The Incredible Shrinking Left

“We have to teach [people] how to communicate, how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white.”


The Left’s increasingly violent protesters are Trump’s greatest allies. This reaction by the American public is logical and just, contributing to the long stability of our society.


The Great Leftist Temper Tantrum Backfires

Beaten and Pepper Sprayed by Privileged Young Leftists
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Peaceful marchers are beaten and pepper sprayed by leftist thugs. Is George Soros happy with his handiwork?

Leftists in media, the Deep State, and on university campuses have gone into full derangement panic, as they rage from temper tantrum to temper tantrum — behaving simultaneously as thugs and spoiled children. They should not be surprised if such behaviours cause public opinion to turn against them.

[Leftists] mystified by the election of Donald Trump might look to the Middlebury assault—in which Charles Murray was shouted down and physically pursued as he left campus while the professor escorting him was attacked and put in a neck brace—for a slice of the explanation. The answer may lie less in the grotesque conduct of college students awash in—wait for it, wait for it—privilege than in what the impassioned youth never said. __ Liberty Law Site

Are they trying to start a “civil war?” Apparently, yes. But so far much restraint has been shown toward these pampered groupthinking flecks of excrement and their backers. We can hope that provocateurs of violence such as Soros, Obama, mainstream media execs, Deep State operatives, university administrators and professors, and persons in both the Bernie Sanders camp and the Hillary Clinton camp will not get their fondest wish for large-scale bloodletting.

Some of this leftist outrage is clearly staged, astroturfed and financed by political saboteurs. But much of the violent and oppressive behaviour by leftists is a result of emerging threats to their power base and an eroding of their control of public speech and finance. The ability of mainstream media, Deep State bureaucracy, and university thugs to shut down free speech is becoming attenuated in the age of Trump. More on intolerant leftist bullying on campus.

The Left Expected to Control Speech, Policymaking, and Public Funding Indefinitely

Everything had been going so well for the anti-western left during the 8 years of Obama’s imperial reign. It has been a desperate shock to their systems to have to face the unhappy victims of their incompetent management, in the form of a populist democratic backlash. Reality sucks for those who cannot handle the truth of their own inadequacies and slippery grasp of the actual mechanisms of the real world. Fantasy ideologies eventually destroy those who never bothered to grow beyond their absurdist and delusional logic structures.

It Takes At Least 2 Years for Meaningful Reform to Kick In

When Ronald Reagan was elected almost 37 years ago, his much-needed reforms to the badly corrupted system of US governance took roughly 2 years to bring about a radical resurgence in prosperity and morale which lasted almost 20 years. The expected Clinton collapse never happened, thanks to the 1994 mid-term elections and the radical reformist congress which helped to reinforce and extend Reagan’s earlier reforms. It took over 10 years for Bill Clinton’s time bomb to go off.

The Clinton-Bush-Obama dynasty of incompetence has finally brought the corrupt zombie government back into a dominant position, and it is likely that violent turbulence in the system will result from any honest efforts to reform the Deep State and its many deadly tendrils extending into media, academia, the corporate culture, and all other cultural institutions.


Leftist media bubble exposed

The leftist bubble-reality encompasses most of media, social sciences and humanities in universities, Deep Government, nonprofit foundations, activist lobbies, NGOs, and the diversity racket penetrating all of the above as well as corporations. Consensus groupthink makes idiots of entire generations. Only those trained in sceptical contrarianism — such as Dangerous Children — will easily see through the ideological blinders worn by virtually everyone else.

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4 Responses to The Incredible Shrinking Left

  1. bob sykes says:

    It is notable that the leftist riots are restricted to the 50 or 60 counties of the Clinton Archipelago where leftists have complete control of all the institutions, including specifically the universities, local government, police and news media. None of the riots have occurred anywhere else, which to me indicates just how weak they are. Turchin’s prediction of wide-spread political violence in the 2020s may not come true. The violence may be concentrated as it is now in the Archipelago.

    • Jim says:

      What needs to be done is to withdraw all government support for the humanities or “social sciences”. Without government subsidy much of the left would collapse into irrelevance.

  2. swampie says:

    Dang. It tells me that if I want to avoid being kicked around by spoiled brats, I should concealed carry. Which is probably why crap like that doesn’t happen here.

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