Trump’s Long Game: Behind a Smokescreen of Tweets

Trump did not go through the arduous journey of running for office and being elected US President just so he could spend his time sending out tweets. Behind the curtain, Trump marches on.

Trump’s Long Game Achievements Have Just Begun

Trump’s New Constitution-Friendly Judges

President Trump’s federal judicial nominees promise to bring the US Constitution back into is rightful place in the judicial scheme of things.

So while the public watches Trump churn through White House staff members, his Administration is humming along nicely in filling federal judgeships, with the enthusiastic assistance of the Republican majority in the Senate. __ More Constitution-Friendly Judges

Suicidal Obama Employment Practices Being Shut Down

Obama’s job-killing machine is in the process of being shut down by a new Trump-designated Republican majority – yet another reason why employers are feeling more confident about the future these days.

Illegal Immigration Down

… back and forth analysis regarding the long-promised “wall” has diverted attention from the fundamental issue: how best to restore security to our southern border. Yet, illegal border crossings are down dramatically. It appears that jawboning from the president and improved morale among border patrol officers has made a difference.

Title IX Overreach Being Turned Back

New Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has promised to level the playing field – to the shock and dismay of progressive activists.

Obama’s Insane Housing Policy Reversed

The Obama-era Department of Housing and Urban Development was deeply interested in pre-empting local zoning ordinances. The narrative is familiar: pick any subdivision where racial housing patterns are not to the federal government’s liking, accuse the locals of discriminatory zoning practices, then negotiate a “settlement” that mandates the construction of new low-cost housing units even where there is no evidence of discrimination and the challenged local zoning laws are shown to be race-neutral. This mindset is a major departure from the notion that people should be free to live where they can afford to live. It is expected that Ben Carson’s HUD will re-establish this view. Score one for common sense, restored.

Source for above excerpts

The economy responds to Trump deregulation

59-item partial list of Trump’s accomplishments through early summer of 2017.

Trump’s Greatest Achievement is Trouncing Hillary

Keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House gave Trump the opportunity to begin reversing Obama’s assault against the US Constitution, against the US economy, and against the US as a place of optimism and opportunity. Releasing the US from Obama’s suffocating shackles can go a long way toward restoring optimism and opportunity to American society. From there, reversing harmful Bush and Clinton-era policies would be most helpful.

Government spending is the biggest threat to long term prosperity in the US, but the nation is so deeply addicted to all the forms of entitlement, military, and special interest spending, that dismantling that booby-trapped can of worms will take decades.

Another deadly time bomb which President Trump must deal with, is the “divide and conquer” policy of leftist multicultural identity politics — meant to prevent domestic peace and stop the achievement of a harmonious broad-based prosperity. Ongoing race riots in St. Louis reveal the underlying threat of left-sponsored and incited violence which exists in large US cities from coast to coast. Obama helped to build this bomb and much wiser heads will have to defuse it.

Behind a Smokescreen of Tweets

Angry media birds screech and claw endlessly at Trump, hoping to score a fatal blow with their little beaks and claws. Obsessed over Trump’s tweets, media twits cannot get it into their bird brains that their own obviously biased coverage of news and politics is one of the largest reasons for the election of Trump in the first place.

While the news and entertainment media allows itself to be sidetracked by inconsequential tweets, President Trump’s US base is more firmly behind Trump than ever. And the general antipathy against the US news and entertainment media only grows — not because of Trump’s words, but because of transparent media bias.

Trump Has Been in Office almost 8 Months

In just 8 months President Trump has made a start to restoring US Constitutional values and “common sense” to much of the monstrously dysfunctional US government. In doing so, he has been attacked at every turn by news & entertainment media, by academia, by deep state government infiltrators, by leftist billionaire provocateurs, by Kim of North Korea, and by all the dictators of the one-party states of the world.

Trump has barely begun to upset the corrupt and vicious national and world orders that have been so comfortably ensconced during the Obama years and before. Time will tell how much he will be able to achieve along these lines.

In other news elsewhere:

Canada has lots of millionaires

China shows an ugly hand and potential investors are certain to notice.

Russia is [a] minor power in purely economic terms, with a $1.2 trillion GDP compared to $1.4 trillion for South Korea, $11 trillion for China and nearly $19 trillion for the United States. For Russia, the economic news is not the worst problem they face. The sanctions and corruption caused another serious problem that the Russian government would rather not discuss (but are well aware of); the flight of investors and talented people from Russia. The investors and talent are mainly seeking better opportunities. The corruption makes investors (be they Russian or foreign) uneasy because the lack or legal protections makes for a very unpredictable economic environment. The same incentives drive talent away. Since 2013 over a million such people (most of them Russian citizens the rest disillusioned foreigners) have gone and the exodus continues. ____Russia’s problems continue…

Ben Shapiro finally takes the stage at UC Berkeley:

Trump’s Quiet Triumphs

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  1. bob sykes says:

    Russia’s economy is egregiously underestimated. Considering the wide range of things it does and manufactures (a wider range than the US is capable of), Russia’s economy must be at least as large as Germany’s and might be larger. [Admin: Citation?]

    The many sanctions have only strengthened those many Russian companies that were not really competitive internationally, and Russia is pursuing a systematic policy of import substitution. Right now they are targeting electronics and intend to develop a local electronics industry that will replace all electronic imports. We, of course, are helping them with sanctions. This year they are once again the world’s largest wheat exporter, returning to its role under the Tsars.
    [Admin: The Kremlin is “targeting” many things, at least with propaganda releases. Reality is something else again.

    Top 6 wheat exporters in 2016:
    United States: US$5.4 billion (14.8% of total wheat exports)
    Canada: $4.5 billion (12.4%)
    Russia: $4.2 billion (11.6%)
    Australia: $3.6 billion (9.9%)
    France: $3.4 billion (9.3%)
    Ukraine: $2.6 billion (7.2%)

    China is another “misunderestimated” country. Other economists (not yours) project that at current growth rates China’s economy will be 50% larger than the US’ in six years, by 2023. Their manufacturing sector is already substantially larger than and makes a much wider variety of goods than the US does. By 2023, their third carrier, this one similar in size and functionality to our Nimitz class, but non-nuclear, will be approaching deployment, giving them three carriers.
    [Admin: Chinese manufacturing is strong and varied. Overproduction and addiction to corrupt state owned enterprises is poisoning the system and forcing potentially catastrophic fiscal policies from the top down.

    As for predictions into the future, take great care when dealing with one party dictatorships who struggle to maintain the people’s loyalty. An appearance of weakness in any form could be their undoing, so propaganda in all its forms is a mainline state expenditure in Russia and China.]

    The Russia-China axis continues to strengthen, and the One Belt One Road project is proceeding and will eventually integrate most of Eurasian. The Shanghai Cooperation organization now include Pakistan and India and represents one-half of the World’s population and one-fourth of its GDP.

    If the projections prove true[Admin: If the prophecies of dictatorial propaganda prove true, you mean to say . . .], the US position in the world would be greatly diminished, and our role in the world will become more constrained than at any time since the 19th Century, when we were a second class power.

    [Admin: Sources and citations are always welcome in comments, to help sharpen arguments]

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