Kids Have Got Nothing to Live For

Nothing to Live For?

Kids need goals and values. Without them, a natural nihilism sets in which resonates wildly with others of their age cohort. Without direction, without self-discipline, without well developed pre-frontal executive functions, they are lost.

And so naturally they turn away from competent achievement and instead turn to drugs, drink, porn, sex, escapist entertainments, suicide, and a mindless radicalism. Who took away the young dreams and goals of childhood? Who ripped the precious potential from these youngsters and shoved their faces into the excrement? They called it the “cultural revolution.” What did it achieve?

Today, the consequences of that cultural revolution are all around us: lagging education levels, the lowest male work-force participation rate since the Great Depression, opioid abuse, and high illegitimacy rates. Wax and Alexander catalogue the self-defeating behaviors that leave too many Americans idle, addicted, or in prison: “the single-parent, antisocial habits, prevalent among some working-class whites; the anti-‘acting white’ rap culture of inner-city blacks; the anti-assimilation ideas gaining ground among some Hispanic immigrants.” __ Manhattan Institute

Rather than a “cultural revolution,” what was delivered to society was a cultural devolution and decline.

Or as we mentioned here in a recent posting: “A rabid and rampant postmodernism has been systematically taking away all the things that western people have traditionally lived for: Religion, family, opportunity, freedom to associate, rule of law, property rights, and much more. Escapism via drugs, fantasy, porn, and delusional ideological crusades are all that is left for too many. The Dangerous Child Movement is a direct counter to these irrational and nihilistic trends.”

University is the Cutting Edge of Cultural Decline

It is not correct to blame the 1960s radicals for the onset of the cultural decline of postmodernism. By the 1960s the process was already well underway among prominent intellectuals in university, media, and various levels of government. But it was not until the radicalised children of the ’60s took over university classrooms that the process of decline began its steep slide toward modern levels of pointlessness.

Greatest Sources of Decline: University, Media, Government

There is no avoiding this decline. It pervades the educational systems of the west at all levels. All forms of media drown society in escapism and ennui, utilising every trick in the book to distract minds from things that actually matter. And government policies make sure that there is no escaping the rot. Government regulations, taxation, suicidal monetary and fiscal policies, and preferential treatment favoring oppressing institutions and parasitic groups destroys most opportunity and sucks the energy out the entire population — except the elites who ride above it all.

These are the enemies of the future. Study them well. Pay attention to their influences, their strengths, their weaknesses. We’re gonna need a lot more guillotines! 🙂

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood.

Nothing to Live For

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