Solar Panels: 300X More Toxic Waste Than Nuclear

Governments of Europe and California are willing to lay waste to their economies in pursuit of unreliable and destructive forms of energy — big solar and big wind. We already knew that these untrustworthy forms of energy bring instability to life-or-death critical power grids. But now we are learning how they are poisoning our landscapes, our waters, and the air we breathe.

EP estimated the total number of operational solar panels in 2016 and assumed they would all be retired in 25 years — the average lifespan of a solar panel. EP then estimated the total amount of spent nuclear fuel assemblies that would be generated over a 25 year period. EP then divided both estimates by the quantity of electricity they produced to come up with the waste per unit of energy measure.

While nuclear waste is contained in heavy drums and regularly monitored, solar waste outside of Europe today ends up in the larger global stream of electronic waste.

Solar panels contain toxic metals like lead, which can damage the nervous system, as well as chromium and cadmium, known carcinogens.All three are known to leach out of existing e-waste dumps into drinking water supplies.


China, Japan, Germany, India, and California are among the worst offenders.

Hacking/Disabling Big Wind Turbines Chillingly Easy

Governments have thrown hundreds of $billions into the mandated and subsidised construction of big wind farms — even though the deadly monstrosities could never pay for themselves in a competitive market place. Now we are learning how pathetically easy it is to take the bloody monsters down with a few simple tricks:

“When we started poking around, we were shocked. A simple tumbler lock was all that stood between us and the wind farm control network,” says Staggs. “Once you have access to one of the turbines, it’s game over.”

… The researchers developed three proof-of-concept attacks to demonstrate how hackers could exploit the vulnerable wind farms they infiltrated. One tool they built, called Windshark, simply sent commands to other turbines on the network, disabling them or repeatedly slamming on their brakes to cause wear and damage. Windworm, another piece of malicious software, went further: It used telnet and FTP to spread from one programmable automation controller to another, until it infected all of a wind farm’s computers. A third attack tool, called Windpoison, used a trick called ARP cache poisoning, which exploits how control systems locate and identify components on a network. Windpoison spoofed those addresses to insert itself as a man-in-the-middle in the operators’ communications with the turbines. That would allow hackers to falsify the signals being sent back from the turbines, hiding disruptive attacks from the operators’ systems.

While the Tulsa researchers shut off only a single turbine at a time in their tests, they point out that their methods could easily paralyze an entire wind farm, cutting off as much as hundreds of megawatts of power.

The more deeply dependent societies allow themselves to become on intermittent, indefensible energy sources, the more easily a malicious attack could bring down not only an entire wind farm — but an entire power grid that depended upon those hundreds of megawatts of power to keep from collapsing at that moment of sudden shutdown.

Wind Kills Entire Economies

The massive kills of endangered birds, useful bats, and occasional humans, are readily ignored by the news media. Perhaps worse than destruction of wildlife and habitat by government-subsidised $billionaire wind developers is the littering of priceless landscape as wind turbines break down and become worthless eyesores after a short ten or twenty years of destabilising use as energy sources. Even worse is the inevitable jacking up of electric power prices, often squeezing less affluent customers into choosing between staying warm/cool or being well fed.
More on the green energy scam

Lithium Batteries: Global Race to Dominance

Elon Musk and many others involved in the subsidised energy scam, claim that lithium batteries in automobiles, homes, and elsewhere, will facilitate the economic use of these toxic solar panels and risky/destructive wind turbines. In fact, he has leveraged his personal ownership in SpaceX — his only worthwhile large enterprise — to save his lithium battery-based enterprises. But nobody told Elon that China was stealing a lot of steps on him, and is even now preparing to eat his lunch!

Chinese companies have plans for additional factories with the capacity to pump out more than 120 gigawatt-hours a year by 2021, according to a report published this week by Bloomberg Intelligence. That’s enough to supply batteries for around 1.5 million Tesla Model S vehicles or 13.7 million Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrids per year, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

By comparison, when completed in 2018, Tesla Inc.’s Gigafactory will crank out up to 35 gigawatt-hours of battery cells annually. __


Elon Musk has mortgaged ownership in his good company — SpaceX — to support his bad companies, which are dependent upon government handouts, mandates, subsidies, tax breaks, and protectionist policies for their survival. He had better hope that a more delusional and soft-brained government (like Obama’s) comes to power in the US soon, or he is in trouble.

Wind and Solar are Deathly Toxic to an Abundant Human Future

Big wind and big solar cannot provide safe and reliable electric power for advanced technological societies — unless it is always fully backed up by reliable power generators — and the total backup of one form of generation by another is exorbitantly expensive. Why would any rational society risk its life or death critical infrastructures on unreliable and intermittent energy producers which cannot even provide a “black start” in case of grid shutdown?

These untrustworthy and short-lived technologies destroy economies, landscapes, squander resources, destabilise power grids, kill wildlife, and poison air-water-land.

Big wind and big solar are politically correct “feel good” technologies, which are lauded by most governments, media, school teachers and university professors, and others of a parasitic nature who have never had to work an honest day’s labour in their entire lives. To persons entrapped within verbal prisons, an assertion must be true if an emotionally persuasive verbal argument can be made supporting it. This is particularly true for the modern young, who typically lack critical thinking skills.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the Worst

It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood. The best prophylaxis against an incompetent society is the instilling of a competence-based confidence into as many children and youth as possible. This will require many radical changes to the way things are currently being done — on the part of parents, communities, and larger societies if possible.

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