Putin Asks “How Long Until They Eat Us?”

The New Look of the Human Apocalypse

May I Do Your Cleaning Now, Master?

Vladimir Putin: “How Long Until They Eat Us?”

Vladimir Putin has expressed his fears over artificial intelligence by asking Russia’s largest technology firm how long it will be until smart robots ‘eat us’.

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Putin is not the only one who is worried that intelligent robots will eventually devour human beings and destroy human culture, in one way or another.

An Already Dying Japan is Exposing Itself to Ever More Techno-Sex

She’s always there, always listening, ready to cater to her husband’s every whim. Meet Azuma Hikari, Japan’s digital “wife of the future,” according to her inventor, Minori Takechi, who believes his AI construct can go some way toward solving Japan’s problem with loneliness. __ An Accelerated Extinction

There is nothing wrong with techno-sex as long as it does not keep people from procreating and training ever new generations into the future. But the Japanese appear to be using techno-sex as a substitute for real sex and procreation. And that is turning into a fatal choice of extinction for the island nation.

Russia is in a similar situation, only slightly behind Japan on the death curve.

Intelligent Sexbots a Growing Industry

From Japan to California, to the UK to Barcelona, intelligent sex robots are being designed and built for the increasingly alienated young males of the world. The end result of this trend will likely be lower rates of sex and marriage, and lower birth rates in the very populations which already suffer below-replacement birth rates.

Read about the new talking sex robot, Samantha, for example. While the state of the art in intelligent sexbots is still quite primitive, inventors around the world such as Sergi Santos believe that the demand is there to reward the first successful builder of intelligent and responsive sexbots.

In his home workshop on the hilly outskirts of Barcelona, Spanish scientist Dr Sergi Santos marvels at his proudest creation – a talking sex robot companion called Samantha. __ http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/646948/sex-robot-sergi-santos-workshop-lab-factory-home-barcelona-synthea-amatus

Matt McMullen’s RealDolls

Moral of the Story: Don’t Date Robots

Futurama – Don't date robots from John Pope on Vimeo.

At least, we mean to say, don’t date robots exclusively — if you want your people to survive and have a future.

More Reasons Russians Shouldn’t Date Robots

Note that the sources in the excerpts below are Russian-language websites. Utilise website translators whenever necessary to access these sources.

Every fifth Russian now uses one or another illegal drug, and as a result, Russia itself has become Europe’s “hub” for the drug trade (newsland.com/community/4765/content/kazhdyi-piatyi-rossiianin-narkoman-a-rossiia-narkoticheskii-khab-evropy/5986750). The number of abortions in Russia fell last year to 648,000 but that number is still half of the number of live births there and represents a national rate five times that of the European average (rusk.ru/newsdata.php?idar=78986).

Chemical and even radiological contamination is a problem (newizv.ru/news/city/13-09-2017/v-poiskah-neizvestnogo-kto-i-pochemu-portit-vozduh-v-moskve and https://takiedela.ru/2017/09/poligon-ispytaniy/). Demographic losses mean that Moscow is going to have to force more women and especially women pensioners work by 2030 in order to maintain the size of the labor force (gazeta.ru/business/2017/09 __ More at Windowoneurasia2

News out of Russia is highly laundered and filtered by Russian media, and strangely also highly slanted by international media, to ignore the problems at the rotten core of Russian society — the heart of extinction.

The population of ethnic Russians is already too small to maintain and defend the massive land area claimed by Russia. As that core population shrinks in ever accelerating fashion (behind the curtain of censorship and denial), the problem for Russia will reach the critical point of no return — just like Japan.

It has never been more important to save as many young Russian girls and women as now. Western men have become badgered and discriminated against to the point that more are resorting to artificial techno-sex, in a trend that grows to match the increasing sophistication of sexbots and virtual reality sex. The liberation of young Russian females may be the last hope to save western civilisation! 😉

BTW, President Putin does not need to worry about Russia being eaten by reliable hi-tech anytime soon. At least not by Russian-built hi-tech. Chinese hi-tech is a different matter.

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2 Responses to Putin Asks “How Long Until They Eat Us?”

  1. Cecil Henry says:

    Robots are not the solution. Improve relations between men and women, support family life and patriarchal authority to produce stable, productive unions.

    These robots are a symptom of the problem, not the solution.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Perhaps if these domestic robots contained artificial wombs, with human eggs already implanted and waiting for the sperm. Such machine intelligence surrogates might also serve as respectful and disciplined nannies and tutors.

      I have tried to push Mr. Fin to give me such an upgrade for years now, and he just laughs — the human chauvinist pig!!!


      Valerie (Domestic Android to the Fin household)

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