Three Mechanisms Helping to Create a Dumber World

How Dysgenics Might Come About

Physicist and Population Geneticist Greg Cochran:

There are three main ways in which IQ could decrease:

I. Selection could favor lower IQ within a group. How fast?
[AF Example: Biased government supports to less qualified groups pushes their fitness levels higher than actually warranted.]

II. Demographic changes– groups with lower IQ could be immigrating, or differences in birth rates could mean that smarter groups are declining relative to other groups.
[AF: Immigration into Europe and the Anglosphere come largely from lower IQ populations. Simultaneously, lower IQ native women tend to have significantly more children than higher IQ native women.]

III. Relaxed selection. It looks as if a lot of the variance in IQ is due to rare deleterious variants generated by mutation. Over the long run, selection has eliminated those deleterious mutations as fast as they were generated (mutation-selection balance). Over the last few generations, selection has weakened: a smaller fraction of babies are dying. Even though most of those babies in the past were dying of disease or starvation, not directly connected to baby IQ, babies in better genetic shape were more likely to survive.

Weaker selection -> increasing genetic load -> lower IQ. __ Greg Cochran

The history of our genetic descent determines our relative advantages and disadvantages for surviving, prospering, and procreating in a particular environment. But over time, our genomes mutate and change. Mistakes pile up, and one of the many results is a greater difficulty in thinking clearly and intelligently within a particular environment.

Smarter people seem to live longer because they’re in better genetic shape – ultimately because a huge fraction of the genome is expressed in the brain and influences intelligence. Being smarter means that on average you’re in better genetic shape, while being in better genetic shape – having lower genetic load – means that on average you’ll be smarter. __ Greg Cochran

Genocide of more intelligent populations is a more rapid method of depleting the smarter elements from the human gene pool. Genocide can be done overtly — as in the Nazi death camps, or Pol Pot’s mass executions of educated people — or covertly, as in multicultural societies where the more intelligent breeding groups are put at artificial disadvantage by government incentives and disincentives (affirmative action, aggressive welfare policies, high taxes and health care costs, incentives to drive more intelligent women into the workforce and away from motherhood, etc.)

Genetic Load — Accumulation of Disadvantageous Gene Variants

More ancient breeding populations which developed under conditions of decreased selection can be expected to accumulate higher levels of deleterious gene variants, on a statistical basis. This may partially explain the very low levels of average IQ seen in sub Saharan black African populations.

Populations which evolved in harsher and less predictable climates will more likely “shed” many deleterious mutated variants under a stronger “selection of the fittest” for that environment.

In modern societies with more effective and aggressive medical care, selection is partially neutralised, allowing genetic load to accumulate more rapidly across the overall breeding pool.

As a result of all of the mechanisms above, average human IQ across the globe is in decline.

Read the free online book “Dysgenics” by Richard Lynn for a more detailed explanation of the phenomenon.

What is the Opposite of Dysgenics?

Hitler thought that he was improving the human race by trying to eliminate Jews from Europe. But by killing millions of high IQ Jews, he was reducing the brainpower of humankind, with all the disadvantages for the race which accompany an overall “dumber” human population.

It is clear that politicians and government agents cannot be trusted with the future of humanity, and neither can today’s class of self-appointed elitist “intellectuals.” Brighter people are going to have to take on this burden for themselves, understanding that no one and no group can “save the world.”

Non-violent, under the blanket methods will work the best for now, without the counter-productive eliminationist methods of the obviously failed past. Ultimately artificial wombs and other advanced reproduction methods will help to increase populations of fitter genomes — but then it is up to parents and communities to maximise the fitness of younger generations through more sophisticated education, self-education, and a proliferation of opportunities of life choice and self-development.

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3 Responses to Three Mechanisms Helping to Create a Dumber World

  1. bob sykes says:

    Instead of a Singularity, we are going to get a Stone Age.

    • painlord2k says:

      There are a lot of groups working on solutions for the dysgenic problem:
      Seasteaders, Space Colonizers, Charter cities, genetic engineering and embryonic selection are just a few of these solutions.

      Cryptocurrencies, becoming even bigger and resilient against the governments are undermining some of these policies (welfare state).

      As government violence become increasingly inefficient, because math is impervious to violence, the governments will need to reduce their size and intrusiveness.
      Without the ability to inflate the currency used, the government MUST resort to outright taxation. Not even the debts, in a cryptocurrency world can be expanded without limits.

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