What is “The Deep State?”

Does the Deep State Exist?

“Of course, the deep state exists. There’s a permanent state of massive bureaucracies that do whatever they want and set up deliberate leaks to attack the president,” said Gingrich, a Trump confidant, according to the Associated Press.

“This is what the deep state does: They create a lie, spread a lie, fail to check the lie and then deny that they were behind the lie,” he added. __ Newt Gingrich quoted by Associated Press

Following the March 2017 WikiLeaks release of thousands of CIA related files, interest in “The Deep State” has spiked sharply. What is the Deep State, and why are people becoming interested in how it works?

The Deep State is an extremely powerful network that controls nearly everything around you. You won’t read about it in the news because it controls the news. Politicians won’t talk about it publicly. That would be like a mobster discussing murder and robbery on the 6 o’clock news. You could say the Deep State is hidden, but it’s only hidden in plain sight. __Doug Casey

Doug Casey focuses on the concept of “control.” The example he gives refers to control of information, many other types of control can be exerted by persons of power — both “hidden in plain sight” as well as hidden behind multiple layers of misdirection and obfuscation.

Despite what you might be told, the origins of the term “Deep State” came to the US from overseas.

The term “deep state” originated in Turkey, referring to a network of individuals in multiple branches of government with ties to ex-generals, officials, and organized crime—existing without the knowledge of other military officials or politicians. The term has also been used in places like Egypt, pre-war Syria, and Pakistan, according to international relations experts. __ What is the Deep State?

The author of the article above focuses on a broader view of the Deep State, which reaches outside of government to include organised crime.

Blogger and author Charles Hugh Smith focuses the Deep State’s influence on information flows:

The Deep State is fundamentally the public-private centralized nodes that collect, archive and curate dominant narratives and their supporting evidence, and disseminate these narratives (and their implicit teleologies) to the public via the media and to the state agencies via formal and informal inter-departmental communication channels. __ Of Two Minds

That is fine, as far as it goes, but it should be clear to most readers that as useful as control of information flow is to the puppetmasters of the Deep State, the strings of power and control extend far beyond the mere control of public information flows to include several agencies of government law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and much more.

Media outlets such as The New York Times and the The New Yorker have recently gone on record to deny the very existence of the Deep State. But fewer and fewer members of the reading public seem inclined to believe these mainstream information sources, perhaps because they have been caught in too many lies.

According to a New York Times columnist, Max Fisher, the deep state is not real, and there would be real consequences for blaming the Trump’s administrative problems on the deep state if it does not exist. (What Happens When You Fight a ‘Deep State’ That Doesn’t Exist? – March 10, 2017). Unfortunately, there has recently been too much written about shadowy alternative government operatives of a “Deep State” within the federal bureaucracy in the United States to try now to pretend it does not exist. __ Denial of the Deep State

The Deep State is In Constant Turmoil, at War With Itself

It is clear that large media outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post willingly lend themselves to the propaganda arm of the Deep state. When they are not denying the existence of the Deep State, they may willingly play a part in attacking participants within the Deep State which may “need to be exposed and disciplined” by other parts of TDS, should they be seen to become too powerful or independent.

In a special series in The Washington Post called “Top Secret America,” Dana Priest and William K. Arkin described the scope of the privatized Deep State and the degree to which it has metastasized after the September 11 attacks. There are now 854,000 contract personnel with top-secret clearances — a number greater than that of top-secret-cleared civilian employees of the government. While they work throughout the country and the world, their heavy concentration in and around the Washington suburbs is unmistakable: Since 9/11, 33 facilities for top-secret intelligence have been built or are under construction. Combined, they occupy the floor space of almost three Pentagons — about 17 million square feet. Seventy percent of the intelligence community’s budget goes to paying contracts. And the membrane between government and industry is highly permeable: The Director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper, is a former executive of Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the government’s largest intelligence contractors. His predecessor as director, Admiral Mike McConnell, is the current vice chairman of the same company; Booz Allen is 99 percent dependent on government business. These contractors now set the political and social tone of Washington, just as they are increasingly setting the direction of the country, but they are doing it quietly, their doings unrecorded in the Congressional Record or the Federal Register, and are rarely subject to congressional hearings. __ Anatomy of the Deep State

Such Deep States tend to burrow so deeply into the flows of information, power, and money, that the only way to rid a society of its Deep State is through popular revolution, radical coup, or unconditional surrender in war.

Why a State Within a State Almost Always Exists

Behind most governments one can usually find a group of men who pull the strings. This has been true throughout the human history of national and city-state governments. But it is also the case that thestate within a state is usually divided within itself. There are always factions vying for more power, influence, and wealth.

Rather than be surprised by the existence of a powerful and influential Deep State, the intelligent reader would be surprised if such a thing did not exist. Clearly, the mechanisms by which wealth, power, and influence arise are not uniformly dispersed through populations and geographic areas. Luck, chance, blood relations, marital ties, inheritance, and just winning “the genetic lottery” can all play a part in a person or family rising within a given society. Not all wealthy, powerful, and influential persons/families choose to join the “conspiracy du jour” of the inner circle. Some were purposely excluded — such as wealthy Jews in the German Third Reich. Such Jews were stripped of their wealth by the Nazi government, and thus inadvertently their lives’ work became seeds of the destruction of much of Europe and millions of fellow Jews. Other wealthy persons/families may have preferred to live in peace outside of the constant squabbling for power. Such persons were often overpowered and stripped of their wealth by revolutions, wars, or by others in their own society who had more influence with the inner circle (the Deep State).

The United States Had a Long Run as an Opportunity Society

In history, the United States was a radical exception to “business as usual” since its beginnings. Because of its strict adherence to rule of law, the US became the world’s “opportunity society” for almost two centuries before the massive growth of a monster bureaucracy combined with a powerful Deep State to sap the natural strengths of the American people while pursuing a world of perpetual war and disorder.

The American “long run as an opportunity society” may be over unless the Trump administration can reverse many of the power grabs committed under US administrations as far back as 60 years ago or more. Many of Trump’s cabinet picks came from outside of government. This is a good sign. Most Trump picks are also wealthy, which by itself says nothing about their integrity or commitment to reducing the chokehold of government on the citizens’ constitutional rights.

Big business is not the same thing as Deep State, nor are the very rich necessarily complicit with the corrupt inner circle of puppetmasters who control the Deep State. It is crucial to watch what people in power actually do, rather than be influenced by Deep State accounts of what powerful people are doing. Most Americans are in deep thrall to Deep State propagandists without even knowing it. Such propagandists do not need to be extensions of the American Deep State. They can easily be extensions of the Russian Deep State, the Chinese Deep State, or the International Deep State that is largely centered in Europe, personified by George Soros.

An Opportunity State is Offensive to the Deep State

People such as Soros expend vast sums of money to defeat the US opportunity society, so as to eliminate powerful obstacles to their own particular interests. In a nation such as the US, where turnover of private wealth and power is so rapid and violent that most members of the 1955 Fortune 500 list have dropped off the list and been replaced by upstarts, the rise of wealth and power is still somewhat unpredictable.

The Deep State does not like unpredictability, particularly when that unpredictability risks their own power and wealth in the future. Thus the International Deep State tends to ally with those portions of the American Deep State which want to eliminate America’s natural opportunity and unpredictability.

For Those Who Work Toward an Abundant and Expansive Human Future . . .

It should be clear that the string-pulling puppetmasters of the various Deep States of Europe, North America, Eurasia, and elsewhere, do not wish to lay the foundations of an abundant and expansive human future. Deep State ties with $billion environmental groups whose aim is to destroy reliable sources of energy and electric power — replacing them with unreliable and unaffordable energy sources — reveal their long term goals for the human future.

When the Deep State controls all access to energy, fuel, health care, employment, financial income of all types, entrepreneurial opportunities, and access to all critical infrastructure, you can kiss the opportunity society goodbye. You will only get the crumbs the Deep State allows you, and you will only hear the reasons why such covert rationing of all kinds is necessary, via Deep State propaganda outlets.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

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