Bernie Sanders: Still Honeymooning in the USSR

Bernie Sanders took his newlywed wife Jane to Yaroslavl, northeast of Moscow. It seemed an appropriate honeymoon spot to Burlington Vermont’s Marxist mayor. And so newly-wedded Bernie took his new bride to the USSR as an affirmation of their love and life together.

In his mind, Bernie is still honeymooning in the USSR.

Sanders made further globe-trotting expeditions to socialist countries. He visited Cuba, scoring a meeting with Havana’s mayor. In 1985 he attended the celebrations marking the sixth anniversary of the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua.

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Besides Cuba, Nicaragua, and the USSR, Venezuela is another marxist paradise which Bernie Sanders loves and would like the US to emulate.

Times are Tough for Bernie

Bernie Helps to Resurrect Marxism from its Academic Tomb

Compared to Hillary Clinton, Sanders must have seemed like a fresh new political dream for many US youngsters, never exposed to the real world in any meaningful way. Bernie made them feel that socialism could work — if it were only done right!

Marxism isn’t done. It’s alive and well. Every time it fails, it re-brands itself, peddles itself to the next generation of wishful thinkers, and wrecks another country. Venezuela is the most recent, glaring example. The U.S. may be wrecked in time, too, because the proselytizers of Marxism (under various types of shiny Christmas wrapping) infest our university system, the entertainment establishment, the news media, and government. __ More at Source

Single Payer Universal Health Care Bernie’s Calling Card

There is a significant price to be paid for socialism — and it is always paid, eventually. But kindly looking hucksters such as Bernie never talk about such things in the sales pitch.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced new legislation yesterday to expand Medicare to everyone in the United States. The bill, which came with 15 Democratic co-sponsors, envisions universal coverage, paid for by tax increases, that would be far more generous than what is offered by any other first-world government-run health care system offers.

Notably absent from Sanders’ proposed single-payer system was a detailed plan to pay for it. The senator said he would lay out the tax hikes necessary to fund his new system in separate legislation. __ Reason

Spending Other People’s Money Until There is None Left

Marxist socialists assume that they can always dredge up more of “other people’s money” to throw at problems and to satisfy their enthusiastic naif backers. But as we have seen in failed socialist paradises such as Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, the USSR, the several nations of the former Warsaw Pact, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, and the barely-saved-by-reforms Communist China, the bill always comes due. Default, bankruptcy, and upheaval generally follow.

Modern university students, graduates, and dropouts swarm in the streets in violent support of Bernie Sanders, and his many quasi-Marxist imitators in contemporary politics. They do not know any better, so do not necessarily deserve the consequences which their actions would ordinarily bring upon them. If they choose to stay in their academically spun cocoons of ignorance, however, their end will not be a pretty one.

The Bernie Sanders generation of new leftists: Making free speech a capital crime.

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