist paradise, the US is the picture of domestic tranquility.

Food and Medicine Shortages Desperate Socialism in Action

Food and Medicine Shortages Desperate
Socialism in Action

5 Years Ago Bernie Sanders Said that Venezuela is the True American Dream

In an essay lamenting what he described as the intractable income inequality of the American economy, Senator Sanders declared: “These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger.”

Despite receiving trillions of dollars in oil revenue over recent decades, Venezuela is in the midst of an unprecedented economic collapse, owing precisely to the redistributionist programs that Sanders has extolled as a model for the U.S. economy. Grocery store shelves are barren, hospitals have no access to vital medicines, rationing is under way, and riots have begun to coalesce in the streets of Caracas.

Ecuador’s President, Rafael Correa, is preparing to leave a country mired in a deep recession and facing a currency crisis. Like Venezuela, Ecuador has been ruled by a socialist government that was able to subsidize its social engineering projects through oil revenues. The end of the oil boom has left the government without the means of paying for its programs, and as Correa prepares to leave office – most likely turning it over to Vice President Lenin Moreno – he used a recent earthquake as a pretext for a huge tax increase.

Argentina, the third of Sanders’ economic role models, is a country with immense natural and industrial wealth that has seen its economy strip-mined by a kleptocratic government. Under President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the government’s official statistics agency, Indec, released a steady stream of fabrications to disguise the country’s decline – which were accepted at face value by credulous people like Bernie Sanders. __ Sanders’ Words Come Back to Haunt

Bernie Got Angry in 2016 When Asked About Venezuela by Univision

Sanders… has built his campaign on Chavez-esque class warfare and has similar proposals to massively expand the size of government. If Sanders’s socialist ideology was correct, then Venezuela would be a utopian paradise. But reality suggests otherwise. __ Sanders’ Avoids Acknowledging Results of His Own Policies

Of course he got angry. He is a socialist, among a group of corrupt and hypocritical politicians whose policies lead directly to ruin. It is the nature of politicians to lie and obfuscate, then to get angry when they are called to face their own words.

Bernie Was Not Alone in Praising Venezuela — Before the Inevitable Deluge

Dead Socialist Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez was praised throughout his life by many figures in academia, journalism and Hollywood despite his brutal regime.

This praise included Salon writer David Sirota’s piece after the leader’s death, titled “Hugo Chavez’s economic miracle.” In British publication The New Statesman, a headline as Chavez was nearing death in January 2013 was “Hugo Chavez: Man against world,” and its sub-headline read “As illness ends Hugo Chavez’s rule in Venezuela, what will his legacy be? Richard Gott argues he brought hope to a continent.” __ Praise from the Left, and Ruin of Venezuela

Caracas is the most murderous and destitute city on the planet — a perfect model of socialism in a multicultural society. Flush with oil but bare of opportunity, flooded with corruption. A socialist’s paradise to rival North Korea or Cuba.

What is socialism in Latin America?

[It happens when] the government taxes, loots, plunders, and confiscates wealth and regulates and controls economic activity. In doing so, it prevents wealth from accumulating. It keeps people poor. __ Enforced Socialism and Death in Haiti

This is what Bernie Sanders promotes in his hypocritical and opportunist quest to “equalise.”

Is Young America Falling for Socialism?

Respected demographic writer Joel Kotkin thinks that more and more young Americans are drifting back to a once discredited and unworkable system as a result of the trendy insider fad falling in behind Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. Other journalists throw cold water on such projections, and suggest that “big government” is becoming ever less popular among the young, judging by their actions in toto.

Under normal circumstances, young adulthood is the time when youthful sentiments are replaced by hard but workable strategies for succeeding — and procreating — in the real world. Under the Obama – Bush – Clinton dynasty, a destructive socialist undertow has taken over much of media, academia, and the Deep State of government bureaucrats and their wealthy crony enablers in the corporate and financial sectors. Young people are never exposed to the full range of ideas, for fear that they may learn to think for themselves.

It is natural to have socialist tendencies when one is young. “If at age twenty one is not a socialist, he has no heart. If at age thirty he is still a socialist, he has no brain.” Traditionally, young socialists who examine the real world more closely in adulthood, begin to grow out of the more impressionable sentiments of childhood and youth.

Unfortunately, youth are enmeshed so deeply in the ubiquitous and invisible leftist indoctrination, and distracted by brain numbing entertainments – social media – internet echo chambres etc., that they never read the books their minds need in order to build a foundation of human thought. Incapable of independent thought, they are prey to the professional elites who for the most part control the public thought waves.

Bernie Sanders is the Shepherd

The sheep are those who take him seriously. Venezuela is their destination.

Remember: Sanders is a US Senator (no administrative responsibility or expertise) from a tiny, sparsely populated state. Vermont’s population is largely lefty-green and can be accurately described as an “echo chambre” in terms of mentality. Sanders himself is a lifelong political activist and leftist revolutionary. He has no constructive agenda beyond revolution.

There is no evidence that Sanders took a bribe from the Clinton campaign, despite the fact that he bought a $600,000 summer home (more than his declared personal net worth) soon after endorsing the former Arkansas lawyer for US President.

More: Sweden is collapsing under a violent load of Muslim migrants

We have 50 no-go zones acknowledged by the National Criminal Investigation Service, and a crime wave so severe that Swedish MPs are excoriating the prime minister for “allowing Sweden to crumble into a lawless state.” __ Source

Besides Venezuela, Sweden is another foreign state in crisis which Sanders claims to admire.

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