Trump & Media Clown Show Obscures Frantic Movement Behind Scenes

Note: Donald Trump has been US President for fewer than 3 months. During this time the news and entertainment media have attacked Trump for what he has done, for what he has promised but failed yet to do, for things he is said to have done which are most unlikely, for supposed thoughts he may have had, for fantasies that exist only in the minds of his attackers . . . Into that climate of near-universal attack against Trump by media, academia, celebrities, Deep State government bureaucracy, and elitists of all stripes and polka-dots — Trump himself frequently portrays himself in a clownish way, particularly through his tweeting style.

Trump’s Clownish Tweets Feed Media Puppet Frenzy; Backstage Reality Ignored

Send in the Clowns
Watch the Trump & Media Puppet Show; Pay No Attention to What Happens Behind the Curtain

US President Donald Trump is driving the puppets and circus animals in the media to a mad frenzy, keeping them distracted with a flamboyant White House clown show. But strangely — and largely unreported — something quite different is taking place behind the scenes.

President Trump has been working quietly but vigorously to strengthen US commerce and industry, and to fend off a number of foreign threats that have been building over the past 30 years. Most of this work involves signing executive orders to undo as much of the damage caused by his predecessors as possible.

Most of the Trump team’s quiet, almost nonstop activity has not been noted by large media. Instead the media has been obsessed by imaginary Russian election omnipotence, Ivanka’s fashion line, a failed early cooperative attempt with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to reform the imploding Obamacare health insurance debacle, and other ultimately inconsequential distractions and fabrications.

Despite the childish media hoopla, Trump is doing his job, day in and day out, mostly through the executive branch. Eventually he will need to work more actively with the legislative branch on larger issues such as tax reform and cutting back the bureaucracy in a radical way. And it goes without saying that those legislators who value the exceptional American Constitution — both Democrat and Republican — will need to step up to the plate and stop hiding behind the Trump extravaganza.

Here is a bare surface look at some of Trump’s recent achievements:

  1. President Trump has begun to dismantle former president Obama’s destructive energy and environmental policies. Details
  2. President Trump signed four bills into law to help chip away at crippling government over-regulation
  3. Trump continues to sign executive orders targeting foreign trade abuses
  4. Trump is moving Federal courts closer to the US Constition via judicial appointments to Federal Courts
  5. Groundwork for better border security at the US : Mexico frontier has been laid
  6. Important tax reform is in the works (Details on corporate tax reform)
  7. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has begun applying pressure to US cities and jurisdictions that harbour illegal aliens. Details
  8. Reining in the Corrupt United Nations Details
  9. Modernising the US military
  10. Making it easier for law enforcement to fight crime
  11. A White House Office of American Innovation has been created
  12. Several major manufacturers have announced new US plants or expansions at present ones
  13. Moved to rescind near monopoly by Google and Facebook for internet advertising
  14. More background:

    Undoing the Obama legacy

    Much work to do

    Manufacturers more optimistic under Trump

    Attacking Trade Abuses As noted before, Trump needs to play Mexico against China if he wants to pull off a big win on trade.

    Dismantling the Obamanation

    People who get their news from the mainstream or on Comedy Central network — or even via people such as Bill Maher — will never bother to look beyond the tip of the iceberg. It is the job of mainstream media to distract, deceive, and ultimately to influence and control the actions of consumers. It is not in the best interests of the mainstream — and the Deep State behind it — for individuals to think for themselves.

    The US Government is a Clumsy Lout

    It seems appropriate for someone such as Mr. Trump — in the persona of a Tweeting Clown — to act as the front man for a government that has grown monstrously large and loutish. As in the martial art of aikido, one must learn to blend with the opponent before taking them down.

    Trump is not guaranteed public acclaim. No matter what he does as president, it is likely that the US media will continue to fabricate ever new bases for personal attacks against him as long as it is able to sidestep its real job — to inform the American public of what is actually happening. But likewise, no matter what he does or does not achieve via the legislative branch, he will accomplish a large number of credible achievements during his tenure.

    Simply keeping Hillary & Bill from adding to Obama’s destructive agenda was a monumental achievement from the start. Moving the US Federal judiciary back toward the US Constitution will be another huge accomplishment. Slowing the mad rush to the Climate Apocalypse Cult and the Green Energy Scam represent huge achievements. And paring away at the bureaucratic Deep State in all of its manifestations will be of benefit to those who actually have important work to do in and around the US.

    Always Remember that What You See is Not What You Get

    Most important things that happen in the world take place out of sight, and thus out of mind. Large commercial media blocks the exposure of far more important factual (not opinion) news than it reveals.

    Keep your eyes and mind open. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Learn to be an opportunist in this day and age.

    Above all, take every opportunity to add to your Danger Factor.

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