Is the George Soros Gang Trying to Incite a US Civil War?

Shortly after the 2016 US elections which placed Donald Trump in the White House, George Soros met with a cabal of like-minded disaffected dementors to devise a path of destruction for the incoming Trump administration. It is not that these plotters explicitly planned to foment a US civil war. But the motto “by any means necessary” became the watchword of the astroturfed demonstrations which began popping up immediately after the closed meeting.

Plotting the Eve of Destruction

Over at the Fabius Maximus website — a site which is sympathetic to the old-style left/liberalism of Franklin Roosevelt but not so much to the intolerant new left which has taken over campuses, newsrooms, foundations, and other institutions — the editor is becoming quite concerned about the possibility of a cascading violence which could propagate throughout US society as a result of radical new leftist violence and intolerance.

The editor follows the timeline of leftist incitement from inauguration day in January, through the Middlebury College riot in March, to the April Berkeley riot stemming from Milo Yiannopoulis’ aborted talk on the UCB campus, to the present. He worries that it may be too late to stop the lines of schism from breaking through to the surface in violent manner.

… [Leftist writer Rick Perlstein’s] description of the situation is false because he grossly understates the Left’s role in this. This is very 21st century America, where responsibility has become one of the few words inappropriate for polite company (unless used in the second or third person).

I wonder if a Republic can survive when its people are unable to clearly see the world and have so little interest in truth (two of the great themes of this website). Both Left and Right have gone bonkers (details here). We need a reality-based community. Rising political violence suggests the clock is running. It will begin with decisions to act by individuals. Like you. __ Fabius Maximus

If you are on the right side of the spectrum you may feel that only the left has gone bonkers. But the left believes the same thing of you. In light of the ultimate threat involved here, it is crucial to attempt to see the ongoing schism from all sides.

George Soros is Desperate to Discredit Trump Totally Before Too Much of the Obama Legacy is Rolled Back

The question “Does George Soros Want to Incite a US Civil War” is a rhetorical question. But if Soros and friends cannot stop the Trump administration from “draining the swamp” in any other way than through violence, no doubt they will selectively utilise whatever they feel is effective.

The actions of Soros’ fascist followers to this point have not been successful in creating significant counter-violence from their opposition. But as they continue to violently block the free expression of non-radical leftists, any number of things can go wrong. And whatever happens, the mainstream media will take pains to portray non-leftists as the real instigators.

Unless non-radicals can devise a way to tame Soros’ radical instigators of violence in other ways than through counter-violence, sooner or later the conflict will generate chaotic hot spots of violence.

Soros’ Dark History

In his youth, Soros was a Nazi collaborator who assisted the Nazis in seizing Jewish properties to help finance Hitler’s war effort. [See 60 Minutes video] He learned his lessons well as a youth. Now, he and his cohorts would think nothing of destroying everything you own and hold dear, as long as it suits their ultimate goals.

The US Constitution Is a Thorn in Soros’ Side

From its birth, the US experienced unprecedented growth. From its beginning as a ragtag bunch of deeply indebted colonies, the US emerged as wealthiest nation on Earth — in a mere 100 years. More astoundingly, that 100 years was interrupted by one of the bloodiest and costliest civils wars in history — and yet thanks to its incredible constitution, the US emerged from that century as the wealthiest and most productive nation on Earth.

The nation has occupied that position at the top of the heap for the past 135 years and shows no sign of change, according to the best and most comprehensive analyses.

But George Soros and his co-conspirators do not want the US to prosper, if it means that the world’s sole superpower will continue to serve as an island of opportunity in a tyrannical world (see China, Russia, Islamic nations, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.).

The US allows individuals to start with virtually nothing, and rise to the pinnacles of wealth and power. Such a wealth of opportunity and turbulent turnover of power is a grave threat to persons who want to permanently wield ultimate power on the world stage.

It was a horrid shock to Soros to wake up and find that Trump was President-Elect of the most powerful nation on Earth — the nation that Soros was so close to taming to his will. And so Soros is driven to extremes, to utilise “any means necessary” in the attempt to put the US back on the path of decline which Obama had so admirably followed during his tenure.

Watch carefully, and be prepared for the changes — which may come quickly and violently.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

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